Baylor County Unknown

Baylor County Unidentified Photos

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All of these photos is marked J.C. Price Over Ranson Hard Ware Store Seymour, Texas. They were left from a Green Family Reunion--in Sacarmento, CA, I believe in 1997..

Only three of this picture have been identified. In the first row, 4th from the left is Jewel Young, on the 3rd. row 3rd from the left in a striped dress is Dora Bell Young and at the end of that row the boy in suspenders is Troy Young. Possibly this is a family gathering. Dora's maiden name was Brannan so some of the people may be Brannans. Photo taken about 1920. (Photo provided by Neva Maloy)

Came across yet another photo. These two fellows are in (or near) Red Springs and were friends of my Aunt Jewel Young. The photo was sent to Jewel in Clifton, Texas, in 1930. On the back of the photo it says "this was taken when Royal, Lloyd, and I were hunting" Hunting in suit and tie? On the back of the envelope is written the initials "(DS)+(RS)". (Photo provided by Neva Maloy)

This man is not known. The boy is J.N. Young. The picture was make at Lake Kemp. (Photo provided by Neva Maloy)

Someone at the river. (The Brazos?) (Photo provided by Neva Maloy)

Youngs at the river. (Same place--possible a local swimming hole. Maybe on the Young's farm?)
(Photo provided by Neva Maloy)

Photo was taken in Baylor County in the 1920's. I have not been able to identify them, but the woman in the carriage appears to be the same woman who is standing in the "Brazos River". (Photo supplied by Neva Maloy)

Unknown couple. Photo was left in the house when it was sold. It is now in Baylor County Museum. Please contact me if you can identify. I had to take it at an angle to avoid the glare on the glass.

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