Baylor County Marriages 1879-1920

Baylor County Marriages 1879 - 1920

Taken from "Salt Pork to Sirloins--A History of Baylor County From 1878 to 1930". The pages have been scanned and run through an OCR program (it makes errors too) and tried to catch all the errors, however I am not a good proff reader. There seem to be errors in the original transcription and you will find things marked with (?). However they had copied Miss as Mip, miscopying the oldfashioned handwriting. The Mip has been changed to Miss. Please note that the famed Oliver Loving was married here. The list also seems to be incomplete, so if you don't find yours here, don't assume the marriage didn't take place here. This was done with the permission of the Baylor County Historical Society. To contribute to this site, please contactAngela.


1879 - 1890

License Issued, For Whom, Executed, By Whom, it this order:

July 26, 1879--Mr. P.A. Tackitt and Miss M.W. Miller,
July 27, 1879, E.R. Morris, Co. Judge of Baylor Co. Texas.

August 19, 1879--Mr. C.W. George and Miss S.J. Bunham,
September 9, 1879, E.D. Miller, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

September 10, 1879--Mr. P.S. McClarty and Miss Jemima Fancher,
September 11, 1879, E.D. Miller, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

September 10, 1879--Mr. M.C. Mason and Miss Rachael Riley,
September 11, 1879, E.D. Miller, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

December 6, 1879--Mr. A.J. Cooke and Miss Minnie Wilson,
December 7, 1879, L.W. Harrison, Ordained Deacon, M.E. Church South.

February 11, 1880--Mr. Jas. Homra and Miss S.O. Miller,
February 11, 1880, 1879, E.R. Morris, Co. Judge of Baylor Co. Texas.

May 14, 188--Mr. Chas. Matthison and Miss Jemmie Walls,
May 14, 1880, J.G. Bogard, J.P. Prec. No.1, Baylor Co. Texas.

July 3 1880--Mr. R.W. Follee and Miss L.E. Graham,
July 4, 1880, J.G. Bogard, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

August 11, 1880--Mr. T.W. Moody and Miss R.A. Ates,
August 12, 1880, C.C. Miller, J.P. Prec. No.3 Baylor Co. Texas.

August 25, 1880--Mr. Finley McDonald and Miss Gusie C. Osford,
August 26, 1880, M.G. Stamp, Ordained Minister.

March 20, 1880(?)--Mr. T.P. Ruder and Miss Artie Scott,
November 21, 1880, M.G. Stamp, Ordained Minister.

December 19, 1880--Mr. M.W. Wood and Miss Eliza Oxford,
December 22, 1880, E.F. Coltharp, Ordained Min. of the Gospel.

February 18, 1881--Mr. Henry K. Jones and Miss G. Delila Dawson,
February 20, 1881, Wm. B. Wear, Minister.

June 27, 1881--Wm. M. Anderson and Miss Mary E. Ohamow,
June 28, 1884(?), Carter Taylor, Co. Judge of Baylor Co. Texas.

July 4, 1881--Lemi Casner and Miss Clemantine Crabb,
July 4, 1884(?), L.A. Donnell, J.P.Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

September 6, 1881--Mr. J.W. Ventimen and Miss M.E. Dawson,
September 8, 1881, L.A. Donnell, J.P. Prec. No 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

December 8, 1881--Mr. D.H. Jones and Miss A.R. Delman,
December 8, 1881, L.A. Donnell, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

December 23, 1881--Mr. L.W. Porter and Miss M.N. Moon,
December 25, 1881, L.A. Donnell, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

July(?) 28, 1882--Mr. Carl Bachman and Miss Ellen Main,
February 5, 1882, G.W. Black, M.G.

February 1, 1882--Mr. Damp Suttlemyer and miss Ada Selman,
February 1, 1882, L.A. Donnell, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Baylor Co. Texas.

February 6, 1882--Mr. T.J. Williams and Mrs. Virginia Bankston,
March 21, 1882, A.C. Tackitt, J.P. Prec. No. 1, Knox Co. Texas.

February 16, 1882--Mr. W.R. Traweek and Miss Cora Baker,
February 16, 1882, L.A. Donnell, J.P.

February 16, 1882--Mr. O.M. Love and Miss Carnie Baker,
February 16, 1882, L.A. Donnell, J.P.

February 23, 1882--Mr. E.U. Stuart and Miss Coma Pomer,
February 23, 1882, L.A. Donnell, J.P.

March 18, 1882--Mr. A.R. Harrell and Miss M.L. Self,
March 19, 1882, Carter Taylor, Co. Judge, Baylor Co. Texas.

October 2, 1882--Mr. Charles L. Moore and Miss Lydia Riley,
October 5, 1882, E.S. Coltharp, Ordained Minister of the Gospel.

October 17, 1882--Mr. P.C. Watson and Miss Leola F. Turner,
October 17, 1882, L.A. Donnell, J.P.

November 20, 1882--Mr. J.L. Abbott and Miss Orilie Prewitt,
November 23, 1882, L.A. Donnell, J.P.

December 2, 1882--Mr. R.A. Tally and Miss May Bell Boone,
December 3 1882, J.T. Hosmen, O.M. Gospel.

December 9, 1882--Mr. T.E. Reese and Miss Ida B. Wear,
December 19, 1882, Wm. B. Wear, Ordained Minister.

December 9, 1882--Mr. Jna. F. Dawson and Miss Susan V. Wear,
December 10, 1882, Wm. B. Wear, Ordained Minister.

December 30, 1882--Mr. Jon W. Davenport and Miss Maggie Hoggard,
December 31, 1882, James t. Hosmen, Ordained Min.

February 7, 1883--Mr. W.H. Wofford and Miss K.T. Bomer,
February 8, 1883, Calvon Hoggard, J.P. Prec. No 1.

March 16, 1883--Mr. M.F. McBride and Miss D.L. Browning,
April 5, 1883, W.C. Dockum, J.P. , Dickens Co. Texas.

March 20, 1883--Mr. W.L. Dresser and Miss Minnie Ida Graham,
March 22, 1883, E.S.Coltharp, Minister of Gospel.

June 16, 1883--Mr. J.F. King and Miss Mimmie(?) Harris,
June 17, 1883, Jas. T. Homer, O.M.

July 3, 1883--Mr. J.H. Steward and Miss Kate Kennedy,
July 5, 1883, Jas. T. Homer, O.M.G.

July 13, 1883--William Gulick and Miss M.J. Coltharp,
July 15, 1883, E.S. Coltharp, O.M.G.

July 20, 1883--Isaac J. Fridge and Miss E.W. Moon,
July 23, 1883, H.G. Wilson, Co. Judge, Baylor Co. Texas.

July 21, 1883--Charley L. Hall and Miss O.P. Findley,
July 27, 1883, Jas. T. Homer, O.M.G.

December 27, 1883--James Price and Miss Nancy Oharra (O'Harra?)
December 27, 1883, E.S. Coltharp, O.M. Gospel.

February 16, 1884--Jos. W. Chesler and Miss Sonora Self,
February 17, 1884, James T. Hosmer, O.P.M.G.

March 10, 1884--I.D. Dudley and Miss Katie Melish,
March 11, 1884, Henry F. Albright, O.M.G.

March 17, 1884--Oliver Loving and Miss Lois Kenan,
March 17, 1884, Henry f. Albright, O.M.G.

April 6. 1884--Henry Crane and Miss Camie Missinger,
April7, 1884 James T. Homer, OD M G.

April 7, 1884--Tiseil Spencer and Mrs. May Harvey,
April 8, 1884. James T. Homer, O.D M G.

April 7,1884--Lafayette Dove and Mrs. L J. Williams,
April 8, 1884, James T. Homer, O D M G.

July 22, 1884-Dudley Benge and Miss Sallie Bedford,
July 22, 1884, P. J. Taylor.

July 22, 1884 -W. M. Beavers and Miss Belle Childress,
July 22, 1884, P. J. Taylor.

July 22, 1884-J. W. Hinton and Miss Mary Bedford
July 22, 1884. P. J. Taylor.

April 30, 1890--J E. Morris and Miss Mattie Forgerson,
April 30, 1890, R.G.M. Eiland, Minister of Gospel.

January 6,1900--Walter M. Dunlap and Miss Katie Meiuzer,
January 7,1900, R. W. Thomas, Ord. Baptist Min.

January 27, 1900, C. A. Bell and Miss Metha Holmes,
January 29. 1900, L.S. Knight. M.G.

May 12, 1900--M A. Wilbanks and Miss Ida Scroggins,
May 13, 1900, Carter Taylor, Co. Judge.

June 11, 1900-J.A. Kiser and Miss Nannie Franklin,
June 11, 1900. Geo. A. Griffith, Min.

October 26,1900-Walter L. McBride and Miss Pearl Ayers.
October 21, 1900. J. W. Harvey, M. G.

April 7, 1901-W. T. Walker and Miss Bessie Toberman,
April 7, 1901. J. T. Griswald, M.G.

June 19. 1901--James A. Britain and Miss Gladys C. Davidson.
June 19. 1961, J. T. Griswald, M.G.

December 21,1991-Loo Howe and Miss Lena Dell Parker,
January 6, 1992, G. T Thomas, O.M.G.

April 25, 1902.-George Longley and Miss Hallie Farr,
April 27. 1902. Jon. A. Travis.

September 24, 1993 R. H. Shawver and Miss Lula Kockney.
September 24, 1903, W. R. Thornton, Minister.


June 8. 1904- B. D. Logan and Miss Bessie Lee,
June 8,1904, R. H. Burnett, Christian Minister.

December 6, 1905--A C. McLarty and Miss Myrtle Carroll.
December 6. 1905, J. F. Jones, M.G.

May 14, 1906 R. G. Quisenberry and Miss Georgie Pearl Wilhite,
May 15,1996, J. M. Brice, M. G.

July 6,1907-R. A. Mills and Miss Flora L. Rupe,
July 6,1907, J. B. Boew, Christian Minister.

August 7, 1907.-Frank H. Davis and Miss Adah L. Blount,
August 8, 1907, J. B. Curry, M.G.

August 14,1907, J. T. Lively and Miss Lou Lewis,
Augusl 15, 1907, J. B. Boen, Christian Minisler.

December 21, 1907--Tom Taliaferro and Miss Vernon Robertson,
December 39, 1997, J. W. Brice, M.G.

February 12, 1908--J. C. Hanna and Miss Minnie Ora Nichols,
February 12,1908, J. W. Brice. M.G.

September 8, 1908--L. O. Wharton and Miss Fannie May Gray,
September 9,1908, W. E. Lyon, Methodist Pastor.

August 29.1908--Easter Hayley and Miss Bea Tracy,
August 30, 1908, R.C. Jones, J. P.

April 30, 1909-Tom Farr and Miss Lula Allison,
April 30, 1909, J. A. H. Thurman, L. M. Gospel.

October 13, 1909--Errol D. Carter and Miss Ethel Lindley,
October 27, 1909 B. E. Kimbrow. M. E. Bomarton, Texas.

January 10, 1910--Emil Marak and Mary Orsak,
January 19, 1910, Rev. Christian Wirgared.

July 27.1919-Isaac O. Newton and Miss Mary Louise Drane,
July 27, 1919, Jo. A. P. Dickson, Judge 50th Judicial Dist. Of Texas.

November 2, 1916-W. B. Craddock and Miss Vita Lee,
November 2, 1919, W. J. Haygood, M. of Christian Church.


January 27, 1911--Albert Melear and Miss Dora Harvey,
January 29, 1911, W. J Haywood, Minister.

February 6,1911-.John T. St. Clair and Miss Jewell McDonald,
February 8,1911. Otis E. Carter, Pastor, Baptist Church.

February 7,1911--George S. Plants and Miss Verda Kenan.
February 8, 1911, J. Boen, Christirm Minister.

February 27, 1911-Otho McDaniel and Miss Mary B. Kerr,
February 28, 1911, Glen L. Sneed, A.M.B.D., Sta. A Dallas, Texas.

March 9,1911--Geo. C. Shupee and Miss Elizabeth A. Whiteside,
March 9. 1911, J. Boen, Christian Minister.

October 28,1911--J. A. Baldwin and Miss Lillie Hunt,
October 29, 1911. M. H. Godfrey, M.G.

May 11,1912- O. F. Harvey and Miss Lola High,
May 12, 1912, T. E. Cannedy, Baptist Minister.

August 21, 1912-C. Morris Randal and Mary Eleanor G. Wofford,
August 21, 1912, Ben Hardy.

December 28, 1912_Bruford K. Rhea and Miss Katherine C. Peek,
December 29,1912, T. E. Cannedy. Baptist Minister.

January 17,1913-W. R. Holman and Miss Jossie Roberson,
January 19, 1913, T. E. Cannedy, Baptist Min.

June 6,1913-R. K. Whiteside and Miss Lucile Glasgow,
June 17,1913, G. S. Hardy, Presiding Elder, Hamlin Dist.

June 17, 1913--T. C. Irby, Jr., and Miss Kathrina Burns,
June 18, 1913, Ben Hardy.

June 1, 1913-Raymond C. Plants and Miss Byrdie G. Stevens,
June 3, 1914, E. Cecil Seamon, Minister.

October 3, 1914-Lutber Briggs and Mary Belle Grossman,
October 7,1914, J. L. McKee, Pastor, Presbyterian Church.

March 29, 1915-John Buford Brothers and Miss Sadie E. Beaver,
April 4,1915, J. C. Cook, M. G.

October 12, 1915-W. S. Clough and Miss Zelma Knight,
October 14, 1915, O. W. Dean, Minister.

November 24 1915-D. A. Holman Jr. and Eula D. Lee,
November 24, 1915, O. W. Dean.

August 16,1916--Walter Self and Annie Lee Armstrong,
August 20, 1916, W. L. Standley, M.G.

January 2,1917-J. J. Roddy and Miss Mary Crawford,
January 7, 1917, R. L. Witty, J. P.

November 3, 1917--J. S. Redwine and Miss Mattie Major,
November 8,1917, Jno. A. Held, Pastor. Baptist Church, Stamford, Texas.

February 4, 1918-Fred O. Bailes and Miss Bertie Conklin,
February 14, 1918, R. E. Bell, Pastor.

September 3, 1918-Dennis Laws and Miss Jewell Chandler,
September 3, 1918. Rivcer Clerk, M.G.

February I5, I919--E. Victor Edwards and Stella G. Johnson,
February 17, 1919, R. E. Bell. Pastor.

October 3,1919--Ross Sesslons and Mattie Henson,
October 5, 1919, R. E. Bell. Pastor.

February 7,1920--Carl Kisinger and Ethel Ewing,
February 8, 1920, Rev R. L. English.

January 21.1920--Frank H. Coufal and Stephana Orsak,
February 3, 1920, Rev. Paul Mosler.

February 21 1928--Ernest E. Starkey and Miss Cora Long.
February 22, 1920. R. E. Bell. Pastor.

August 30, 1920--Wlillam O. Bartos and Miss Mayme Worley.
August 30, 1920. J. R. Balch,. Officiating Clergy.

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