Bastrop County, Texas

Little Colony

Printed in the Bastrop Advertiser 1920s


Record of 70 of the 100 families that were permitted to settle in and around Bastrop

County during this period of settlement.

Richard Andrews, arrived 1827 from Georgia, occupation, farming.

Stephen F. Austin

Jose Manuel Bangs, arrived 1816 from Baltimore, Maryland, occupation, printer

(accompanied Xavier Mina)

Leman Barker, arrived 1827, from Missouri, occupation farmer

Martha Barker, arrived 1835, from North Carolina, widow with a family of two

Benjamin Barton, arrived 1830, from Alabama, occupation farmer

William Barton, arrived 1828 from Alabama, occupation farmer

Hiram Beales, arrived 1835, from Pennsylvania, occupation miller

James H. Bostick, arrived from Tennessee

Benjamin Bowles, arrived 1827, from Missouri, occupation farmer

John W. Bunton, arrived 1835, from Tennessee, occupation lawyer

Edward Burleson, arrived 1830, from Tennessee, occupation farmer

James Burleson arrived 1831 from Tennessee, occupation farmer

Jonathan Burleson, arrived 1832

Isaac Castner, arrived 1832 from Alabama

Thomas Christian arrived 1832 from Illinois

Sarah Cottle arrived 1831, widow and family

Sylvenus Cottle arrived 1835

John C. Cunningham arrived 1839 from Ohio, occupation farmer

L. C. Cunningham, from Tennessee, occupation lawyer

Elijah Curtis arrived 1823 from Alabama, occupation farmer

Thomas De Crow, arrived 1831 from Maine, occupation farmer

James Doyle arrived 1835 from Ireland, bricklayer

Soloman Duty, arrived 1824 from Louisiana

Charles Edwards arrived 1829, from New York, occupation farmer

Atanacia Garcia arrived 1835 from Mexico

Thomas J. Gazeley arrived 1828 from Ohio, occupation physician

Andrew Graham arrived 1832 from Tennessee

F. W. Grassmeyer arrived 1831 from Germany, occupation merchant

Edward Gritten arrived 1835 from England

James Haggard arrived 1835 from Tennessee, occupation farmer

Isaac Harris from Trinity

Elijah Highsmith arrived 1828 from Missouri, occupation farmer

Perry B. Isles, arrived 1830 from Kentucky, occupation farmer

Edward Jenkins arrived 1829 from Alabama, occupation farmer

James Knight arrived 1822

Richard Lafrence, arrived 1831 from Philadelphia, occupation farmer

Weldon Lightfoot arrived 1831

Addison Litton arrived 1835 from Missouri, occupation farmer

Lewis Lomis arrived 1831 from New York

Thomas H. Mays, arrived 1830 from Tennessee, occupation farmer

Ruthie Mackey arrived 1831 from Alabama, with seven children of tender age.

William Medford, arrived 1832 from Illinois, occupation farmer

Samuel Millet, arrived 1831 from Maine

Azeriah G. Moore arrived 1835 from District Columbus, occupation Carpenter

Jonathan D. Morris, arrived 1835 from North Carolina, occupation farmer

Jose A. Navarro from San Fernando de Bexar

Benjamin Osborne arrived 1826 from Mississippi

Joseph Rogers arrived 1831 from Tennessee, occupation farmer

Moses Rosseau arrived 1828 from Alabama, occupation farmer

Samuel Sawyer, arrived 1831 from New York, occupation merchant

Charles S. Smith from New York

Elizabeth Standifer, 1829 from Alabama, occupation farmer and widow

James Standifer, arrived 1829 from Alabama, occupation, farmer and son of Elizabeth

John Steward, from Alabama, age 16, occupation farmer

James Steward, from Alabama, age 14, occupation farmer

James Stuart, arrived 1835 from Ohio, occupation blacksmith

Benjamin Tanille, arrived 1835 from Kentucky

Thomas Thompson arrived 1825 from ARkansas, occupation farmer

James Wadlington, United States orth in 1832

John B. Walters, arrived 1825 from Missouri, occupation farmer

Martin Wells arrived 1830 from Alabama, occupation farmer

W. C. White arrived 1822

George W. Whiteside, arrived 1832, age 8 years

Josiah Wilbarger, arrived 1827 from Missouri, occupation farmer

Samuel M. Williams, arrived 1822

Leander Woods, arrived 1824 from Missouri, occupation farmer