Moss Branch/Collins Ranch Cemetery

Bastrop County, Texas

View of Cemetery

Survey Group

Hamilton, J. H headstone M W 5/23/1830 5/23/1894 There is no night there.

Hamilton, Martha A headstone F W 1830 1905 I am the resurrection and the light.

Hamilton, William Leo headstone M W None 7/3/1904 4m 18d.. Suffer little children...

Henry, Jamina headstone F W 3/10/1810 10/10/1899 In heaven hands clasp forever.

Lee, Jay G headstone M W 8/10/1830 9/21/1891 In Memory of. Husband of M. E.

Lee, Mary Elizabeth headstone F W 7/20/1883 10/3/1889 Dau of Jay G & Mary E.

Mason, A. S. headstone M W 1/31/1845 10/14/1916 Husb of Nancy J

Mason, Nancy J headstone F W 11/29/1848 5/17/1914 Mother. ? The light at Home.

Townsend, Andy headstone M 3/25/1857 5/19/1915 B. Bastrop Co, TX. D. Austin, TX. Age 58 y 1m 25d.

Summers, Mattie headstone F W 7/12/1888 9/17/1889 Dau of A. B. and E. Gone But Not Forgotten

Summers, A. D. headstone M W 2/8/1834 8/19/1900 Husb of Elizabeth

Summers, Elizabeth headstone F W 7/10/1853 3/13/1892 Wife of A. B.

Townsend, Mary J headstone F W None 10/1/1907 Wife of H. P. Our Mother. B. Bibb Co, AL. D. Austin, TX. Age 78 yrs. Born in back of covered wagon. Family on the move.

Townsend, Dellia headstone F W 10/2/1872 2/119/1900 Wife of J. P. Died in Austin, TX. Gone But Not Forgotten

Townsend, H. P. (Henry Pinkney) headstone M W 12/11/1830 7/22/1891 B. Henry Co, TN. Gone But Not Forgotten

Townsend, H. P. headstone M W 1827 Not Found Not Found

Townsend, John Morgan headstone M W 3/18/1862 12/1/1883 Son of H. P. & M. J.. Aged 21y 8m 12d. Weep not for...

Wells, W. J. Baby headstone W None none Rock with name and small hand print etched on it.

Wells, Malinda headstone F W 4/9/1830 3/15/1902 Tho lost to sight to memory dear.

Yoast, Lucinda A headstone F W 9/4/1864 4/7/1885 Dau of Andrew and Jane Yoast and wife of John H Ricks. Just as the morning of her life was opening into day the young and lovely smile passed from earth and gone away.

Yoast, Andrew headstone M W 3/1/1825 8/31/1893 Our Father. B. Bibb Co, AL. D. Bastrop Co. This spirit smiles from that might shore and softly whispers weep no more.

Unknown Undertaker Marker

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