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Names and inscriptions from Cemeteries in Bastrop and the surrounding area. All cemetery inscriptions have been added to There is probably no other records as valuable to our research than a cemetery survey.  Our deepest appreciation and thanks go to all who have surveyed, cleared, photographed and/or in some way saved a cemetery or it's information. There may have been more, but an index of names and cemetery locations of a survey completed in the 1950's can be seen at the Bastrop Library.  In addition, in the 1980's, Audrey Rother, Evelyn Farris Wolf and Clyde Reynolds, members of Bastrop Historical Society, expended much time, money and effort to document every known cemetery in Bastrop County.  Their work was generously donated to the Bastrop Library, who binded the lists into several book volumes and are stored in the reference section.  Their hard work and dedication to their cemetery project has uncovered cemeteries that would have still been lost today and their attention to detail has captured the exact grave locations and information.  This is the only known complete cemetery survey record.  Anyone going through the Bastrop area should stop at the library to view these volumes.  You can also request a lookup from the Bastrop County Library Volunteer. The following list is a work in progress.  With the growth in Bastrop County, cemeteries are still being discovered that had been lost.  Some of the surveys below are complete while others are partial surveys with the information coming from researchers, newspaper articles, undertaker records, death records, etc.  

Thank you to those who have submitted any and all cemetery information.  

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Name, Location, Comment, Survey and GPS location

Addison Litton (Cedar Creek Hwy 20) litton Addison Litton Survey
Alexander-Eldridge (Cedar Creek Cnty Rd 215) Lubric Leverence Survey
Alsup-McKinney (Paige 2104) R. Grimes Survey
Alta Vista (Hispanic) (Bastrop Left by Jail) Bastrop Town Tract
Alum Creek (aka Deshay) (black) (Hwy 71) J. G. Welchmeyer Survey
Alum Creek (Alum Creek Hwy 71) Sarah Cottle League Survey.
Antioch (Alum Creek 146) Green Survey.
Antioch (black) (Hills Prairie 304) Ed Jenkins Survey.
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary String Prairie
Baasen (Paige 362) Shipman Survey
Bachman (aka Dube) (McDade 131) A. Martinez
Baker Hill (McDade 290) A. Martinez
Barbee Red Rock
Barton Creek unknown From Funeral Records
Bateman (Bateman 86) picture John Maximillian League.
Baylor (Smithville 535) S. Darling Survey.
Bennight (Utley 969) J. M. Bangs Survey
Biglow unknown From Undertaker Records
Billingsley (McDade 99) Exhumed. Captain Jesse Billingsley was moved to Austin State Cemetery
Blakey Burial Ground (aka Burleson) (Bastrop Hwy 71) Nancy Blakey League
Bogle (Paint Creek Area 160) T. G. Bogle land
Bottles (Paige 196) J. H. Bostic Surbey.
Brazil_Nunn (Smithville 95) L. Loomas League
Bunte (Smithville 315)
Burkhardt (Paige 159) Jesse Holderman Survey
Burleson (Smithville 2571)
Burns Blue  
Butler Brick Cemetery Elgin
Caldwell Family South of Colorado River by Travis county border Jose Antonia Navarro League
Carroll (Cedar Creek Cnty Rd 231)
Catherine Hartman Goertz Rockne
Cedar Creek Lower (Alexander) (Cedar Creek 21) Jesse Billingsley Survey 300518N 0973044W
Cedar Creek Mexican (Cedar Creek 219) B. Bymer League on south side of Old San Antonio Road
Cedar Creek Upper (Cedar Creek Hwy 21) Jesse Billingsley Survey 300501N 0973124W
Center Union (Black)
Chambliss (207) A. Mays Survey
Chandler (Camp Swift) David Holderman League
Claiborne or Black-Rector (Crafts Prairie 193) cert A. M. Highsmith League
Clark Elm Grove
Clearview (black) (Hills Prairie 304) Knight and White Survey
Coates (Cnty Rd 969 & 55) picture Joseph Rogers Survey
Collins Ranch See Moss Branch
Colorado Chapel (Cnty Rd 969) pictures Joseph Rogers Survey. Methodist Episcopal Church once stood here. 295845N 0970802W
Colorado (Mt. Zion) Community (Black) (Smithville Cnty Rd 321) Mt Zion Church barely stands here.
Commanche Garfield
Cottle Family (Gone) (Alum Creek 71) Sarah Cottle League. Cemetery was destroyed.
Coulson (Elgin 3000)
Craddock (Elgin 696) Joseph Black Survey
Crafts Prairie (black) (Crafts Prairie 193) Washington Curtis Survey
Cunningham (Black) (Smithville 200) J. C. Cunningham Survey
Cunningham (Smithville 200) J. C. Cunningham Survey Contact: Allie McIntyre 512-360-5067
Czech Moravian Bretheren (Kovar 310)
Davis (Bastrop 43) Bastrop Town Tract
Davis (Elgin-Pleasant Grove 3000) Enoch Harris Survey
Dixon (Paige 20) J. Carmean Survey. 301200N 0970900W
Dube 301853N 0971238W
Duncan/Stanly (Steiner Ranch Cnty Rd 157) Lone graves on hill
Duty (Travis Cnty Webberville 969) picture Matthew Duty League. Duty was born in Sumner CO, TN. Cemetery is next to Weber Church
Eagleston-Little-Scobey (Paige 21) On Lee CO border.  Wm. P. Kerr land grant
Eastland (Watterson 208) Nicholas Washington Eastland League #88
Ed Wilhelm Catholic see Walnut Creek Rockne
Elgin Town of Elgin partial
Elgin Latin (Elgin 1704) Elizabeth Standifer Survey
Elgin Old Latin J. Burleson
Elm Grove Pettytown area
Eschberger-Weise-Wolf (McDade 103) John G. Welchmeyer Survey
Eschberger (Paint Creek 143) J. L. Smith Survey
Fairview (Black section) (City of Bastrop Hwy 95) Bastrop Town Tract
Fairview (City of Bastrop Hwy 95) Bastrop Town Tract
Farmer (Paige 167) William P. Kerr Survey near Lee CO line 
Fick (McDade 162) John Cornelison Survey
Fiskville Cemetery (Travis County) Middle FiskvRd Old town of Fiskville named for Greenlief Fisk.
Flower Hill Community (Smithville 316)
Fowler (Travis Cnty 71) On Bastrop Travis CO  lines
Floyd (See Old Floyd)
Franklin (Black)
Friendship (Paige 151) Lee County
Gazley (Thompson Hill) (Smithville) T. J. Gazley Survey
Gentry (Black)
German POW (Bastrop 402) Camp Swift. Exhumed
Gibson (Sand Hills) (Red Rock Cnty Rd 245)
Glenham Mine  
GIN (Knobbs Springs)    Lower Lee County
Gold, Sanders McDade
Goodman Goodman
Grassyville (South of Paige 149)
Gray-Rector (Comfort) (S. of Smithville 95) Bastrop-Fayette Co line.
Haynes, Matt (black) (High Grove-Red Rock 227)
Haynie Chapel Travis County Hwy 71
Haywood (Black) (Walnut Creek-Rockne 108) Wolfenberger League
Hemphill Farm (Hemphill Bend 969) Benjamin Milam's Colony. Jose Manuel Bangs Survey
Hemphill Bend (Hemphill Bend 969) Benjamin Milam's Colony. Jose Manuel Bangs Survey
Hendrix New Old Click on Old or New for Pictures (Red Rock Cnty Rd 535) Pictures   2    3     4     5   6   7   8   10  11  12  13    295835N 0972453W 
Herron - Left right (McDade 2336) pictures John Herron survey
Higgins (Crafts Prairie 192) Benjamin Bowles Survey
High Grove (Red Rock 221) Hiram S. Morgan Survey
High  Hill McDade 301647N 0970947W
Hill (969)
Hill (Cedar Creek Cnty Rd 535)
Hill (Smithville 153) Edward Burleson Survey
Hills Prairie (Hubbard-Hill) (Hills Prairie 304) Ed Jenkins survey
Hofferek (Ernest Hofferek) Kovar
Hog Eye 1704 Elgin Original Hog Eye was destroyed.  Only William B Stantifer's grave marker is left.
Holligan (Watterson 207) Charles S. Smith League
Hornsby (Travis Cnty 969 & 973) Offsite link
Hunter Family (Webberville, Travis Cnty) off site link
Jeddo Jeddo 294851N 0971854W
Jeffries Off site survey
J.J. Manor (aka McDuff) (Travis Cnty 969) off site survey
Jones (Travis Cnty 969) off site survey
Joseph Burleson's Burial Ground (Smithville 304) Thomas J. Gazley Survey
Kellough (Hills Prairie 304)
Kennedy Alum Creek
Kennedy (Hills Prairie 304)  
Knobbs Springs & Lower Lee County
Kovar Catholic Kovar
Kurth McDade
Lehnick Lake Bastrop
Lentz (Red Rock Hwy 20) 295818N 0972628W
Lima Old Baptist (Black)
Lumback (Thomas) Black
Lyman (Pain) Camp Swift
Mackey Bastrop
Magdaline Elgin Steiner Ranch
Manor Hill (Black)
Manor Webberville Travis County See J J Manor
Mary Christian-Burleson (aka Tisdale or Christian Family or Burleson) (Elgin 83) Thomas Christian Survey. Mary Christian married Capt. James Burleson.
Mattiza Paige
McDade (McDade 390) picture
McDuff See J J Manor
McShan (South Elgin 1704) picture Located in front of the Old Baptist Church Cemetery. New Cemetery.
McWilliams Pea Ridge
McWilliams-Reader-Pea Ridge Smithville A. Kertz
Meridith (Rockne Cnty Rd 233) 295955N 0972541W
Meuth Family Paige-Antioch
Meuth Hill Sandy Creek
Mexican Nationalist Bastrop
Miller String Prairie
Milton Chapel (Paige 159)
Moncure Family Moncure Farm
Mordorff, Henry
Morgan Chapel (Butler 696) Graves moved to McDade Cemetery 302020N 0971641W
Moss Branch (Old Hwy 71)
Mt Bethel/Piney Creek Lake Bastrop picture Off site survey
Mt. Moriah (Elgin 3000) 302118N 0972110W
Mt. Olive Evergreen (Black) (Bastrop Cnty Rd 78)
Mt. Pleasant (Black)
Mount Zion (Black) Utley
Nance Elgin
New Hope (Black) Camp Swift abandoned
Oak Hill (McDade Cnty Rd 2336) Pictures
Oak Hill (Smithville Cnty Rd 95) partial listing 295859N 0970953W
Oakwood (oldest in Travis) Travis many Bastrop families. off site
Old Barton Creek (Kovar 310) 295409N 0971402W
Old Floyd Off site survey
Old George (Elgin 3000)
Old Moon aka Old Baptist Church aka Perryville (South Elgin 1704) This is the Old Baptist Church. 301818N 0972305W
Oliver-Powell (Between Smithville & Bastrop 174) 300230N 0971015W
Oliver Hill Black White Hispanic Smithville
Paint Creek St. Andrews (Paint Creek 162)
Pee Lee (McDade Area Cnty Rd 126)
Pettytown (Pettytown 267) Ross Byers
Phelan (157)
Pin Oak Ray's Cafe on Rocky Hill
Piney (Black) Camp Swift North of Bastrop Lake. No access. Abandoned by Piney Creek
Pleasant Chapel (Red Rock Cnty Rd 231) 300141N 0972432W
Pleasant Grove (Elgin 91)
Pleasant Hill (Sayersville 179)
Porter McDade
Presbyterian Kovar
Protestant String Prairie
Psencik Catholic Fayette County
Ransom Farm S. Bastrop  
Red Rock (New) (Red Rock Hwy 20) Freeman Wilkerson League 295748N 0972721W
Red Rock (Old) (Red Rock Cnty Rd 812) pictures Joseph Adair 295756N 0972814W
Reid's Bend Reid's Bend lost?
Reneau-Johnson Elgin destroyed
Reyes Ranch Cedar Creek
Ridgeway (Paige Cnty Rd 164)
Robbins (Cnty Rd 328) Robbins/Burleson/Hudson's 295143N 0971424W
Roe Paige destroyed
Rogers Off site survey
Rogers, Thomas J Utley Coates Road, off of 969
Rogers-Hill (Travis Cnty 969) offsite link Near Martin Luther King and Decker Rd
Rosanky (535 & 304) R. Whittlesey survey 295602N 0971839W
Rother McDade
Rundus (Mary Rundus)
Sacred Heart Catholic (Rockne Cnty Rd 535)
Salem (Black) Peach Creek
San Juan Bastrop
Sanders-Gold McDade
Sayersville (Black) Sayersville
Scallorn- Iva, Gideon, Stephen (Upton 280) off of Ione Rd pictures
Scifford (Bill Scifford) Paige
Shelton and Tyler (Black)
Shiloh (Black) (Paige Cnty Rd 143) Lone Star
Siloah Lutheran McDade
Smith (Red Rock Cnty Rd 238) Pictures 295709N 0972344W
Smith Elgin
Smith Smithville 302215N 0972132W
Speir (Young's Prairie 67) picture 301618N 0972451W
SPJST Lodge Kovar
St. Anthony
St. John's (Cedar Creek Cnty Rd 219)
St. John's Lutheran Paige
St. John's Zion Union Missionary Bap
St. Mary's (String Prairie 261)
St. Mary's (Pin Oak 2104) picture
St. Paul Black White (Wyldwood Hwy 71 & 335)
St. Peter and Paul Catholic Kovar
St. Phillips (Black) (String Prairie 295) Peach Creek 295029N 0971923W
St's Delight Baptist (Black) Paige
Strickland Bastrop
String Prairie/St. Marys (String Prairie 269)
Surovik (Emil Surovik) Kovar
Sweet Hill (Black) Upton Off Upton Rd before Young School House Rd.
Thompson_Morris-Adams (Hwy 71) 300001N 0971025W
Three Oaks (McDade Area 99) picture
Trigg (Hills Prairie) (Hills Prairie 304) Knight and White League. Family from Sumner CO, TN
Unknown (969 & 60)
Unknown (Cedar Creek 250)
Unknown (Cedar Creek between 21 & 257)
Unknown (McDade Shiloh Area 131)
Unknown (McDade Shiloh Area 142)
Unknown (Paige 196)
Unknown (Shiloh Area Hwy 20)
Unknown (Shiloh Area Hwy 20)
Upton Church of Christ (Hancock) (Upton 280)
Walker-Watson (Bastrop Cnty Rd 218) 300900N 0972426W
Walker Family
Walnut Creek aka Ed Wilhelm (Rockne Cnty Rd 233) Andrew Mays Survey
Walnut Creek (Black)
Ward Rockne A Mays Survey. By Old Hendrix and Chambliss.
Warren-White (Black)
Watson Cndy Rd 565 take Hwy 20. Turn left on 565. As soon as you cross the bridge over Walnut Creek, take an immediate left onto Walnut Creek Rd (dirt road). Go straight on this road until it makes a y. Take left side of y onto Walnut Creek Cv. Go about 50 yards and there is a metal gate on the left that is half falling over. It is directly across from some new curbing that someone has poured for a driveway. Walk through the gate and turn towards your left.
Watterson (Watterson Cnty Rd 211) Picture A. Mays Survey
Watterson Prairie
Westbrook Memorial Gardens (Black) Elgin
Wilbarger (Lemon Barker) (Steiner Ranch, Cnty Rd 157) Lemon Barker League. Margaret Barker married Josiah Wilbarger then Thomas W. Chambers
Wilbarger (Black)
Williams (Wyldwood Hwy 71 & 324)
Wilson (Coon Neck S. Elgin 55) 301512N 0972327W
Wilson Farm (Alexander) LaReatta (Hwy 304) Between lots 87/88, after Campfire Rd
Wise Pope Bend
Wolf (Rockne Cnty Rd 108)
Wolfenberger (Red Rock Cnty Rd 232) Wolfenberger League 300126N 0972505W
Woods-Moore Slave Hills Prairie Located somewhere near the Trigg Cemetery
Wood Travis Co Webberville
Woods Prairie/Fort Fayette County off site link
Wright-Penterf (Cedar Creek Hwy 20) 300613N 0972841W
Young School House (Upton 280) picture Micah Andrews Survey 295918N 0971625W
Young's Prairie - 1    2   Jeptha (Young's Prairie 1704) pictures J. W. Standifer Survey 301727N 0972358W