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27 May 1854 Bastrop Advertiser
A. H. CHALMERS of Austin, candidate for re-election for District Attorney, 2d Judicial
F. F. PETTY of Bastrop, candidate for District Attorney, 2d Judicial District.
Fred TATE of La Grange, candidate for District Attorney, 2d Judicial District.
M. B. WYATT, candidate for re-election for Clerk, DCBC
Jas. P. WALLACE, candidate for Clerk, DCBC
Wm. DUNBAR, candidate for re-election to Office of Clerk, CCBC
H. McLESTER, Esq., candidate for Justice of the Peace, Beat 2, Class No. 1, Bastrop County.
Samuel PORTER, candidate for County Treasurer, Bastrop County.
M. B. HIGHSMITH, candidate for Assessor and Collector of Bastrop County.
A. J. DENSON, candidate for Assessor and Collector of Bastrop County.
John J. MONCURE, candidate for District Surveyor of Bastrop County.
N. L. McGINNIS, candidate for District Surveyor of Bastrop County.
We were presented last Saturday with a Radish, raised on the farm of O.H.P. McGINNIS, Esq.,
measuring sixteen inches in length, and 11 circumference, weighing three pounds.
We have been presented with a choice specimen of fruit, somewhat rare in Texas, the Apricot,
grown in the garden of Henry CROCHERON, Esq., of this town.
Regular Meeting of the Bastrop Lodge, No. 58.  Signed: S. W. SIMS and G. W. JONES.
Bastrop Royal Arch Chapter [Masonic], No. 26(?).  Signed: G. W. HAGY, High Priest and
Sam PORTER, Secy.
Bastrop Lodge No. 25, I.O.O.F.  Officers: G. W. JONES, H. ARMINGTON, E. McCOY, C. NASH.
Bastrop Division No. 30, Sons of Temperance.  Signed: E. P. PETTY, Jas. P. WALLACE.
$25 Reward.  Runaway from the plantation of John DRISDALE about 12 of May, a negro Boy
named LUKE; said boy is about five feet eight or nine inches high, and is between 25 and
26 years old, weighs about 180(?) pounds.  DRISDALE residence: 6 miles below Bastrop,
in Craft's Prairie.
F. M. NUNN reports a horse missing from his farm in Craft's Prairie, 8 miles from Bastrop,
on Alum Creek.
Joseph J. YOUNG and M. E.(?) YOUNG appointed Administrators of estate of Levi W. YOUNG,
deceased, by the CCBC at its April term, 1854.
Thomas REID appointed Administrator of estate of David C. BURNETT, deceased, late of
Bastrop County.
Wm. B. BILLINGSLEY lost his Head Right Certificate for 320 acres of land, issued by the Board
of Land Commissioners of San Augustine County in 1839, No. 113 (118?).
John A. WOOD lost his conditional Head Right certificate for 320 acres of land issued by the
Board of Land Commissioners of San Augustine County on 26 Dec 1839, No. 2085.
JONES & ARMINGTON are handling debts of the estate of Sam'l B. MORRIS, deceased.
14 MARCH 1857 Bastrop Advertiser
The District Court for this county will convene on the first Monday in April next. 
Hon. T. H. DUVAL, Presiding Judge, and Geo. W. JONES, District Attorney.
Mr. S. B. DUNN, photographer (ambrotypes) has fitted up galleries over L. EILER's store.
Will remain in our city for only a few days longer.
Phil CLAIBOURNE elected to fill the vacancy on the Board of Aldermen occasioned by the
resignation of Cicero NASH.  [This is a long letter to the editor from L. C.
CUNNINGHAM opposing vote regarding the establishment of a Corporation School.
CUNNINGHAM alleges that CLAIBOURNE was illegally elected to his post.]
Austin City Election results:
Sheriff - WEIR 270; BURDITT 196; HUMPHRIES 53
District Surveyor - L. H. LUCKETT 239; J. S. GILLET 2; A. M. LINDSEY 1
Magistrate - J. T. GRAVES 116; A. O. HORNE, Sr. 35; HARPER 21
Alderman 6th Ward - Simon LOOMAS 7 (no opposition)
We learn from Capt. RADFORD, late of the United States Army, that Capt. BRADFORD and
Mr. TAYLOR of Georgetown were injured when the Houston and Austin stage capsized
on the night of the 8th inst. on its upward trip, about three miles below CUNNINGHAM's.
The notorious Bill JOHNSON who broke jail some time since in San Antonio was shot and it is
thought mortally wounded by the Sheriff in Waco.  A Vigilance Committee
was appointed to find his accomplices.
N. C. RAYMOND, Esq., of the county has succeeded in manufacturing a new brick.
Mr. DUFFY of this city furnished a letter to the editor from Fort McKavett in which we learn that
the Indians have been committing depredations in that quarter.  Sergeant McDONNEL
of Co. D., 2nd Cavalry, with a command of 12 men charged the Indians killing several. 
One soldier, John MARTIN, was killed, and one other soldier was wounded.
Mr. COVEY of this (county?) was struck on the back by a negro whom Mr. COVEY was
attempting to chastise.  Mr. COVEY is not expected to survive.  [Water damage to
this newspaper. Unable to read.]
John SISCO, Administrator de bonis non with the will annexed, of the estate of Elijah CURTIS
deceased, filed his account current asking for final settlement and discharge.
J. I. KENDALL & Co., Bastrop, will breed the great pacing horse "Dallas." 
[Extensive pedigree of "Dallas" follows.]
J. C. CALHOUN left 2 guns and pistols with me; the owners are requested to call and pay charges
without delay, or they will be sold to pay expenses on same.  Signed by J. S. JOHNSON.
Susannah CARTWRIGHT, Administratrix of the estate of Charles W. CARTWRIGHT deceased,
filed her account Current, asking for final settlement of said estate.  If
no objection offered, the same will be allowed at the March term 1857, to be held on the 30th day.
Bastrop Academy - the 12th session of this Institution will open on Monday, 26 January 1857,
under the charge of Rev. Jno. CARMER and Lady, assisted by a full corps of experienced
M. M. LONG, Bastrop, will keep at his livery stable a No. 1 pack of Hounds well trained for
catching runaway negroes.  Terms:
Use of Dogs per day in this county $ 7.50
For catching negro in this county $15.00
Use of Dogs per day out of this county $10.00
For catching negro out of this county $25.00

D. C. PETTY has taken the mail contract from Seguin to Bastrop and will carry passengers
between the two places, passing through Prairie Lea and Lockhart.         

Wm. W. ROSE will sell or rent a tract of land on the Colorado, adjoining the town of Bastrop.
29 May 1858 Bastrop Advertiser
Rev. Henry RENICK will hold a two days meeting in the Union Church, commencing first
Saturday, 5th of June.
The light-fingered gentleman who purloined Webster's Large Unabridged Dictionary from the
Nicholson House, with the name of R. H. HALL in it, is requested to return it forthwith,
immediately if not sooner.
The Cadets of Bastrop Military Academy will deliver addresses on Thursday night, 10th June, as
will L. W. MOORE, Esq., and by Col. ALLEN, the Superintendent.
DIED -- We have been shown a letter written to Mr. C. K. HALL, of this place, by Mr. KIRK,
dated Lampasas Springs, which announces the melancholy tidings of the death of Mr. Wm.
EARBEE, a worthy young man who has lived for several years past in Bastrop, but
recently joined the company of Texas Rangers, under the command of Col. Jno. S. FORD.
He was killed about four weeks since.  We have been shown a
letter from Mr. J. T. HART, dated Camp Runnels, May 21st, to Col.
R. H. HALL of this place, which states that EARBEE came to his death by the accidental
discharge of his rifle, which he had carelessly left tied to his
An engagement with the Comanche Indians by Capts. FORD and NELSON took place on the
north side of the Canadian river on the 12th instant.  Two Rangers were killed
as were 76 Indians.
MARRIED -- We received a letter by yesterday's mail from our young friend, M. W. YOUNG,
Esq., noting his arrival at Galveston, and which also conveys the gratifying intelligence
of his happy union with the beautiful and accomplished Miss Martha Jane ANDREWS of
Monroe County, Mississippi, which took place on the 12th May, instant.
MARRIED - On Wednesday, 26th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, Rob't MOORE,
by the Rev. J. A. KIMBALL, Mr. J. D. ROBERTSON of Williamson County, to Miss
Harriett A. MOORE, of Bastrop County.
A. D. McGINNIS, Esq., of Bastrop, candidate for District Attorney of the 2d Judicial District.
Election first Monday in August next.
John P. WHITE of Seguin, candidate for District Attorney, 2d Judicial District, subject to the
action of the Democratic Convention.  Election in August next.
R. R. GILL, Esq., candidate for Sheriff of Bastrop County.
S. C. NOLEN, Esq., candidate for County Treasurer, Bastrop County.
W. B. BILLINGSLEY, Esq., candidate for re-election as County Treasurer, Bastrop County.
R. P. JONES, Esq., candidate for Constable of Beat No. 2, Bastrop County.
Capt. W. R. HENRY of San Antonio, candidate for Lieutenant Colonelcy of the Regiment of
Texas Volunteers, now about to be organized.
J. A. KIMBALL, John SPENCE, R. H. DAVIS are the Committee of Board of Bastrop County
to examine and certify school teachers in Bastrop County.
The annual examinations of the Bastrop Military Institute will begin on Thursday, 03 June
and close on the 10th with commencement exercises.  R. T. P. ALLEN, Superintendent.
Committed to the County Jail of Bastrop County, as a runaway, on the 14th day of May 1858, a
negro man of dark complexion, about five feet seven inches high, says he is 23 or 24 years
old, calls his name HIRAM, and claims to be the property of George COLLINS of
Cherokee County, Texas.  Signed by Press CONLEE, Sheriff, Bastrop County.
Bastrop Military Institute -- The third Session opens on the first Monday in September under the
Superintendence of Col. R. T. P. ALLEN, the founder, and for many years Superintendent
of the Kentucky Military Institute, a distinguished graduate of West Point, and a practical
Engineer. Signed by S. W. SIMS, Pres't.
Lafayett GARRET has filed his petition before me, that D. B. LYNCH is justly indebted to him
in the sum of 30 dollars, due by note; and the said LYNCH is a transient person.
Posted by W. A. SEWELL, JP for Burleson County, TX.
All persons are hereby warned from purchasing from James A. YEOMAN, a Donation Certificate
for 640 acres of land, issued on the 17th day of Feb 1858, by Stephen CROSBY,
Commissioner of the General Land Office, to said YEOMAN.  Said certificate is my
property, and is fraudulently withheld from me by said YEOMAN.  The DCBC has granted
a writ of injunction enjoining the said YEOMAN from selling the same.  Signed: Joseph
O'CONNOR, Bastrop.
The next session of the Bastrop Female College, heretofore in connection with the male department
of Bastrop Academy, will commence on the first Monday in September with the Rev. J.
CARMER and lady teaching.  Signed: S. W. SIMS, President.
G. W. WADDELL, at the April term 1858, of the CCBC, was appointed Administrator of the
Estate of Joseph SUDDETH, deceased.
John H. COOK, Bastrop, will breed his mule, "Jack."
John D. RAILEY is prepared to board as many as 4 or 6 ladies in his private family.
We will sell upon accommodating terms a tract of land and improvements on Cedar Creek, in this
County, containing 1,000 acres, known as the land sold by John W. BUNTON to M. P. BLUE in
1850.  Signed: JONES & PETTY, agents for Wm. H. OGBOURNE.
05 June 1858 Bastrop Advertiser
Ferries operating again.... Mr. McDONALD bought a boat which will answer his purposes until
he can build a more substantial one, and now has it running at his old crossing. 
Capt. IRVIN has built a No. 1 boat and has it running at buoy ferry. 

We are informed the Corporation of Bastrop will attempt to tie up the staunch ferry boat that Capt.
IRVIN has just completed, and will not grant him license to navigate the Colorado. The
Corporation, we learn, have formed co-partnership with Mr. McDONNEL in the upper
Capt. BILLINGSLY of Cedar Creek has sent us a specimen of wool taken from his flock this
Esq. TEEL, who brings us this specimen of wool, informs us that Capt. BILLINGSLY is highly
pleased with his success.
Stock raising is becoming the favorite and most profitable business in Western Texas, and
particularly, that of sheep raising.  Two gentlemen of this place, Messrs. R. H. WILKINS
and J. H. WAGNON, departed for Mexico on Tuesday last, for the purpose of purchasing stock. 
The former designs engaging in sheep growing, and the latter intends to purchase
stock horses and cattle.
N. S. CHEEK takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Alum Creek and surrounding
 country, that he will open a School at the Alum Creek School House on the 1st Monday
in August.  He will teach English, Latin, Book-keeping, Elocution, Reading, Writing,
Geography, Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, and Astronomy.  He has four years experience
in school-teaching in Kentucky and Texas.
Thos. B. J. HILL was appointed Administrator of the Estate of Samuel CRAWFORD, James
GOUCHER, Sr., Samuel GOUCHER, Nathaniel GOUCHER, James GOUCHER, Jr., decease, at the March
term 1858, PCBC.
24 July 1858 Bastrop Advertiser
[See also related editorial, 5th item below]
Waco Democrat reports that a gang of horse thieves and robbers have been discovered in the upper
portion of Navarro County.  About the 10th of June, while GRAVES and his wife, living
on the line between Navarro and McLennan counties, were absent from home, two villains
entered the house, holding guns on the four children, the oldest, a daughter about 11, and
robbed the house.  Suspicion fell upon two bad characters named Bill MITCHELL and Jim
WARREN, living on Pin Oak Creek.  They were captured and volunteered the names of
the gang: Jim WARREN and Hardin WARREN of Pin Oak, Navarro Co.; Esquire
POGUE, Weatherford, Parker Co., formerly of Limestone Co.; Dr. CARMEL, Laurence
CARMEL, Alex BARNES, Laughlin BARNES, Charley McGUYER, Bill CUNNINGHAM of Rush Creek, Navarro Co.; Hiram
SHARNE, Steel's Creek, Limestone Co.; Bill MITCHELL and Tom MITCHELL, Milam
Co.; Geo. MILLER, Geo. FRY, Marion HUGHES, Geo. KELLIN, Bill JONES, Tom
Geo. HUGHES, of Yeawah, Burleson Co.; HENDERSON, PETERS, Jim BURKS, formerly of Limestone;
Bill JONES, Mart JONES, of San Antonio; Bill WARD, Bill MOSS, Barton MOSS, Tom GORDON, John
GORDON of Robertson Co.; Jesse PARSONS - dead; Jim ARNETT, Zina AGGLESTON,
Tom SMITH, Tom JACKSON, Tom MILLER, and Jim OWEN - residence unknown.
R. H. WILKINS, Esq. of Bastrop has returned from Mexico with some 800 sheep, for which he
paid $1.25 per head.  He intends engaging in the sheep growing business, and will settle
himself a ranche on the Blanco.
We learn that a difficulty took place on Sunday last, on Walnut Creek, about 10 or 12 miles west
of Bastrop, between Mr. Jno. C. F. HILL and Mr. Frank SHEPHERD, which originated
from a dispute in relation to the ownership of some stock.  Mr. HILL stabbed Mr.
SHEPHERD in the left shoulder and the wound has been considered so dangerous as to
render Mr. S's life in a very critical condition.  Mr. H has left to parts unknown.  Mr.
S was still alive at last accounts and hopes were entertained for his recovery.
Regarding the horse thieves gang article, we notice among the names of those who were reported
connected to the gang, several of some of the most respected citizens in this county, men
who have lived in this county for 10 or 20 years past, and whose characters are perfectly
untarnished, [etc., etc.].  The names of these gentlemen are Zina P. EAGLESTON, Wm.
C. HUGHES, Marion HUGHES, Tom, and George HUGHES, and a young man named
BOATWRIGHT...all highly upright and honorable...[unjustly accused, etc.].  WARREN
formerly lived in this county several years since.  He left here when quite
a youth.  He was a low character and has tried to implicate good men with him, to make the
burden lighter upon himself.  [See related article, first of this date, above]
W. B. BILLINGSLY announces he is no longer in the canvass for the Office of County Treasurer
and gives his support to Sherman REYNOLDS.
The Austin Intelligencer says two negroes of Col. Adolphus G. WEIR got into a fight with their
hoes, and ended with knives.  One, as we understood, was killed outright, and the other
cannot live.
DIED -- Frank WILLIAMS was killed at Lynchburg on Thursday.  The man that killed
him is named FOWLER.
A Rev. Dr. BORING of Macon, GA passed through Seguin on his way to San Antonio last Spring. 
Dr. BORING will move to Texas this coming fall.
Strayed or stolen from Campbell TAYLOR, Bastrop, on or about the 11th of July instant, one
Bright Bay Horse [desc. follows]. Reward.
Sherman REYNOLDS, Independent Candidate for County Treasurer, BC.
R. M. CASTLEMAN, candidate for re-election as Assessor & Collector of Bastrop Co.
George ALLEN, candidate for Assessor & Collector, Bastrop Co.
John O. SNELLING, Esq., candidate for re-election as JP, Beat No. 2, Bastrop Co.
Geo. G. RUCKER of Young's Settlement, candidate for County Surveyor of Bastrop Co.
John A. LAWRENCE, candidate for County Commissioner, Bastrop Co.
J. B. ARMSTRONG, candidate for Constable, Beat No. 2, Bastrop Co.
John PERSONS, candidate for Constable, Beat No. 2, Bastrop Co.
Gideon BURGESS, candidate for Constable, Beat No. 2, Bastrop Co.
DIED -- At the residence of her son-in-law Rev. John CARMER, in Bastrop, at 2 o'clock P.M.,
yesterday, July 23d.  Mrs. Elizabeth L. HALE, formerly of Winslow, Maine, of Typhoid
fever -- aged 56 years and 2 months.
L. C. CUNNINGHAM, in his capacity as Chief Justice of Bastrop Co. published an Election
Notice re: the election to be held the 1st Monday (the 2d day) of August next.
Whereas George W. JONES, District Attorney for the 2d Judicial District of Texas, has filed
his petition in the DCBC, representing that on the day of A. D. 18   [left blank in
newspaper], one P. F. WADE departed this life intestate, without heirs, and seized of the
following Estate, to wit: one third of a League of Land situated in Bastrop county on Sandy
Creek, and designated upon the map of said County, as Survey No. 34, and that Cornelius
M. HEMPHILL and Arthur W. FORT, of said county, set up and pretend claim to said land. 
That no administration has been granted upon said Estate, and praying for a writ of
possession in the name of the State of Texas.
Attest: H. S. MORGAN, Clk. DCBC by J. C. BUCHANAN, Deputy, and caused to be published
by Press CONLEE, Sheriff by S. C. NOLEN, Deputy, Bastrop.
In Justice's Court, Beat No. 2, Class No. 2 -- Mrs. Martha E. and Preston CONLEE, the legal
representatives of James SMITH, deceased, have by their attorney made affidavit that
R. W. MATHEWS & Co. are justly indebted to the said Estate of James SMITH,
deceased, in the sum of $100, due by note or due bill, and that said B. W. MATHEWS
& Co. are not resident citizens of this State.  Signed: J. O. SNELLING,
JPBC, and published by Preston CONLEE, Sheriff, by R. R. GILL, Deputy, Bastrop.  [Name is
listed as both R. W. and B. W. MATHEWS.]
The next Session of the Bastrop Corporation School will commence on Monday, July 19th, 1858
under the care of Mr. H. M. LANE, as Principal.  Reading, arithmetic,
writing, spelling, English Grammar, geography, and other subjects will be taught. 

John M. FINNEY was granted Letters of Administration on the estate of William EARBEE,
deceased, at the June Term, 1858, of the CCBC.
R. GARRETT will be absent some 3 or 4 weeks from Bastrop and perhaps longer, and requests
that during his absence that all those who are indebted to him will call on his son, R. L.
GARRETT, who has been made his lawful agent to collect and receipt accounts, and settle
the same. Dated Bastrop, 24 April 1858.
14 August 1858 Bastrop Advertiser
We have a card before us testifying to the good standing of Mr. Ziny P. EAGLESTON in our
community who was charged by Jim WARREN as being implicated with the band of horse thieves. 

The members of the Methodist Episcopal Church will commence a camp meeting, Rev. J. H.
SHEPERD, pastor, at the Springs at the head of Main Street, Bastrop, on Thursday, 20th

Official Returns - County of Bastrop
Attorney General - M. D. GRAHAM 627
State Treasurer - C. H. RANDOLPH 620
Comptroller - C. R. JOHNS 621
Chief Justice - R. T. WHEELER 641
Associate Justice - J. H. BELL 454; C. W. BUCKLEY 214
District Attorney, 2d Judicial District - A. D. McGINNIS 482; J. P. WHITE 177
Chief Justice - L. C. CUNNINGHAM 382; D. W. C. JONES 263
Sheriff - J. J. MONCURE 277; R. R. GILL 201; J. P. JONES 206
Coroner - J. M. BEAVERS 342; Scattering 56
County Clerk - Cicero NASH 642
Treasurer - S. REYNOLDS 444; E. D. BARNETT 221
Assessor and Collector - R. M. CASTLEMAN 378; Geo. ALLEN 300
County Surveyor - G. G. RUCKER 499
County Commissioners - A. J. HARRISON 254; C. TAYLOR 587; T. D. MILLER 560;
T. P. MORGAN 386; J. A. LAWRENCE 378; George J. KINKAID 233
Justice of the Peace and Constable
  Precinct No. 1 - W. A. BREEDEN, J. L. FOSTER. 
Constable - Henry CISCO
  Precinct No. 2 - John O. SNELLING, S. C. NOLEN. 
Constable - Gideon BURGESS
  Precinct No. 3 - Ham WHITE.  Constable - G. W. TUCKER
  Precinct No. 4 - P. G. YOUNG, G. G. RUCKER.  Constable - Joseph YOUNG
  Precinct No. 5 - N. G. ALSUP, David HIGHSMITH. 
Constable - J. W. EAST
  Precinct No. 6 - R. D. K. RHODES, J. S. DECHERD. 
Constable - W. C. BURRIER
  Precinct No. 7 - R. G. KIRBY, H. McMILLIN. 
  Precinct No. 9 - F. JOURDAN, A. WILLIAMS
  Precinct No. 10 - James TAYLOR. 
Constable - J. HANCOCK
We were shown on Thursday last, a corn stalk, which grew in Mr. H. E. DECHAUMES' field,
in Bastrop, which measured 8 inches in circumference, and 22 1/2 feet in height.
A soldier named William MURRAY was killed at Fort Belknap sometime before July 20th by
Capt. Wm. R. BRADFUTE over a disagreement on the Capt.'s orders.
MARRIED - on Wednesday, 4th instant, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev.
J. H. SHEPERD, Mr. Joseph GREEN to Miss Fannie D. D. GRIFFIN, all of Bastrop County.
Also at the residence of Samuel EASELY, Esq., on the 3d inst., near Georgetown,
Williamson County, by the Rev. Mr. BURRAS, Mr. J. F. TURNER to Miss Mary E.
McFARLAND, all of Williamson County.
Austin, Bastrop & Brenham Railroad Mass Meeting and Barbeque, Bastrop Saturday, 28th instant.
Speakers: Hons. John HANCOCK, A. J. HAMILTON, W. S. OLDHAM, G. W.
McADO, Age(?) LEWIS (Washington Co.); Col. C. R. TAYLOR, L. PRICE (Fayette
Co.); Judge E. H. VONTRESS, Thomas P. HUGHES (Williamson Co.); Clement R.
JOHNS, Claiborne KYLE (Hays Co.); Col. A. S. BROADERS, Chas. TARVER, J. W.
METCALFE (Burleson Co.); Col. Alexander SNEED, John BUCKHOLTS (Milam Co.);
Spencer FORD, Edgar ROGAN (Caldwell Co.); R. POSEY, Samuel H. RENICK (Burnett
Co.); Signed: Committee of Arrangements -
Estrayed Horse - Taken from a runaway negro man, on the 29th ult., a horse [desc. follows]. 
He was taken from the boy near Duncan CAMPBELL's rancho, on Cedar Creek, about 6
miles west of Bastrop.  The negro man was also arrested, but made his escape. 
Signed: Wm. M. CAMPBELL
From the County of Burleson - Whereas James FLOYD, Administrator for Samuel T.
BURROUGH, dec'd, and Agent for James PARR and Son, that Jacob C. GREGORY is
justly indebted to him in the following sums:
One account to Samuel T. BURROUGH, dec'd, one account to James PARR and Son;
one note to James FLOYD -- all consolidated amounts to $29.53, and that the said Jacob
C. GREGORY has left this county and so secretes himself that the ordinary process
of law cannot be served upon him.  Signed: John G. WILLETT, JP Burleson Co., published by
Joseph B. SCOTT, Deputy, CCBC.
John S. JOHNSON, Administrator of the Estate of Chancery JOHNSON, dec'd, filed his account
current, praying the Court for final settlement and discharge.
Bastrop Advertiser 5/1857
Ed. Issue - Some time since, I saw in the Bastrop Advertiser, a notice of the wonderful skill
of Messrs. Norboe & Co., in taming wild horses, and must confess I was sceptical and viewed
it as one of the humbugs of the age. But when I saw the truly skillful performances of Edward
Kelly, late of Bastrop, upon some wild horses of mine, my doubts all vanished, and so well and
fully satisfied am I of his skill, that I most cheerfully award to him and his system the
praise that is certainly his due.
I have been stock raising for many years, have had more or less colts to break, and in pursuing
the old system have seriously injured many of them, and I have no hesitancy in saying that Mr.
K's system, avoids all such difficulties, and I confidently would recommend him to all stock
raisers. The knowledge he imparts is worth ten times the money. Cunningham's, Texas, April
30,. 1857. J. C. CUNNINGHAM