206 E. Roosevelt St., Boerne
ID# 2487? ORIGINAL USE: Home PRESENT USE: Home CURRENT OWNER: Alex and Brenda Yount
OWNERS:J. C. McFarland Family, McCarthy, Yount ADDITION: Oak Park Addition Lot # 567 DATE: 1906 Style/Period: Victorian HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: BHP
BUILDERS: Sears Roebuck Catalogue CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood Frame CONDITION: Excellent DESCRIPTION: Two story, wood frame; composite roof; 1x1 windows

HISTORY: This house was owned by the J. C. McFarland family. Kemper Moore, grand-daughter of the the McFarland's, returned to live in the home after her lifetime of service with ARAMCO. During her service with this company she had not only worked in the New York office, she also lived and worked for some time in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Boerne Public Library files and my personal knowledge of Kemper Moore.

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