217 E. Rosewood
ID # ORIGINAL USE: Church PRESENT USE: Chapel CURRENT OWNER: Lutheran Congregation
OWNERS: Lutheran Congregation DATE: 1932 HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NONE LOCATION: Schertz Addition
BUILDER: Church Members CONSTRUCTED OF: Rock CONDITION: DESCRIPTION: 22' x 48' traditional, rock church; bell tower added later

HISTORY: ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH was built in 1932. The formal organization of the congregation became a reality on October 27 1929. They met in the Gilliat Hall on Main Street until the building was completed. In the first fifty years the congregation had five pastors: The Reverends Gus Sager, H. W. Dannhaus, Theodor Winter, Martin Obst, R. J. Huebner, Charles Roesler. Pastor Henry Schulte was installed in September 1994. The parsonage was built on the adjacent lot in 1936. As the church grew there was need for more room. Additions have been made to the sanctuary, a hall and office building was built behind the main church, then the parsonage was vacated as living quarters and used as classroom space.

Source: Boerne Public Library Files; Huebner, Mrs. R.J., "Praise and Thanksgiving", Econo=Print, 1979.

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