308 N. Live Oak, Boerne
OWNERS: Horace King, Creighton, Faulkner. LOCATION: Sansom Addition Lot: #23,24 DATE: c1908 Style/Period: Bungalow HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NO
BUILDERS: Clemens, Phillip, Schweppe CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood clapboard; shingled roof; 2x2/1x1 windows CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION: One and one-half story with beveled glass front door; front floor to ceiling windows; 3 fireplaces; Curved porch sweeps across front and south side. House faces east.

HISTORY: Nelle Marie Huff wrote about this house in 1984, "An excellent example of Victorian or sometimes called Bavarian architecture is a lovely old home at 803 Live Oak Street. It was built by Horace and Zulema King who came from England. They owned the Calrow-King Lumber Company, so the very best was used to build this home. When the house was recently restored by the Tommy Titsworth family, they found names and dates of carpenters who were well known at the time of the construction about 1908. These names were Clemens, Phillips and Schweppe. On a chimney back which was in the original pantry, there is the name of Ludwig Phillip, 1910. Now this chimney is on the East end of the kitchen, and is a decorative feature." She continues: "It is remembered by some who know this house in the twenties, that the Horace Kings loved young people and entertained often. Fun and dancing was encouraged and often the King's retired and left a faithful servant to watch over the party and serve lemonade and cookies."

For a few years the house was owned by the Creighton's who had one of the early nursing homes in the area. Other owners were the Rosemiller's about 1945, Creightons about 1948, the Jimmy Davis family around 1970, Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Keis in 1977, the Titsworth in 1978-79, and then Michael and Mary Faulkner in the 1980's.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.- May, 1999

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