720 N. Main
ID# 24090 ORIGINAL USE: Home PRESENT USE: Commercial CURRENT OWNER: Boerne Land and Cattle Company
OWNERS: A.G. Vogt, Rudolph Vogt, A.G. Gilliat, Mary Agnes Cochrane, Edith Gray, Heirs of Edith Gray (Boerne Land and Cattle Company) LOCATION: Leesch Addition Block: 17 Lot: #51 DATE: c1908 Style/Period: Bungalow HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: BHP
BUILDER: A.G. Vogt CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood frame; metal roof; CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION:One story, bungalow type house with porch across the south portion of the front.

HISTORY: This Bungalow type frame house was built in 1908 by A. G. Vogt and stayed in the Vogt family until it was sold to Alfred and Eliza McDonald Gilliat in 1920 and then to Eliza's sister, Mrs. Mary Agnes McDonald Cochrane in 1927. In 1940, after Mrs. Cochrane's death, the house was willed to nieces, Edith Mary Gray and Elizabeth Ann Gray. Edith and Elizabeth's parents, Alfred and Edith Gilliat Gray, were dairy farmers and owned the Old Graymead Dairy near Cascade Caverns during the Depression in the 1930s. They moved into the house in boerne and began to buy it. In 1957, when alfred Gray died, Edith and Roland Caldwell and Elizabeth and Rev. James Hudson gave ownership of the house to Edith Agnes Gray. In 1976, the house was willed to Edith Gray's children- these same two girls, Edith Caldwell and Elizabeth Hudson who had given the house to Edith Gray--and their brother, Alfred Gordon Gray. These three formed a partnership, The Boerne Land & Cattle Company, which includes Roland H. Caldwell since Edith Caldwell passed away. They have retained ownership of the house, which has been in the same family for 78 years. The 1908 house, with an added single car garage and wash house to the back, dated 1913 by V. G. Vogt, basically remained the same until about 1934, when Mrs. cochrane added rooms to the back of the house. When one wall was removed, a signed board was found with the name "Ringtail Rino," showing that A. S. Toepperwein had been there working. In 1958- 1959, Edith Gray added a bedroom, utility room, bath, enlarged rooms and converted a room and a porch to hold her growing library. Work was done by Reuben Kuebel. The Edith A. Gray Library was a unique, private library which she developed from the 1940's until her death in 1976 and was used by scholars, historians and students alike for its' excellent and varied content. No child in the family was immune from working in the library with Edith Gray, in one way or another. Since 1976, the house has been rented to various businesses including use as an antique store. In 1997, Al Gray began an extensive renovation of the house, including total insulation, new central heating and air conditioning installation, new electrical and plumbing systems, new carpets, tiles, cabinets and counter tops, all repairs and total painting of the interior and exterior. All remodeled parts of the house and added a ramp to the house to comply with handicap requirements in the American Disabilities Act. With a degree in Industrial Arts, Al was the designer and supervisor of all of these activities. Carpentry and painting was done by John Fass.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.- December, 2007

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