410 N. Main, Boerne
Library File #18

The official web site St Helena Episcopal Church is http://www.sthelenas-boerne.org/
OWNERS: Episcopal Church BUILDERS: Gombert & Phillip ADDITION: Sansom LOTS: #2
CONSTRUCTED OF: Stone DESCRIPTION: Stone, Gothic style church building. Sanctuary above ground with a basement partially below ground. Basement used for classes and group meetings. DATE: c1929; STYLE/PERIOD: Gothic

HISTORY: The present Gothic stone church was built in 1929 on the site of the old church. The first Episcopal worship service was held in Boerne in 1873. St. Helen's congregation was organized in 1881, and a small wooden structure was erected on this site. By 1927, the need for a new church was evident. The original wooden building was razed and the current limestone church was built. Later additions have included educational and office facilities.

Source: Hudson, Elizabeth Gray, "In One Place", Econ-o-Print, 1981 and Boerne Public Library files.

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