207 S. Landa
OWNERS:Albert Ammann, John Calloway, Jack Davis, Fred Niccum LOCATION: Kernaghan Lot #:37-39 DATE: c1904 Style/Period: Victorian. HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: BHP
BUILDER: Albert Ammann CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood frame CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION: Symmetrical Victorian with central entry and projecting polygonal gabled bays on either side; "U" shaped; hipped roof; narrow windows. Fred Niccum took down iron porch railings and replaced with wooden posts and gingerbread.

HISTORY: The house was built in 1904 by Albert Ammann, father of Mrs. Ed (Ella Ebensberger).The three lots on the corner of Landa and Kronkosky Streets were purchased by Albert and Emma Ammann on Dec. 20, 1905 and the present house built soon after. It was sold in 1927 by Mrs. Ed Ebensberger to Mr. and Mrs. John S. Galloway who sold the two corner lots to Jack and Irene Davis.

Albert Ammann was appointed Captain when an organization of Rangers was formed for protection from the Indians.

Description of house by Anita Schwarz McDonald, 28 Mar. 1979: There is an old one-room building that stands a few feet away from the back of the house that was probably used to house the hired girl. Many residences built at that time had these small out-buildings that were sometimes used to house the elderly members of the family that were no longer able to live alone, so they could live their last years out in dignity and privacy. Sometimes these were called "Oma" and "Opa" houses. Each window had double storm shutters with movable louvers. The frames of these shutters have had the louvers removed and replaced with screen wire and are in use today.

The house stands today almost as it did originally. The only outside alteration is a re-built front porch and a door replaces the southwest window in the south side of the house. Inside, the entrance hall has been walled off just past the dining room door, the back porch has been enclosed and a bathroom added to the south of it. The "parlor" is now another bedroom and the entrance hall serves as a small living room. There was no fireplace but there are three flues; one in the kitchen, built for the cook stove, one in the dining room and one in the back bedroom which were built for wood burning heaters. All three are now used as vents for gas heaters. The outside chimneys are of brick and look as sturdy today as the day they were built.

Sources: Mrs. Jack (Irene) Davis; Ellen Berry; Anita Schwarz McDonald, authors- article in the files of Boerne Public Library.

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