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Throckmorton county was also a part of the Peters colony, later know as T. E. and L Company. She was governed by Bexar District until after the Texas Revolutionary war. Also, considered part of  Texas Indian Territory by the state of TEXAS for the Comanches, Tonkawas, Lipan Apaches, Kickapoo, Wichitas. In 1851 The Comanche Reservation and Camp Cooper was established by the state of TEXAS the Federal Government to control the Comanches and teach them to be civilize as the European interlopers and squatters who had trespassed into their land. [This author is writing this introduction  through the eyes of the Native American, putting her self in their moccasins, the Great Spirit willing to teach her. It is true facts, uncovering the fables which  our History Teachers have been forced to tell  and Government has told. Lets look at the other side of the coin.]

In CHRISMAN's history, "The Early Days in Callahan County," he states, " Camp Cooper ranks among the most interesting of all the frontier forts. It was established approximately seven miles above the South Fork of the Brazos River."
" This Camp was Primarily established for the purpose of guarding the restless Comanche Indians and was located adjacent to the Upper Reservation which had been selected and surveyed by R. B. MACY and MAJOR ROBERT S. NEIGHBORS.  Camp Cooper was established on July 29, 1851 and was first occupied by Companies A, H, and F of the Fifth U. S. Infanty under the command of Captain John A. Whitall. This fort was not fully recognized as a military post until January 2, 1856, when troops under Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Lee of the Second Cavalry arrived at the historical cantonment. To be continued on another page:
{After Indian Removal on August 1, 1859, to relative safety from  former Indian agent, JOHN R. BAYLOR  to the WICHITA  Agency, on the Washita River in present Caddo County Oklahoma, four miles east of Anadarko.
JOHN R. BAYLOR had dreams of Riches by  stealing from the Agency was short lived by dismissal on May 14, 1857 , but he spend the next 3 years insighting a Hate complain against the 2 Reservations and their occupiers. After Majors Neighbors returned to Belknap , one of Baylor's friends shot him in the back as another confronted him to his face, he died on the streets of the town of Belknap in Young county but saved his wards temporarily.  source: Frances Mayhugh Holden's book "LAMBSHEAD BEFORE INTERWOVEN", pages 60 through 80.}

It was here in 1851 on the banks of Lambhead Creek in THROCKMORTON COUNTY, that COLONEL JESSE STEM, one of the first frontier entrepreneurs and agent for the TEXAS INDIANS, was supposily the first person of record to obtain, improve, and culivate the land to become known as LAMBSHEAD. COL. STEM is reported murdered in February, 1854 but his widow and children seems to have secured 960 acres in three 320 acre plots, secured from orginal grantees, JOSEPH H. DALTON AND THOMAS MOUNTS, were patented in his name , Mrs STEM added by patent 640 acres in 1855, secured from the orginial grantee, JOHN CARR. Others filed on small parcels of land, but there is no record that they lived out their claim, though some may have done so.
 Little is known of the early life of JESSE STEM other than that he came from a substantial family in OHIO, that he was trained as a lawyer, that he had a respiratory health problem, and that he followed the standard treatment for such illness in the 1800's to seek a drier climate. he found it in TEXAS, where in 1850 he was commissioned as federal agent for the TEXAS INDIANS. He had two brothers, successful businessmen in TIFFIN, OHIO. to be continue :source: Frances Mayhugh Holden's book "LAMBSHEAD BEFORE INTERWOVEN".

is believed to be bought to the Clear Fork Country and THROCKMORTON COUNTY  by THOMAS LAMBSHEAD who was born in 1805, in England where he became a farmer near Devon. Thomas LAMDSHEAD was seeking fame and fortune in the TEXAS frontier as did
JESSE STRMS and others who settled on the rugged and fertile  TEXAS INDIAN TERRITORY.
"In the 1840's, glowing descriptions were poured into the Englishman's ears by SHERMAN CONVERSE, a London promoter for the ill-fated  Peters Colony in western Texas. Colonizers in Louisville, Kentucky, organized the colony and negotiated with President Sam Houston in January 1841, to settle immigrants in the REPUBLIC of TEXAS in the largest empressario colony the REPUBLIC ever granted.  By July, 1843, the Kentuckians had taken in London parterns. The Peters Colony then encompassed what would become twenty-six Texas counties, including nearly all of future THROCKMORTON AND SHACKELFORD COUNTIES."
     ". . . a CITIZEN of the frontier, THOMAS LAMBSHEAD played a central role in the establishment of THROCKMORTON COUNTY. Created January 13, 1858, the county was named for DR. WILLIAM E. THROCKMORTON, one of the first settlers of North Texas.
THOMAS LAMBSHEAD, WILLIAM L. BROWNING, and ROBERT KING were appointed commissioners to organize the county.  Their charge was to call an election of county officers and to select not less than three suitable places within five miles of the center of the county to be considered for the county seat. Also, all courts were to be held at TARRANT and GIBBONS RANCH on Elm Creek until a suitable building could be erected. However, the removal of the Indians resevation in 1859 and the outbreck of the CIVIL WAR in 1861, together with INDIAN outrages, and Federal Reconstruction delayed the county's organization until 1879...."
:source: Frances Mayhugh Holden's book "LAMBSHEAD BEFORE INTERWOVEN".

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