Confederate History and Heritage Month Resolution


This is the text of the resolution adopted
by the Texas Senate on March 30, 1999.


       WHEREAS, April is the month in which the Confederate States
of America began and ended a four-year struggle for states' rights,
individual freedom, and local government control; and
       WHEREAS, The State of Texas declared herself to be a free
and independent state and subsequently joined the Confederate
States of America of which it was a member state from 1861 until
1865; and
       WHEREAS, The battlefields, monuments, museums, and other
historical sites to be found in Texas allow our citizens and
visitors to remember, study, and appreciate the men and women
of that unique time in the history of Texas and the nation; and
       WHEREAS, The flag of the State of Texas was carried by Texas
Confederate soldiers in every major battle of the War Between the
States and the state contributed over 115,000 soldiers and sailors
to the service of the Confederate States of America; and
       WHEREAS, During the period of reconciliation, Texas
Confederate veterans became instrumental in the continued
development of our state and local governments and our
institutions of higher learning; and
       WHEREAS, We honor our past and draw from it the courage,
strength, and wisdom to go forward into the future together as
Texans and Americans; and
       WHEREAS, The State of Texas has long recognized her
Confederate history and the leaders who made sacrifices on
behalf of the Confederate cause; and
       WHEREAS, The Texans who served in the War Between the States
are memorialized in almost every county in the state, and many
cities and counties in the State of Texas bear the name of
Confederate veterans; and
       WHEREAS, It is important for all Texans to reflect upon our
state's past and to respect the devotion of her Confederate leaders,
soldiers, and citizens to the cause of Southern liberty; and
       WHEREAS, In years since the war, the morally abhorrent
practice of slavery has in the minds of many Texans become the
prime motivation of Southern soldiers, despite the fact that 98
percent of Texas Confederate soldiers never owned a slave and never
fought to defend slavery; and
       WHEREAS, Politically correct revisionists would have Texas
children believe that their Confederate ancestors fought for
slavery when in fact most Texans joined the Confederate armed
forces to defend their homes, their families, and their proud
heritage as Texans; and
       WHEREAS, Confederate Memorial Day in April is a time for all
Texans to honor those men and women who died for Texas, and also
all the Texans who came afterward and benefitted from their legacy
of honor and devotion to our state; now, therefore, be it
       RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
76th Legislature, hereby recognize April as Confederate History
and Heritage Month in the State of Texas and encourage all Texas
schools and citizens to join in efforts to become more knowledgeable
of the role of the Confederate States of America in the history of
our country.

                                      President of the Senate
                          I hereby certify that the above
                   Resolution was adopted by the Senate
                   on March 30, 1999.
                                      Secretary of the Senate