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Fortunately, there are many published works that can aid you in your search for your Trini roots. Unfortunately, many of them are out of print, or not widely available. We have prepared a sort of bibliography, listing titles that are related to Trinidad and Tobago history or genealogy (please excuse the inproper bibliographic format). In addition, we have included links to online bibliographies in the bar to the left. Please let us know if there are any titles we should add.

If you prefer to own a copy, you may find some of these titles at online used book stores, especially those in the US and the UK. In some instances, you may be able to order the books directly from the publisher. In the case of books published in Trinidad, having a friend on the island may be your best bet. Where possible, the books below are linked to sources where they can be purchased. If at all possible, please use the links to, Barnes and, and to purchase a book, as Rootsweb will get a commission from any purchase you make (Rootsweb is donor supported).

If you are want to borrow a book, you should have some luck checking online library catalogs. We were able to find many of these titles at the Library of Congress and The British Library.

Another good source of books about Trinidad & Tobago, and the Caribbean in general, is The Press UWI, the publishing house of the University of the West Indies.

Bibiography of Trinidad and Tobago Genealogy and Related Subjects


    History and Sociology
    East Indians
    English, Irish, and Scots


Campbells of Inverawe Argyll - Original Manuscript Working Collection of Genealogical Information and Sources of Neil G Campbell of Inverawa (the Campbells were landowners on Tobago.)

Caribbean Families: Diversity Among Ethnic Groups, by Jaipaul R. Roopnarine, Janet Brown, Advances in Applied Development Psychology, No. 14, Ablex Publishing. Westport, Conn. 1997.

Kith and Kin : of Three Tobago families, by Dolores T. Macfarlane.

Tracing Your West Indian Ancestors, by Guy Grannum



History and Sociology

Arima, a Historical Perspective from Indian Mission to Royal Borough, researched and compiled by Nyasha John Williams.

Biographical Dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean Political Leaders, edited by Robert J. Alexander, Greenwood Press. Westport, Conn. 1988. 519 pages

The Book of Trinidad, by Gerard Besson and Bridget Brereton, Paria Publishing, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The British West Indies, by William Laurence Burn, Greenwood Press Reprint, 1951, 196 pages

The British West Indies during the American Revolution, by Selwyn H.H. Carrington.

The Caribbean Exodus, edited by Barry B. Levine, Praeger Publishers. New York. 1987. 300 pages

Child of the Tropics - Victorian Memoirs, by Yseult Bridges, edited by Nicholas Guppy.

A Complete History of the Island of Tobago (Robinson Crusoe Isle) in the West Indies, by C.R. Ottley.

Colonial British Caribbean Newspapers, A Bibliography and Directory, compiled by Howard S. Pactor, Greenwood Press. Westport, Conn. 1990. 160 pages

Engendering History: Caribbean Women in Historical Perspective, by Verene Shepherd, Bridget Brereton, Barbara Bailey (eds.)

From Colonial to Republic : one hundred and fifty years of business and banking in Trinidad and Tobago, 1837-1987, authorized by Republic Bank Ltd.

The Government of Trinidad; being a brief history of its government and laws under Spanish and British rule, by Charles Reis.

A Guide to Manuscript Sources in United States & West Indian Depositories Relating to the British West Indies During the Era of the American Revolution, by George F. Tyson.

A History of Diego Martin, 1784-1884 : Begorrat--Brunton, by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil.

Historical Dictionary of Trinidad and Tobago, by Michael Anthony.

History of Modern Trinidad : Seventeen Hundred and Eighty-Three Thru Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Two, by Bridget Brereton.

History of the People of Trinidad and Tobago, by Eric Williams.

A History of Place-names in Trinidad and Tobago, by C.R. Ottley.

A History of Rio Claro since 1900, by George Montique (a thesis found at the Library of Congress ).

A History of Tobago, by Henry Iles Woodcock, first printed in 1867.

History of Trinidad, by E.L. Joseph, first printed in 1838.

History of the West Indian Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, 1498-1900, by Gertrude Carmichael.

History of Trinidad from Seventeen Eighty One to Eighteen Thirty Nine, by Lionel M. Fraser.

The History of Trinidad Under the Spanish Government, by Pierre-Gustave-Louis Borde.

In Search of a Better Life, Perspectives on Migration from the Caribbean, edited by Ransford W. Palmer, foreword by Gordon K. Lewis, Praeger Publishers. New York. 1990. 208 pages

The Legislative Council of Trinidad and Tobago, by Craig Hewan.

Making of Port of Spain, Vol. I, 1757-1939, by Michael Anthony.

Port-of-Spain in a World at War, 1939-1945, Making of Port of Spain, Vol. II, by Michael Anthony.

Public lectures delivered under the auspices of the Historical society of Trinidad and Tobago during the session, 1938-39. (found at the Library of Congress).

A Question of Labour : Indentured Immigration into Trinidad and British Guiana 1875-1917, by K.O. Laurence.

Race Relations in Colonial Trinidad, 1870-1900, by Bridget Brereton.

A Select Bibliography of Publications and Studies Relating to Human Resources in the Commonwealth Caribbean. Material Available in Trinidad and Tobago, by Marianne Ramesar

Slavery Days in Trinidad : a social history of the island from 1797-1838, by Carlton Robert Ottley.

Society and Politics in Colonial Trinidad, by James Millette.

Smiles and Blood: the Ruling Class Response to the Workers Rebellion in Trinidad and Tobago, by Susan Craig (found at

St. Mary's College 125th anniversary, 1863-1988 (found at the Library of Congress).

The Story of Port of Spain, Capital of Trinidad, West Indies, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, by C.R. Ottley.

The Story of San Fernando, by C.R. Ottley.

The Story of Tobago, Robinson Crusoe's Island in the Caribbean, by C. R. Ottley.

Sugar and slaves :the rise of the planter class in the English West Indies, 1624-1713, by Richard S. Dunn.

Tacarigua : A Village in Trinidad, by Selwyn R. Cudjoe.

Tobago in Wartime 1793-1815, by KO Laurence

Towns and Villages of Trinidad & Tobago, by Michael Anthony

Trinidad and Tobago: Democracy and Development in the Caribbean, by Scott B. MacDonald, Praeger Publishers. New York. 1986. 240 pages

The Trinidad Awakening: West Indian Literature of the Nineteen-Thirties, by Reinhard W. Sander.

The Trinidad Callaloo : Life in Trinidad from 1851-1900, by C.R. Ottley.




Amphibious warfare in the eighteenth century, the British expedition to the West Indies, 1740-1742, by Richard Harding

British forces in the West Indies, 1793-1815, text by Ren'e Chartrand , colour plates by Paul Chappell.

The British Army in the West Indies, society and the military in the revolutionary age, by Roger Norman Buckley

Memoirs and services of the Eighty-Third Regiment, (County of Dublin), from 1793 to 1863, including the campaigns of the regiment in the West Indies, Africa, the Peninsula, Ceylon, Canada and India, edited by E.W. Bray. (found at the British Library).

Tobago in Wartime, 1793-1815, by K.O. Laurence.




100 years of the Catholic News (1892-1992) : Memories & Milestones, compiled by Marie Thérèse Rétout.

175 Years of Anglicanism. A Commemorative Brochure in celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Parish Church of the Holy Trinity.

An early Jewish colony in western Guiana, 1658-1666: and its relation to the Jews in Surinam, Cayenne and Tobago, by Samuel Oppenheim (found at the Library of Congress.)

Catholic Church in Trinidad, 1797-1820, by Vincent Leahy.

The Catholic Church in Trinidad, 1498-1852, by John T. Harricharan.

Celebration : a Centenary History of Aramalaya Presbyterian Church, Tunapuna, Trinidad, 1881-1981, by Marianne Soares Ramesar and Horace Bhupsingh.

The Diocese of Trinidad & Tobago, 1872-1972. (book, published by the Anglican Church, found at the Library of Congress).

A History of the Shouter Baptist in Trinidad & Tobago, by Eudora Thomas.

Memoirs of the Good Shepherd Church, Tunapuna, 1886-1936, by Ann W. Murray and Hyacinth E. Clarke (found at the Library of Congress.)

Pioneer Presbyterians, edited by Dr. Brinsley Samaroo.

Presbyterian missions to Trindad and Puerto Rico, by Graeme S. Mount (found at the Library of Congress).

Spirits, Blood, & Drums: The Orisha Religion in Trinidad, by James Houk

Trinidad Yoruba, from mother tongue to memory, by Maureen Warner-Lewis




The African Slave Trade, by Basil Davidson, Little, Brown and Co., 1980

The Afro-Trinidadian, by Tony Martin

Free black American settlers in Trinidad, 1815-16, by John McNish Weiss

The Negro in the Caribbean, by Eric Williams, Greenwood Press Reprint, Washington, 1942. 119 pages

The Plantation Slaves of Trinidad, 1783-1816 : A Mathematical and Demographic Enquiry, by A. Meredith John (found at

Seven slaves and slavery : Trinidad, 1777-1838, by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil




The Carib Reserve: identity and security in the West Indies, Anthony Layng




Caribbean Asians: Chinese, Indian, and Japanese Experiences in Trinidad and the Dominican Republic, by Roger Sanjek

The Chinese in Trinidad, by Trevor M.Millett

The Chinese in the West Indies, 1806-1995   a documentary history, compiled by Walton Look Lai

Indentured labor, Caribbean sugar: Chinese and Indian migrants to the British West Indies, 1838-1918, by Walton Look Lai

Stress of Weather, by Helen Atteck and Philip Atteck, true story of one of the voyages from China to Trinidad.



East Indians

Breaking the bonds of indentureship : Indo-Trinidadians in business, by Dave Ramsaran.

East Indians in Trinidad : A Study of Cultural Persistence, by Morton Klass

East Indians in the West Indies, by Arthur and Juanita Niehoff

Eight East Indian immigrants : Gokool, Soodeen, Sookoo, Capildeo, Beccani, Ruknaddeen, Valiama, Bunsee, Fr. Anthony de Verteuil

Indentured labor, Caribbean sugar: Chinese and Indian migrants to the British West Indies, 1838-1918, by Walton Look Lai.

Indian Emigration, by G.S. Arora (published in India, found at the Library of Congress.)

A Short History of the East Indian Progress in Trinidad and Lives of Famous Indians, 1845-1984, by Samuel Doodnath.

Solving East Indian Roots in Trinidad, by Shamsu Deen.

Survivors of Another Crossing : a History of East Indians in Trinidad, 1880-1946, by Marianne D. Soares Ramesar.



English, Irish, and Scots

Sylvester Devenish and the Irish in nineteenth century Trinidad, by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil.




The de Verteuils of Trinidad, 1797-1007, a case study of a French Creole Family, by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil.

Diaries of Abbe Armand Massé, 1878-1883, by Armand Massé. Translated in Four Volumes from the Original French of that Period by M.L. de Vertueil.

The French in the West Indies, by W. Adolphe Roberts

And then there were none : a history of the Le Cadre family in the West Indies, by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil.

Memoirs of an Honourable Gentleman, by Charles Jean Baptiste Léotaud

Sir Louis de Verteuil: his life and times, Trinidad, 1800-1900, by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil.




The Germans in Trinidad, by Fr, Anthony de Verteuil.




The Portuguese of Trinidad and Tobago, portrait of an ethnic minority, by Jo-Anne S. Ferreira.




An Account of Life in Spanish Trinidad (from 1498-1797), by C.R. Ottley

The Cocoa Panyols of Trinidad, an Oral Record, by Sylvia Moodie-Kublalsingh.

The Panyols of Trinidad: A Vanishing Culture, by Sylvia Moodie-Kublalsingh




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