Lebanon Church of Christ
Weakley County, Tennessee

Lebanon Church of Christ History

Submitted by Ann Westbrook Radcliff

In 1879 a Congregation of the Lord's Church was organized and is known as Lebanon Church of Christ.  The land for the building was given by Howell EDMINSTON. 

The Lebanon Church is located four miles northeast of Dresden in Weakley County, Tennessee.  Mrs. Belinda WILSON FOWLER was a member of the Church of Christ, and was married to Thomas FOWLER.  She taught her husband the gospel and after obeying it he began preaching and was instrumental in starting the Lebanon Church.  The first records of the Church were burned in the fire that destroyed the Fowler home in 1900.  A Church building was built in 1880, which is believed to have been destroyed by a storm in 1906 and another one replaced it in that year.  The second one was torn down and the one we now worship in was built in 1953.  A classroom was added in the early 1960's and in 1971, two classrooms, rest rooms and a baptistery were added. 

Brethern serving the Church in gospel meetings and as ministers were:  Thomas FOWLER, E.C. DENTON, W.T. SHELTON, J.G. ROULAC, E.G. and L.R. SEWELL, Granville LIPSCOMB, Thomas OSBORNE, Brother WRIGHT, J.S. HASKIN, T.E. SCOTT, G. Dallas SMITH, R.D. and John T. SMITH, Tom CABE, A.O. COLLEY, W.L. DENTON, W.S. LONG Jr., L.F. MASON, Fred W. CHUNN, I.A. and Cecil COUTHITT, John TaYlor, Alonzo WILLIAMS, W.O. DAVIS, Hugo ALMOND, G.D. KNEPPER, Claude GARDNER, Coleman ALMOND 

Elders and Deacons who have served through the years were:  Thomas FOWLER, Joe WESTCOAT, John C. TODD, W.F. SMITH, B.W. BOWLIN, G.A. ALMOND, Charles E. SMITH, L.B. FOWLER, John GRADY, Bob GLASGOW, Alpheus PARROTT, Roy ABERNATHY, Doyle MORRIS. 

NOTE: From records of Mary Nell Morris Westbrook, deceased, a long time member of this church.  Transcribed by her daughter Ann Radcliff.  I have tried to omit any names of people that may be living. 2001

A Brief History of Lebanon Church 
By Charles E. SMITH 
Printed in The Christian Visitor - 1949 

The Lebanon Church is located 4 miles north east of Dresden in Weakley County, Tennessee, and the following bits of history, though not complete for the reason that the old church records were burned in the old Fowler home in 1900.  Most of what I know about its beginning and early years is what others told me who have since passed on.  Therefore, what I shall say about it is from memory. 

In trying to write this history I feel that I should make mention of Belinda WILSON, who, being a member of the Church of Christ and living near Dresden, married Thomas FOWLER who was a Methodist.  They moved into this community and she, by her pious Christian walk and godly conversation taught her husband the way of life according to the teaching of the Bible.  The two of them then continued to teach, he by public
preaching and she by working in a quiet humble manner among the people near her (which shows what godly women can do by working in God's appointed way) converted quite a few of them. 

In 1879 the congregation was organized and is today known as the Lebanon Church of Christ.  The first elders were Thomas FOWLER, J.W. WESTCOAT, and the present elders are Charles E. SMITH, R.A. GLASGOW and L.C. PARROTT.  In 1880 the first house was built, the present one (first one was destroyed by a storm, wasn't it? - E.V.W.) was erected in 1906.  Brother Matthew WILSON held the first meeting here in 1879,
but brother W.L. BUTLER preached in homes of the members prior to this, I understand. 

Brethren serving the church in protracted meetings were as follows:  Thomas FOWLER, W.T. SHELTON, E.C.L. DENTON, J.H. ROUHLAC, E.G. and L.R. SEWELL, Granville LIPSCOMB, Thomas OSBORNE, Brother WRIGHT, J.S. HASKINS, T.E. SCOTT, G. DALLAS, R.D. and John T. SMITH, Tom CABE, A.O. COLLEY, W.S. LONG Jr, L.F. MASON, Fred W. CHUNN, W.L. DENTON, I.A. and Cecil B. DOUTHITT,
John TAYLOR, Alonzo WILLIAMS, W.O. DAVIS, Hugo ALLMOND, G.D. KNEPPER, Lawrence LANCASTER, Charles HAUSER, Leslie G. THOMAS, I.B. BRADLEY, W.O. FOLWELL, Pat HARDEMAN, Tillman TAYLOR, Charles TIDWELL and perhaps others. 

Brother Hubert DILL is preaching for us on second Sundays this year.  Next year brother Tillman TAYLOR will be with us on second Sundays and E.H. SMITH on each fourth Sunday.  Brother E. Ray JERKINS will preach in our meeting next year beginning the third Lord's day in August. 

This congregation has sponsored and had fellowship in several mission meetings and debates.  Our membership runs about 100 at this time. 1949

Submitted by Ann Westbrook Radcliff


Worshipping at Lebanon was organized 1879. 
First house built 1880. 


Elders: Thomas FOWLER (Philemon Thomas M.) 
& wife Belinda (WILSON) FOWLER 
Joe WESTCOAT & wife Geneva WESTCOAT 

William T. FOWLER 
Louisa Mantee FOWLER 
Mary Alice FOWLER 
Martha Jane GLASGOW 
Elizabeth FOWLER 
Sarah Katherine WOODROUGH 
Betsey REAVIS 
Elijah REAVIS 


First protracted meeting held by: W.T. SHELTON 
in 1880 & 1881 

The church has been served by: 

Thomas FOWLER 
Mathew WILSON 
Grandville LIPSCOMB 
T. OSBORNE 1889 
S.W. SMITH 1891-1892 
John T. SMITH 1908 
W.S. LONG, Jr 
L.F. MASOW 1917 
T.E. SCOTT 1899-1900 
Coleman OVERBY 
John TAYLOR 1924 Mission Meeting at Fancy 1925 
W.O. DAVIS 1928 
Hugh ALLMOND 1928-32-33-34 
G.D. KNEPPECH 1929-30-31 
Laurence S. LANCASTER Aug 1935-36 
Leslie G. THOMAS 1942-43-44 
Charles L. HOUSER Sep 1940-41 
I.B. BRADLEY 1945 
R.D. SMITH 1937-Aug 1938, Aug 1939 
W.O. FALWELL 1946 
Pat HARDEMAN 1947 
Tillman TAYLOR 1948 
Chas TIDWELL 1949 
E. Ray JERKINS 1950 
W.C. ANDERSON 1951, 1953 
Basil OVERTON 1952, 1954 
Don KESTER 1954 Mission Meeting 
Jewell NORMAN 1955 
John B. HARDEMAN 1956-57, 1959 
Coleman ALLMOND 1958, 1961 July 


Thomas FOWLER 
John C. TODD 
Charles E. SMITH 
Alpheus PARROTT 


Roll Of Members 

W. F. Smith - Died 1889 
N.A. Smith - Died 1927 
Anna L. Smith Reavis - Died 1961 
Mary E. Fowler 
Anna L. Smith Reavis - Died 1961 
Mary E. Fowler 
Anna L. Smith Reavis - Died 1961 
Mary E. Fowler 
Jane Smith 
Harvey Gatewood 
Samuel Winstead 
Mrs. Samuel Winstead 
Ida Winstead 
Ada Winstead 
George Stockard 
Mrs. George Stockard 
Emma Stockard 
Cora Stockard - Mrs. Jim Perry 
Annie Stockard 
Lula Stockard - Mrs. John Jolley 
Georgia Stockard 
Ben. Parish 
Emma Parish 
Manuel Murphey 
William Cook 
Samual Westcoat 
Ola Westcoat 
John C. Todd 
Mattie Todd 
Fannie Myrick 
L.W. Reavis 
Eliza Reavis 
E.R. Reavis 
Fannie Reavis 
John C. Reavis 
Horace A. Reavis 
Ima Reavis - Mrs. Edd. Stacks 
Lula Reavis - Mrs. Martin Welch 
Willie Reavis - Mrs. Bob Underwood 
Hortense Reavis - Mrs. Edd. Parham 
R.L. Reavis 
Minnie Reavis - Mrs. Frank Atkisson 
Ivy Reavis - Mrs. Edd Parham 
Angie Cook - Mrs. John Campbell 
Fronia Jeffries 
Dora Jeffries 
Allie Jeffries 
Jessie Jackson - Mrs. Edward Parham 
Frank Jackson 
Will Jackson 
May Perry 
Adelle Simmons - Mrs. Edd. Hodges 
Lee Harris 
Sadie Harris 
R.L. Jackson 
Alabama Jackson 
Jodie Woodrough 
John M. Woodrough 
Susan A. Woodrough - Mrs. Will Caton 
Hattie Woodrough - Mrs Tom Helm
Susan Parrott 
Fannie Parrott 
Emily Parrott 
Dora Parrott 
Edd. Campbell 
H.D. Adkisson 
Sallie Atkisson 
William Taylor 
Malvina Woodrough Taylor - Mrs. William Taylor 
Allie Taylor - Died Nov 1946 - Mrs. Elbert Parrott 
Effie Taylor - Mrs. George Cooley 
Mary Taylor - Mrs. Jim Jones 
Hurt Taylor 
Patra Taylor 
J.A. Wyatt 
Lou. Wyatt 
G.W. Fowler 
J.L. Fowler 
R.E. Fowler 
L.B. Fowler 
J.H. Barnett 
F.L. Todd 
B.W. Bowlin 
Millie Bowlin 
Elbert Bowlin 
Richard Bowlin 
Lula Bowlin - Lube Glasgow 
Everett Woodrough 
Ola Woodrough 
Blanche Woodrough - Mrs. L.D. Glisson 
Johnnie Woodrough 
Alva Woodrough - Mrs. Tom Capps 
Cecil Prince 
Travis Prince - Died June 1967 
Ellen Woodrough 
Emily Woodrough 
Ovian Woodrough - Died Feb 1969 
Flossie Woodrough 
Robert Woodrough 
Emma Woodrough 
John Grady 
Barbara Grady 
Alley V. Grady - Mrs. Raymond Bynum 
Fanny Grady 
Gertrude Grady - Mrs. Jones Gatewood 
Artelia Grady - Mrs. Bob Neil 
Milton Tucker 
Jewel Fowler 
Beulah Bowlin 
Eva Bowlin 
Addie Bowlin - Mrs. Bernice Hill 
Elsie Bowlin - Mrs. Jewel Fowler 
Ronnie Bowlin 
A.W. Carroll 
Walter Morgan 
Elbert Smith 
Charles E. Smith - Died Oct 1958 
Ernest Smith - Died 1958 
Walter Smith - Dresden 
Edd. Smith 
Claud Smith 
Lula Smith - Died Feb 1962 
Flora Smith - Died 1958 
Eula Smith 
Orien Smith 
Mary Smith - Mrs. Clifton McElhaney 
Charlie Smith 
Walter Smith - Fancy 
Jeptha Hill 
Alice Hill - Died Oct 1964 
Bernice Hill 
Murice Hill - Died Oct 1969 
Blanche Tuck 
Edd Morgan 
Elbert Parrott - Died July 1946 
Bruce Parrott - Died Jan 1968 
Alpheus Parrott - Died Aug 1973 
Gladys Parrott - Mrs. Roy Abernathy 
Celuca Parrott - Mrs. Bruce Allmon 
Willie May Parrott - Mrs. Hollise Prince 
Lula Parrott - Mrs. Casey Brummit 
Louise Parrott - Mrs. Wiley D. Clark 
Henry Harrison - Died 1942 
Cora Harrison - Died Aug 1945 
Carl Harrison 
Muriel Harrison - Died March 1971 - Mrs. Jim Maxey 
Cassie Harrison - Mrs. Hubert Wright 
Alvin Harrison 
Laurence Harrison - Died Dec 9, 1979 
Moreland Harrison - Died 1969 
Jim Maxey 
Hubert Wright 
Cashie Harrison 
Ted Harrison - Died 1972 
Emily Harrison 
Glenn Harrison 
Howard Harrison - Died 1937 
Hugh A. Harrison - Died 1975 
Lube Glasgow 
Bob Glasgow 
C.M. Glasgow 
Willie Glasgow 
Addie Glasgow - Mrs. Will Bradd 
Leon Fowler - Died 1957 
Clora Fowler 
Jim Gatewood 
Raymond Fowler 
Fara Fower 
Fred Watson 
Eva Watson 
Annie Watson 
Jinks Jett - Died April 27, 1938 
Mollie Jett - Died Nov 5, 1945 
Rubye Jett - Died 1939 - Mrs. Jack Jolly 
Herschel & Hazel Mazey 
Elease Jett - Mrs. Tom Loyd 
Will Perry 
Helan Perry - Mrs. Earl Price 
George Ford 
Josie Ford 


Tobe Woodrough - Died April 1965 
Madeline Woodrough 
Sallie Woodrough 
Elvis Morris 
Mrs. Elvis Morris 
Thadeus Morris - Died Dec 4, 1961 
Florence Orrell Morris - Died July 22, 1972 
Mitchell Haskins 
Jimmie Dyer - Died Oct 1969 
Wilkes Fowler 
Lou. Fowler 
Paralee Fowler 
Lexie Fowler 
Nannie Fowler 
Beulah Watts - Mrs. Asa Maynard 
Tom Campbell 
Emma Campbell 
Thomas Campbell - Died Feb 1970 
Charlie Bruce Campbell 
Sidney Campbell 
Mary Campbell - Mrs. Alonzo Williams 
Theodor Arnold 
Dora Arnold 
Dock Taylor 
Allie Taylor - Died March 1970 
Gussie Taylor - Mrs. Burton Melton 
Johnnie Duke 
Mrs. Johnnie Duke 
J.B. Goodlow 
Mrs. J.B. Goodlow 
Fannie Hicks - Mrs. Burke 
Jim Maxey - Died Oct 11, 1955 
Hazel Maxey - Mrs. Hilliary Crawford 
Herschel Maxey 
Hubert Wright - Dec 11, 1979 
Cashie B. Harrison - Died 1964 
Will Jones 
Mrs. Will Jones 
Zerah Jones 
Braden Fowler 
Mattye Fowler 
Hobert Barnett 
Fara Barnett 
Jewel Simmons 
Raymond Council 
Johnnie Council - Died March 1950 
Evvie Council 
Edna Council - Mrs. Rubye Melton 
Curtis Council 
Lillie Council 
Ellen Council - Mrs. J.D. Clark 
Pearl Council 
Frank Bartee 
Dena Bartee 
Harry Bartee 
Paul Bartee 
Carroll Jackson 
Hattye Jackson 
Basil Jackson 
Lois Harrison 
Henry Taylor 
Mrs. Henry Taylor 
Herbert Bradberry 
Maud Bradberry 
Ela Todd 
Nora Todd 
Emma Westcoat 
Theodore Westcoat 
Maude Connell 
Gorda Gatewood - Died 1969 
Mary Ann Bartee 
Mattie Blacknall 
Gus Blacknall 
John Blacknall 
Alva Blacknall 
Elsie Smith 
Callie Prince 
Mary Bradberry 
Clara Fowler - Gleason 
Lole Mezzall 
Eva Haskins 
Josie Watson 
Nora Perry 
Chillie Hooper 
Lorene Hooper 
Cirk Moubray 
Dessie Moubray 
Pauline Simms - Died 1979 - Mrs. Thompson 
Idella Capps 
Clyde Porch 
Sherman Cannon 
Fred Council 
Jewel Jones 
Mildred Harrison 
Opal Morris 
Rubye Melton 
Delura Parish King 
Hilton Allmond 
Mrs. John Grady - No 2 
Lenore Glasgow 
Rubye Bowlin - Died 1980 - Mrs. Arlin Parham 
Mary Gray Glasgow - Mrs. Ned Burnett 
Robe Workman 
Gordon Fowler 
Mrs. Ruby Fowler 
Bruce Allman - Died July 1962 
Linda Woodrough - Mrs. Lyle Wyatt 
Rupayne Woodrough - Mrs. Virgil Morris 
Frank Bishop 
Rosalie Fowler - Mrs. Wayne Davis 
Virgie Mac Stewart 
Newman Woodrough 
Mrs. Newman Woodrough 
Elna Woodrough - Mrs. John L. Travis 
Leeland Woodrough
Nelson Woodrough 
Rubye Woodrough 
Lucille Sutherland - Mrs. David Clark 
J.C. Jackson 
John Hawkins 
John Will Ellis 
Lloyd Jett - Died 1964 
Mrs. Lloyd Jett 
Virginia Harrison - Mrs. Harold Hicks 
Lavergne Hooper 
Joe Smith Richardson 
Barney Harrison - Died 1965 
Nell Harrison 
Casey Brummitt - Died 1985 
Jamie Woodrough 
Pauline Arnn 
Ila Fay Porch 
Comar Orwin 
Jane Barnett 
Valda Harrison - Mrs. Bruce Pettit 
Dorothy Wright - Mrs. John Samuel Shelley 
Thelma Counsell 
Dale Wright 
Wallace Scott 
Mary Evelyn Yates 
Norma Woodrough 
Doris Woodrough - Mrs. Harold Cooper 
Mary Nell Morris - Mrs. Herbert Westbrooks 
Reva Wray - Mrs. Charles Wray 
Dessel Wright 
Darrell Wright 
Nelle Capps 
Fred Lytell 
Mrs. Fred Lytell 
Junior Fuqua 
Herman Taylor 
Neviline Blackard 
Rufus Goodlow 
Loyd Hainline 
Lowell Hainline 
Lawrence Hainline 
Raphael Woodrough 
Ralph Abernathy 
Roy Abernathy - Died Sept 6, 1974 
L.D. Glisson 
Ruth Abernathy - Died Sept 6, 1972 
Joyce Woodrough 
Rufus Woodrough - Died 1961 
Mauran Woodrough - Died 1965 
Doyle Parrish Morris - Died 1980 
Sue Bynum Morris 
Lyle Wight 
Doris Wight 
Carrie Woodrough - Mrs. Billie Hatchel 
Judith Woodrough - Mrs. Bobby Presgrove 
June Bishop 
Robert Abernathy 
Marilyn Melton 
John Wayne Melton 
Bera Taylor - Bapt 1952 - Mrs. Wade Taylor 
Mildred Taylor 
Ray Wight 
Burton Melton - Died 1965 
Mary Melton 
Sula Morris - Mrs. Leroy Roper 
Marilyn Travis - Mrs. Billy Ward 
Robert Glasgow 
James Parrott 
Mrs. James Parrott 
Mack Woodrough 


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