Wilson County News

Wilson County News
(Feb 1880 - Oct 1881)
Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

SOURCE:  Microfilm Roll LEB 105 (Misc. Lebanon Papers)

Wilson County News - Wednesday, February 4, 1880; pg. 1

Tucker's X Roads-
S.E. BELCHER and family moved from this community to Arkadelphia, Ark. recently

Spencer's Creek-
Mr. W.E. GREER has gone to Davidson County where he will remain with his uncle this year.
Mr. Andrew McGREGOR, JR. has gone to Pine Bluff, Ark. where he will make his future home.

Mr. Editor,
I ask a small space in your paper for a few words in memory of Henry D. LESTER who died here recently. After an illness of three weeks he called for Parson JACKSON and other friends to bid him farewell. Parson JACKSON comforted him in his last hours.

Shop Spring-
Mr. Johnnie WILLIAMS died at the residence of Mr. Eli REED in the 21st district last Tuesday.
Mr. J.L. NEWBY and Miss Laura JOHNSON were married at the residence of the latter last Tuesday.

Mr. R.C. BONE and family of Alexandria left here for Texas last Monday. They will locate in Gainsville.
Miss Fanie GOLLADAY, daughter of Hon. E.I. GOLLADAY, was reported to be in very critical condition with typhoid fever yesterday evening.

Marriage Licenses-
E.S. PRIEST and Miss Bettie L. WATERS
Charlie F. HARRISON and Fannie H. HARRIS

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, February 18, 1880; pg. 1

HARRIS - At the residence of her father, B.W. HARRIS, near Bellwood on the 15th inst., Miss Nellie HARRIS of typhoid fever
ESKEW - On the 11th inst. in the 22nd district, Miss Sallie D. ESKEW of consumption. She was the daughter of B.J. ESKEW who died only a short time since. A singular fatality seems to attend this family. Six of them lie buried in a row, all having died of consumption, three of them since last July.

Marriage Licenses-
Charley MABRY and Miss Sallie RUTLEDGE

Richland Valley-
Old man Jessie SULLIVAN died last Monday night. He was eighty odd years old.

Married at the residence of R.P. LANIUS last Wednesday, Sammie SULLIVAN and Nannie JACKSON
Mr. Joseph SMITH, the young man that shot himself at Beckwith last week, was buried at the Leeville cemetery.

The wife of Charley BAIRD and daughter of William ARNOLD, Esq., died on the 4th inst. of consumption.

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, March 3, 1880; pg. 1

County Brevities-
James ROBERTSON, a Wilson County boy about 15 years old who went to Nashville and set in to work for James T. DEMENT a short time ago, was drowned in the backwater near South Front Street last week. He rode a horse into the water and it is supposed the horse became frightened and carried him into deep water. He was the grandson of Col. David K. DONNELL of this county.

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, April 28, 1880; pg. 2

Marriage Licenses-
Sam ALLEN to Alice MASSY

Pg. 3 - Spencer's Creek-
Mr. R.R. JARRELL'S little son is dying. Teething is the cause.

Holloway's Store-
Jeptha CLEMMONS is 73 years old and has made 170 panels of fence this Spring. He is a widower - widows and girls will please take notice.

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, June 3, 1880; pg. 2

Marriage Licenses-
Lewis ALLEN and Maria BARBEE

At her residence on the Murfreesboro Pike 5 miles from Lebanon last Saturday, Mrs. Jane MASSEY

Pg. 3 - Spencer's Creek-
It is reported that James BRADSHAW of the 2nd district is as happy as a big sunflower. It's a boy.

Shop Spring-
Miss Bettie NEWBY died last Saturday. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J.T. REED last Sunday.

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, June 16, 1880; pg. 2

BROWN - On the 14th inst. in the 3rd district, Mrs. Mary BROWN, wife of Robert BROWN
SCOGGIN - In this city on the 8th inst., Willie JONES, infant son of Mr. J.L. SCOGGIN
LAWRENCE - On the 10th inst. in this city, R.L.C.W. LAWRENCE, son of Mr. and Mrs. John LAWRENCE

Marriage Licenses-
William L. MATHIAS and Miss Mary J. ALEXANDER
J.W. THOMPSON and Miss Elizabeth PATTERSON
J.W. SMITH and Miss Sallie BRENT
J.W. TIPPET and Miss Sarah BROWN

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, August 11, 1880; pg. 2

Last Thursday evening the body of Lewis PARHAM, an old citizen who had resided for 36 years in the 22nd district on Barton's Creek, was found by some of his family hanging by the neck to one of the beams of an old, disused tobacco barn about 80 yards from his residence. [Lengthy article and not all included here]

CLOYD - In the 1st district on Sunday the 8th, Mr. John CLOYD, aged about 70
WALSH - At his residence near Shop Spring on the 7th, Mr. M.L. WALSH, after a lingering illness. He was buried on Sunday last with Masonic honors. He leaves a wife and five children.

An inquest was held yesterday [Aug. 6] over the body of Maney RYNE who was found dead in Mr. CUNNINGHAM's lot near this place. Upon examination it was found that he came to his death by a knife to the heart. Jonas HOLLOWAY who lives near here has been caught and is now under arrest. [Lengthy article and not all included here]

Shop Spring-
James TRACY died last Sunday
Capt. Fayette WALSH died at his residence in this village last Saturday night. He was buried with Masonic honors on Sunday. His wife and children have our heartfelt sympathies.

Wilson County News - Wednesday, September 29, 1880; pg. 3

Tucker's X Roads-
David SWINDELL, son of Thomas SWINDELL of this district, died last Thursday of scarlet fever. He was about 14 years old.

Shiloh Station-
Mr. John MITCHELL, a young widower of this vicinity, married last Thursday.

Shop Spring-
Mrs. Purnel HEARN left last Monday to make her home in Georgia.
Mr. Ewing COMER and Miss Mary BOSTICK were married last Tuesday evening.
Mr. Pallas YOUNG recently married.

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, October 20, 1880; pg. 1

Marriage Licenses-
J.L. LANE and Fannie W. JOHNSON
Robert SUMMER and Eb. McCANY
Robie COE and Alice FORBIS
Will McCLELLAND and Juila CAB (colored)
Rance FLOYD and Amanda YOUNG (colored)

Pg. 3 - Tucker's X Roads-
The illness of Samuel THOMPSON has assumed a most dangerous form and serious results are constantly expected. There is but little hope for him.
Little Maud, daughter of J.B. CLARK, is in a very precarious condition. She has convulsion, the cause of which is unknown.

Lafayett GRIGG is no longer a citizen of our town but is a citizen of Nashville where he is engaged in business.
Mr. Joe MANNINGS will move to Rutherford County.
James LANIUS has gone to Nashville to live.

Forest Hill (Mon, Oct. 11, 1880)-
Mrs. Annie DAVIS, one of the oldest and best old ladies in our neighborhood, died yesterday. She will be buried today at 10 o'clock.

Mr. E.H. THORNTON who is our best merchant has purchased a farm in Davidson County where he and his family will remove shortly.

Hunter's Point-
Mr. John TAYLOR's little baby boy died last week. It was sick 8 weeks.

Shop Spring-
Mr. Robert COE and Miss Alice FORBES were married a few days since.

Mr. William R. DOBSON died at the residence of his son, W.J. DOBSON, on the 11th in his 78th year of carbuncle between his shoulders.
Luther, a little son of John DRENNON, died last week of pneumonia.

Samuel P. THOMSON on the 17th
A child of Hiram NEAL of the 16th district, on the 13th of diptheria
A child of Thomas SMITH of the 16th district, on the 16th of brain fever

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, November 24, 1880; pg. 2

Marriage Licenses-
Joseph L. PARTLOW and Mary E. SHERRELL
Boss GILLEM and Mary ARBUCKLE (colored)
Mack SKEEN and Rosetta McKNIGHT (colored)
Henry ODAM and Sarah BRITTON (colored)

At the residence of the bride's grandfather, Capt. John PALMER, by Elder J.M. KIDWELL on Sunday the 24th, Mr. J.P. WILLIAMS to Miss Sarah CHAMBERS, all of Wilson County

Pg. 3 - Statesville-
Mr. Pete LEWIS, a young man living near this place, is very low with brain disease. No hopes are entertained for his recovery.

Shop Spring-
Our young friends Messrs. S.E. and J.M. DONNELL bade farewell and left on this morning's train for St. Louis where they expect to go into business.

Mr. James E. MOORE has a fine little son at his house. We do not know whether he will call him Hancock or Wilson.
Mrs. CREEL, wife of W. Whit CREEL, is very low and is thought she will not recover
Mr. B.H. LANE's only child died of diptheria and scarlet fever

CREEL - At her residence in the 3rd district on the 20th, Mrs. Sallie CREEL, wife of Whit CREEL
YOUNG - In the 25th district on the 20th, Miss Sarah YOUNG, daughter of Esq. William L. YOUNG
ROWE - At her residence on West Main Street in this city on the 21st, Mrs. Martha ROWE, wife of Capt. A.W. ROWE. The funeral services took place on Monday at 2 o'clock conducted by Rev. A.G. DINWIDDIE.

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, September 21, 1881; pg. 2

Death of President GARFIELD-
The sad news of the death of President GARFIELD reached this town by wire yesterday morning. He died at 10:35 Monday night, 79 days after he was shot. The Circuit Court, which was in session, was adjourned and the bells of the churches and the courthouse were tolled for one hour.

Pg. 3 - Died-
JONES - At the residence of Vincent COMPTON in the 5th district on the 19th, Jno. C. JONES, aged about 54 years.

Non-Resident Notice-
J.I. SANDERS vs W.A. BURKE: In this case the death of defendant having been suggessted and admitted and the death of Polly DUNNAWAY having been suggested, and it being further suggested that her children, Sarah J. ANDERSON (who married Pinkney ANDERSON), John W. DUNNAWAY, Thomas J. DUNNAWAY, George W. DUNNAWAY, Josephine DUNNAWAY, and Meekie F. DUNNAWAY are non-residents of the State of Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of law cannot be served on them. It is therefore ordered that publication be made in the Wilson County News for 4 consecutive weeks commanding them to appear at the next term of Circuit Court in Sept. next and plead answer or demure to plaintiff's action.

All persons indebted to the estate of Larry VIVRETT, dec'd., are notified to come forward and settle all claims against same. [signed] Mrs. E.F. VIVRETT, adm'x.

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, October 19, 1881; pg. 1

Alderman R.L. CARUTHERS, JR. died of paralysis at his residence on West Church Street at 2:45 p.m. yesterday. He was the nephew of Judge Robert L. CARUTHERS, SR. of Lebanon, where he was born, reared and educated. He had attained the age of 42 years. [Lengthy obit]

All persons having claims against the estate of James A., John K, and William H. WYNNE, are notified to file them on or before the 15th day of November 1881. [signed James HAMILTON, Trustee]

Pg. 2 - Married-
At the residence of the bride's father, Dr. L.N.M. COOK, on the 12th, Prof. B.M. MACE and Miss Ella COOK. Rev. W.G. DORRIS officiated.

REED - In the 21st district on the 13th, Mattie, age 8, daughter of Rev. T.J. and Mrs. Lou REED, of diptheria
WALKER - At Mt. Juliet on Sunday the 16th, Mrs. Hannah WALKER, age 72, widow of Samuel WALKER

Marriage Licenses-
B.W. MACE and Ella COOK
Andrew J. PATTERSON and Ciddie R. PHILLIPS

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard

Wilson County News - Wednesday, October 26, 1881; pg. 2

Fatal Accident-
Last Saturday Mr. Robert E. WHITSON and his brother were cutting down a tree which stood in a thicket in the extreme north east corner of this _____ and as the former was getting out of the way of the falling tree his foot hung and he fell. The tree fell on him and inflicted injuries from which he died in an hour at the house of Mr. Lee CARTER, where he was carried.

Seriously Injured-
A 12 or 15 year old son of James BRADSHAW of Big Springs, fell from a tree last Saturday and received injuries which is feared will prove fatal.
A child of William CALHOUN of the 6th district was fatally injured by a trough falling on it one day last week.

HEARN - In the 16th district on the 21st, Mrs. Elizabeth HEARN, widow of Stephen HEARN, at an advanced age.

Marriage Licenses-
J.D. ARNOLD and Livonia S. ROSS
Gurtry SMITH and Indiana CORAM
Robert BEARD and Charity BROWN (colored)
Richard WEBB and Mary MOTLEY (colored)
Flem HARRIS and Lucy WILLIAMS (colored)

Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard


Submitted by:  Kay M. Sheppard
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