The Lebanon Democrat

The Lebanon Democrat
(May 1896)

SOURCE:  Microfilm Roll #LEB202, Lebanon Democrat, 1896-1898
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Lebanon Democrat, May 28, 1896 Issue,
Greenwood, May 26:

Infant Nannie Midget, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edel Midget, died last Friday.

Submitted by:  Debbie McArdle

Lebanon Democrat, July 11, 1896 issue:
Tuckers X Roads, June 8, 1896 (This is how they spelled Tuckers Crossroads in the paper)

Prof. B. L. Gore, late of Smith Co., has recently opened a neat and well regulated stock of dry goods and groceries. He was at one time Superintendent of Public Instruction in the county from which he came.

Submitted by:  Debbie McArdle



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