An Act to charter the Stones River Turnpike Company

Act to charter the Stones River and Statesville Turnpike Company
submitted by Harvey L. Bottoms

An Act to charter the Stones River and Statesville Turnpike Company

Incorporation               Section 1.
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That B. Hurt, and E. Hamilton of Davidson county; and Isaac Rutland, Andrew Baird, John E. Baker, Thomas Kirkpatrick, Andrew Gwinn, Joseph Walker, A Simmons, J. Williams, J. H. Kennedy, Anthony Owen, James M. Armstrong, Uriah Jennings, Thomas H. Knight, Paschal Bottoms, Thomas Word, W. W. Huddleston, Jeremiah Cason, Edmond Gilliam, William Arbuckle, J. B. David, John Word, G. A. Huddleston, Daniel Richmond, Asaph Alsey, Sr., William F. Rich, William Woodrum, J. W. Marshall, William Thompson, J. M. Alexander and Samuel T. Williams, of the county of Wilson; be and they are hereby incorporated, for the purpose of constructing a turnpike road from Stewart's ferry in Davidson county to Statesville in Wilson county, under the name and style of the Stone's River and Statesville Turnpike Company, to exist as a body politic and corporate for the term of ninety-nine years.

Capital Stock.                Section 2.
Be it enacted. That the persons mentioned in the first section of this act, or any five of them be, and they are hereby authorized to open books for the subscription of stock to build said road, in shares of fifty dollars, to be paid in labor or money, as said company may order, the capital stock of said company shall not exceed sixty-five thousand dollars.

Gates/Tolls               Section 3.
Be it enacted. That the said company may commence the construction of said road when the sum of five thousand dollars is subscribed, and they shall have power and authority to open a gate, so soon as five miles thereof is or may be completed from Stewart's ferry, and for every additional five miles, said company may complete of said road, they may open a gate and charge the same rate of toll as is now charged on the Nashville and Lebanon turnpike road. Said road shall be sixteen feet wide, varying from two to three degrees, and finished after the same manner that the Nashville and Lebanon road is.

Officers.               Section 4.
Be it enacted. That the persons whose names are mentioned in the first section of this act, or any five of them, shall, after the sum of five thousand dollars shall have been subscribed, and before they shall have commenced the construction of said road, elect from their own body a President, Secretary and Treasurer for said company, who shall hold their office for one year, and shall receive such pay as said company may allow.

Powers.               Section 5.
Be it enacted. That when said company is organized, as provided in the fourth section of this act, they shall have power to pass all rules and by-laws necessary for their regulation, so that the same are not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of this State.

                             Section 6.
Be it enacted. That said company shall have five years in which to complete said road, from and after the passage of this act.

                             Section 7.
Be it enacted. That said company may sue, and be sued, plead and be impleaded, by their corporate name, and service of process on the President of said company shall be sufficient to compel the appearance of said company in any suit or action.

                             Section 8.
Be it enacted. That said company may make and use a seal, and may pass by-laws, regulating the manner of transferring the stock in said company, as well as for the regulating of said company in all other respects.

May extend road To Moses Fite's               Section 9.
That said company may, if it choose, extend said road from Statesville to Moses Fites, in DeKalb county.


Landon C. Haynes
Speaker of the House of Representatives

John F. Henry
Speaker of the Senate

Passed December, 7, 1849.


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