Petition to Establish Wilson County, Tennessee

Petition to Establish Wilson County, Tennessee

The following document is a transcription of the petition drawn to establish Wilson County from Sumner County, Tennessee in the summer of 1799. As best as can be determined, all words, including names, are spelled here just as they appear on the original document. A copy of the original petition was provided by Charles Sherrill at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, and was transcribed by Diane Weathers, Donna G. Ferrell and Linda Granstaff. For an alphabetic listing of the signatures click here.

To the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee

The petition of the Inhabitance of Sumner County living on the South side of Cumberland River humbly sheweth that your petitioners have now a suficiant number of effective men to entitle them to a new County. Your petitioners trust that your Honourable body will grant them a new County bounded on the North by Cumberland River from Davidson County up to the confluance of the Cany Fork then East to the Indian boundary which will have a suficiant bounds for the County of Sumner and a new County to the East of it which will have the South side of said River in the situation that would be proper for a further division which will be necessary in a short time. Your petitioners further pray that if any such attempt should be made that your Honourable body will not suffer the County of Sumner to cross Cumberland River and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.

July the 25th 1799.


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John Merritt Mathew Brown William Allen
James Brimson (Brinsom?) John Hays John Hendrick
William Cannon    


[Page 2]

Andrew Steel James Ross James Echols
John Echols John Pressly Hugh Sherood
John Parsons Wm. Loech Samuel Cross
Jackson Brown William Bloodworth Frederick Weston
Elien Wilson Alfred Beard Martin Harpole
John Brown Wm. Baccus William Payton
Martin _______? David Caldwell Thos. Moss
Samuel Impson Joel Britton Nathan Allen
Richard Scott Phillip Koonce Christopher Koonce
Theophlis Allen Hugh Stewart John Cavender Junr.
John Cavender Snr. James King Calep Boazman
Richard Marler Thos. Quesenbury Solomon Barfield
Daniel Lambrett Philip _______? Jacob _______?
Saml Neal David Miller James _______?
John _______? John Jones John Empson
Thomas Impson Obed. Hendricks Wm. Marler
Frederick Winford Peter Title  


[Page 3]

Walter Massey Alexander Kirkpatrick Moses Echols
John K_______? John Payton Joseph Payton
John Ray Elijah Wray Thos. Wray
Thos. Wray Solomon Wray James Scott
John Wilson James Sherrill Henry Butts
John Stewart Thos. Yearwell John Brown
_______ _______? Henry _______? Peter Parker or Perkins
William Guinn William Bloodworth John Moxley
Jesse Massey Joseph Wilson John Leath
Henry Johnson John Dill Solomon Johnson
William Dills Samuel Steele Peter Miller
John Miller Richard Anderson James Anderson
Eleanath Echols Jesse Hodges James Hodges
William Hodges Jos. Hodges James Rings
William Bumpass Senr William Bumpass Jnr. John Yurey Sr
John Yurey Jr John Wynn Jr John Wynn Sr
George Wynne Thos. Wynne William Bab


[Page 4]

Jesse Bean Robert Bean Joshua Short
Roger Critrate ? Richard Searcy John Searcy
George Koonce Chas. Forbiss George Forbiss
Benjamin Dillard Richard Anderson Jas. Anderson
Elkenah Ekles Peter Miller Jno. Miller
Elias Morrison Jas. Allison  


[Page 5]

Phillip Howel Wm. Miller John Beard
David Berd Zebulon Berd Wm. Blackburn
Richard Estrige Lisha Dillard Philip Koonce
Shadrick Coonce Robt. Coonce Robert Jarman
Shad Jarman Samuel Koonce Jesse Koonce
Thos. Whitter Nathaniel Scudder Jonathan Bard
Andrew Bard Alex Hicks John Searcy
Richard Searcey Jesse Thompson Adam Tooley
Jno. Bell James Pinkerton Blake Rutling (Rutland)
Ebeneezar Donelson Humphrey Donelson William Donelson
William Berel Jacob Adams William Adams
Nathaniel Perry Fields Morriss James Hammerick
Ezaeriah Dillard John Dillard David Fields
Joshua Kelley Daniel Small Samion Trigg
Robt. Davis Jno. Davis J. Fielding Davis
Joseph Medley Blake Medley Jno. Brownlee
Reyford Rutlin Jas. Richmond Mathew Richmond
Luke Orsburn Wm. Wheeles (Wheeler?) James Saunders
Wm. Crabtree Robert Mitchell Jas. _______?
Joseph Wright    


[Page 6]

Robert Smith Samuel McKnight Jas. Chappell
Jno. S. Thomas Wm. S. Thomas Henry Turner
John Carruth John Herod David Walker
Wm. Walker Chas. Thomas Alexander Peyton
[torn, bottom of page] Wm. Donnell Robert Peyton
John Doak William Donnell Alexander Braden
Samuel Donnell William Donnell Jr Robert Donnell
Joseph Boyers Robert Hancock James Warnick
Wm. Smith John Foster Wm. McLean


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