Wilson Family Bible

Samuel R. Wilson Family Bible
submitted by Kay Kazmir


Published by Jones Brothers & Co., Cincinnati, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL, 1870


(Parenthetical information is entered by Kay Kazmir from her research.)



Samuel R. Wilson & Nancy Goldston was married May 18th 1825 (Wilson Co, TN)
Edward W. Wilson and Mary Jane Britten was married November 11th 1852 (Wilson Co)
Samuel Britten & Jane Forganson married 1822 (Smith Co, TN)



M(artin) V. B. Maddox was borned the First day of October 1838; Deceas this life Sept 17th 1864, age 25 yrs 11 mos & 16 days (b. Wilson County, TN, son of Wilson L. Maddox and Mary Goldston)

Samuel Britten born May 18th 1776 (b. MD); Deceast January 16th 1840, age 63 yrs, 7 mos, 28 days (d. Smith Co, TN)

Jane Britten born April 6th 1778; Deceast March 28th 1843, age 54 yrs, 11 mos, 22 days

Samuel R. Wilson was born August 10th 1797 (b. Bucks Co, PA)
Samuel R. Wilson dece—this life November 6th 1832, 35 yrs, 9 mos, 26 days

Nancy Wilson the wife of Sa. R. Wilson and daughter of John & Elizabeth Goldston was born September 11th 1797.
Nancy Wilson dece. This life March 7th 1858, age 60 years, 5 months & 27 days

Edward W. Wilson, the son of S. R. & Ny. Wilson, the grandson of Thomas & Sarah Ann Wilson (Thomas Wilson, b. PA, d. Spriggs Mill, Washington Co, MD; m. Sarah Tomlinson, b. Wrightstown, Bucks Co, PA, d. Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD) & was born December 26th 1826; Disc. This life February 1st 1880, age 53 years, 1 month & 5 days. (Edward was b. Wilson County, TN; d. TX)

Mary Jane Wilson the wife of E. W. Wilson & the daughter of Samuel & Jane Britten, was born May 17th 1829; Deceast this life January 13th 1869, age 39 years 7 mos & 27 days (Mary Jane was b. TN and d. Polk County, MO)


(The following are the children of Edward W. Wilson & Mary Jane Britten.)

Samuel Robin Britten Wilson was born November 17th 1853
Samuel R. B. Wilson Decest this life December 6th 1853
Nancy Jane DeWhitt Wilson was born the 26th day of June 1855
John Warner Lambeth Wilson was born Dec. 10th 1857; Deceast this life August 9th 1872, Age 14 years, 7 months, 29 days.
Bettie Lucindy Wilson (the family lists her as Elizabeth Lucinda Wilson) was born April 10th 1860 (Bettie was b. Polk County, MO; she married James D. Butler 10 Feb 1881 in Ivanhoe, Fannin County, TX; she died 14 Aug 1891, Fannin Co, TX)


Thomas Francis Goldston was born March 16th 1873 (b. Grayson Co, TX, son of Thomas T. Goldston, b. Wilson Co, TN, and Frances E. M. Hart, b. IN)


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