Stroud Family Bible

Stroud Family Bible

The F. E. Stroud Bible was in possession of his daughter Mildred (Stroud) Blair of Sun City, AZ (now deceased). Photocopy in possession of Fredric Z. Saunders. The family was from Wilson County, Tennessee, moved to Texas County, Missouri, and then to various places in Colorado and Wyoming.

Printing date of Bible unknown. The Bible was water damaged, the family pages were torn out and saved, and the rest of the Bible was thrown away in the (1920s?). It contained two preprinted pages for Births, one for Marriages, and one for Deaths.

Spellings and punctuation are as on the pages. There are several different handwritings. As some items are not chronological they were probably copied from another family Bible/record, or personal knowledge. The Bible may have originally been owned by F.E.Stroud's parents O. B. Stroud and M. E. Moody, and acquired about the time of their marriage in 1858.

(1st Page:)
(written in margin at top of page is):
J.R. Moody and C.F. Allison was married the 20th of September 1827

O.B. Stroud Was Born October the 5 1836
M.E. Stroud Was Born August the 7 1838
Elizabeth Compton was bourn february the 28 1829
J. R. Moody was Born May the 12 18(0)6
Casander F. Moody was Born June 6 1812
L. A. Stroud was born february the 10 1859
Irene Stroud was Borned March 17 1873
Lena Blanche Stroud was Borned September 1-1894 Saturday
Cecil Laniski Stroud was Borned Nov. 2 1895 Sat.
Franklin Erastus Stroud was Borned Nov. 9-1896 Monday

(Second Page:)
Sarah C. Conton was bourn June the 7 1849
Mary T. Conton was bournd July the 5 1851
Phinando Erastus Stroud was born March the 18 1859 friday
Altz Z. Stroud was Born december the 25 1881 Sonday
John Arthur Stroud was Born January the 1 1883 on Monday
Ollie May Stroud was Born August the 17 1887 on thursday
Mary Hazel Stroud was Born December the 3 1898 Saturday
Anna Mildred Stroud was Bron September the 19 1902 Friday

(Third Page:)
O.B. Stroud and M. E. Moody Was Married May the 26 1858
F. E. Stroud and L. A. Hughes was Married January the 9 1881
Mary Hazel Stroud died October 12-1903 on Monday at Quinlan Texas
Raymone Floyd Nelson Stroud was Born Jan. 26. 1909 on Tueday at
LaJunta Colorado
F. E. Stroud & Irene Harrington was married Oct 15 1873 at Houston, Mo.
M. E. Hughes departed this life Aug 1918 at Quinlan Texas

(4th Page:)
Sarah C. Conton Departed this life the 24 of April 1859
O. B. Stroud Departed this life May the 12/1864 age 27 years and
8 Month 7 day kill in the Battle of Spotesvainley C.H.
C. F. Moody Departed this Life September the 20 1870 age 58 years
J. R. Moody Departed this life January the 29 1875 age 68 years
9 Months 23 (days)
Mary Stroud Departed this life January the 30 1877 age 77 years
R. A. Moody departed this life March the 5 1877 age 30 year 3 month
30 day
L. A. Stroud Departed this Life Feb. the 20 1889 Age 30 years and 10

Written on top margin:
M. M. Moody (page torn) 21 1856

Written sideways on right margin:
Elisabeth Allison Departed this life July the 28 1863

Written sideways on left margin:
W. Mc. Moody Dide January the 14 1868
F. E. Stroud died Jan. 3, 1941 at Steamboat Springs age 81 yrs
9 mos. 16 days Buried at Rocky Ford.Colorado

Written on bottom margin
Johney F. Moody dide october the 14 1877
Irene Stroud departed this life Aug.18.1933 at Rocky Ford Colo.
age 60 years 5 months & 1 day.

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