James Riley HAGAR to father

James Riley HAGAR to his father
submitted by Charles R. Everett

Transcription of
James Riley HAGAR's 1861 letter to his father
by Charles R. Everett

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State of Tenn Knox County
Aug 11th 1861

Dear Father,

I seat myself to inform you that I am well at this time and do truly hope these few lines may find you all well. I can hardly write to you all because Henry is very sick. He was taken yesterday all of a sudden. I was lying in my tent at head-quarters when John Hays came running out and told me Henry was sick. When I jumped up and ran down their an to my astonishment say my dear brother rolling from one side of the tent to the other. I ran for the doctor an brought him. And we pitched in to rubbin' him and he soon got better. And is right smart today. I think he will get well now if he takes no back set. If he does I will let you know it so you must rest as easy as you can. Write to me an let me know how my wife and child is. An I hope you will remember them in time of want.
So goodbye, 
J.R. Hagar
To: Hollis Hagar

James R. Hagar
Knoxville Tenn
Capt T.F. Dodson
20th Regiment Tenn Volunteers

To aunt Lousey, Thom is sick and I am a going to take him an Henry to the hospital this evening
James R. Hagar


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