Coles - Grissom Family Bible

Coles - Grissim Family Bible
submitted by William H. Coles

The Coles-Grissim Bible notes cover the Robert Neely Coles Family in Wilson County, Tennessee. His father William Temple Coles III was the owner of Coles Ferry which had previously been known as Brown's Ferry,. William Temple Coles III married Mary Polly Brown [his second wife] in Sumner County, Tennessee September 1800.  At the death of Matthew Brown, he bought the Dower Lands of Ann Neely Brown at her death and operated the Ferry.


This Bible was in the possession of Betty Ann Alexander Reaney (Mrs. Eldred Reaney) at her death and has been misplaced for several years. It has been located and is now in the possession of William H. Coles, Jr. It covers the Coles Family in Wilson County and to some degree Davidson County.

The front cover, title page and first four chapters of Genesis are missing. The Bible is 10 inches by 12 inches and is three and one-quarter inches thick. It contains Old and New Testaments and Apocrypha. The Title page for the New Testament portion states it was published by John B. Perry, 198 Market Street, Philadelphia.


Wm. T. Coles and Cornelia F. GRISSIM his wife were married January the 10th, 1854
Van H. Coles and Eudee M. Carter were married July 7, (18)97
John Howard Coles and Mattie O. Hamlet were married -----------189-.
Mattie Hamlet Born February 20, 1860 Died September 2, 1916
Edwin A. Coles and Agnes H. Gray were married December 9, 1891
Edwin died March 25, 1892 Agnes died July -, 1904
Albert E. Coles and Mamie Green were married August 22, 1895


Wm. T. Coles Sr. was born August 18, 1825
Cornelia F. GRISSIM wife of Wm. T. Coles was born August 14, 1836
Robert G. Coles was born February 14, 1855
Wm. T. Coles Jr. was born September 5, 1857
John Howard Coles was born June 6, 1859
Edwin A. Coles was born April 3, 1862
Albert Eugene Tryon Coles was born September 29, 1869
Van Harlingen Coles was born January 21, 1872
Calvin Coles was born September 20, 1875
Van Harlingen Coles was born January 21, 1872 (This is a double entry)  Died August 12, 1933
Eudee Gray Carter Coles was born July 12, l881  Died February 7, 1950
William Temple Coles was born November 15, 1899
Mary Elizabeth Coles was born March 23, 1905
Married Clay Shelton Alexander August 21, 1923
Clay Shelton Alexander was born October 24, 1899
Betty Ann Alexander was born June 1, 1925
Married Eldred Chalfant Reaney November 16, 1947
Eldred Chalfant Reaney, Jr, was born March 16, 1949
Clay Shelton Alexander Jr. was born April 4, 1929 


William T. Coles, Sen. Died December 25th, 1896
Cornelia Fite Coles died December 6th, 1916
Robert G. Coles died October 18, 1882 Age__________
William T. Coles, Jr. died September 9, 1859 Age 2 years
Edwin A. Coles died March 25, 1892
Calvin Coles died September 20, 1875
William T. Coles, "Jr." departed this life September 9th, 1859 aged 2 years 7 months (This is a second entry)
Martha Elizabeth Sayles departed this life June 27, 1861
Carrie A. GRISSIM departed this life January 2, 1876
Amanda Eugene Tryon died December 11, 1879
J. W. GRISSIM died November 2, 1881
Katie L. GRISSIM died August 1, 1883


Nancy Walters departed this life March 15, 1867 aged 90 years
Robert N. Coles, "Sen." departed this life June 29, 1836 age 33 years 8 months
Robert N. Coles, "Jr." departed this life June 10, 1869 aged 26 years 7 months
Calvin Calhoun Coles departed this life September 20, 1857 aged 25 years 6 months
James A. Coles departed this life January 25, 185 (8) aged 33 years 11 months
John Marselis GRISSIM departed this life September 3rd, 1864 Aged 24 years ___ months
Thomas Carrol GRISSIM departed this life September 3rd, 1864

Children of Albert E Coles and Mamie Green Coles
Bryon Lipscomb Coles born July ___, 1899 died February 13, 1945
Albert Eugene Coles, Jr. born February ____, 1905

Children of John Howard Coles and Mattie O. Hamlet Coles
E. Fisher Coles born April 8, 1880
Robert G. Coles born August 8, 1882
Mary Albert Coles born February 8, 1892
John H. Coles, Jr born July 13, 1896
E Fisher Coles and Louise Buttorf were married __________
Robert G. Coles and Kate Anderson were married _________
Children of Robert G. Coles and Kate Cole
Jack Anderson Coles born ______
Martha Hamlet Coles Born ______

There also was a handwritten page inserted in the Bible

Nancy Jane Walters, mother of Mary Ann and Francis Jane Coles died March 15th, 1867
Mary Ann married Isaac Coles. Both dead.
Francis, the other daughter, married Robert N. Coles.
The two sisters married the two brothers. All dead.

From the union of Robert N. and Francis Jane the following children:
William Temple , born August 18th, 1825, died December 28th, 1896 (Bible has death as December 25th. Death Notice 
   in THE NASHVILLE BANNER, Saturday Evening dated 12/26/1896 says he died yesterday which would be December 25th.  
   Also THE NASHVILLE DAILY SUN for Saturday December 26, 1896 states that William Temple Coles died yesterday.)
John Franklin
James A. died January 25th, 1858 age 30 years, 11 months, 19 days.
George Washington
Calvin Calhoun died September 20th, 1867 age 25 years, 6 months.
Robert N. died June 10th, 1860 age 24 years 7 months
Mary Ann

William T. .married Cornelia Fite GRISSIM, 1854 From this union the following:
Robert G., William T., J. Howard, Edwin A., Albert E., Van H., and Calvin   All dead but three.

J. Franklin married Susan Hunt, from this union the following:
Annie ___, Addie ____, Alfred Porter, William, Walters, J. Franklin, Catherine and Otis C.

James A. married Julia Moody, the following children:
Francis Margaret, Mary Alice and Robert L.

George Washington married Nancy Jane Coles, their children
Pomp, Thomas, Lamared(?), Carrie, Connie, Robert and Matthew. All living but Thomas.

Calvin Calhoun married Mattie Cain. Only two children James and Calvin C.   Both living.
Robert N. was unmarried

Mary Ann married Dr. Sam Cresswell, five children born to them:
Dora, Cecil and Percival were twins, Fannie Bet and Samuel. 

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