Francis Harmon Bass Family Bible

Francis Harmon Bass Family Bible
submitted by Judy T. Bean

From the Francis Harmon Bass Family Bible, pages in possession of Judy T. Bean, Hixson, Tennessee, granddaughter of Nellie D. Bass and Charles Eugene Waller.


F. H. Bass and Mary E. Wood were united in marriage, by Rev. G. L. Slatey Nov. 20 1879.

Cader T. Bass and H. M. Garrette were married October 11, 1908.

Nellie D. Bass and C. E. Waller were married, Dec. 23, 1913.

Henry G. Bass and Ida Apple were married, March 28, 1915



F. H. Bass was born Oct. 21, 1857

Mrs. Mary E. Bass (nee) Wood was born Aug. 20, 1860.

Minnie H. Bass was born Aug. 7, 1880

Cadie T. Bass was born March 22, 1884

Eva M. Bass was born Oct. 6, 1886

Harry L. Bass was born Feb. 7, 1889

Nellie D. Bass was born Jan 12 1891

Henry G. Bass was born Aug 22 1892

Infant Son of F. H. & M. E. Bass born Aug 30th 1898



Minnie H. Bass died March 9, 1888.

Infant Son of F. H. Bass & M. E. Bass died Oct 15th 1898

Eva Mai Bass died Apr 3, 1903

Harry L. Bass died Nov 24, 1910.

F. H. Bass died May 23rd 1925

Mary E. Bass died March 5 1941


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