Wilson County Archives

The Wilson County Archives

The Wilson County Archives is a goldmine for genealogists. We're very lucky to have such a facility. Your genealogical, historical and monetary donations to the Wilson County Archives are welcomed and very much appreciated.

The Address:

Wilson County Archives
111 South College St.
Lebanon, TN 37087
(615) 443-1993
(615) 443-1576
Business Hours: Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

CLOSED: Saturday & Sunday


The Wilson County Archives has an extensive collection of old records. With over 4,700 square feet of floor space, the Archives has over a dozen rooms filled with Wilson County's history. There are rooms dedicated to School Records and Deeds, Circuit Court Records, Chancery Court Records, Tax Records and the County Clerk's Records. In addition, there is a Research Room filled with hundreds of Reference Books, two Microfilm Rooms, a Video Room, and of course copy machines.

COLLECTIONS: Mortgage Deeds (1829-1931)
School Records (1928-1971)
Mineral, Oil & Gas Leases (1902-1980)
Circuit Court Minute Books (1810-1982)
Circuit Court Case Files
Chancery Court Minute Books (1834-1973)
Chancery Court Case Files
Probate Deeds (1843-1947)
Administrators & Executors Bonds (1814-1964)
Minutes of insolvent cases (1870-1964)
Guardian Settlements (1836-1958)
Guardian Bonds & Letters (1853-1961)
Records of Elections (1884-1928)
Birth Records (1881-1886 & 1907-1912)
Death Records (1907-1912 & 1925-1939)
Will Books & Original Wills (1802-1964)
Marriages, including Licenses & Bonds (1802-1953)
County Court Minutes (1803-1964)
Wilson County Merchant's Licenses (1853-1963)*
Research Books (over 400)
Road Ledgers (1887-1927)
Framed Picture History on walls
Video History of people in Wilson County ^
Manuscript Collection

* some years of Merchant's Licenses are missing
^ Video history started in 1999


History of the Archives:

The Wilson County Archives was established in 1995 at 110 South Hatton
Street before moving to the present location at 111 South College Street in
September 1998. The Wilson County Archives is operated by the county
government, which appointed the Public Works Commission to oversee
the operation. Linda Granstaff and Thomas Partlow became Co-Directors
of the Archives in 1998.