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1876 through 1884


NOTICE:   In 1875, Unicoi County was formed out of Washington and Carter counties.  Consult those counties' websites for marriage information that precede 1876.   Many families who settled in Unicoi County migrated from Yancey  [marriage list 1850-1920] and Madison counties in North Carolina.  This page provide a surname index for each year;  Click on the green box to review the marriage listings in alpha order for bride and groom respectively.



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  1876 Listing        Index of Surnames: Allen, Banner, Bean, Burchfield, Carver, Chambers, Chandler, Clouse, Correll, Crain, Day, Edwards, Erwin, Foster, Gouge, Grindstaff, Harris, Hensley, Higgins, Honeycutt, Jackson, Jones, Lawing, Lloyd, Love, McCurry, McInturff, McKinney, McLaughlin, Miller, Murry, Norton, O'Brien, Odom, Pate, Phillips, Rice, Riddle, Shelton, Sneed, Stephens, Southerland, Tapp, Thompkins, Tipton, Tolley, Toney, Traffensted, Wallis, Whaley, White, Wilson, Woodby.


  1877 Listing       Index of  Surnames:  Bailey, Baker, Ball, Biggerstaff, Bogart, Booth, Bowers, Bowman, Briggs, Brooks, Brown, Buckner, Campbell, Chandler, Clark, Clouse, Cody, Crouch, David, Edwards, Ellis, Emmert, Fagen, Foster, Gillis, Gorley, Grindstaff, Guinn, Henson, Honeycutt, Hyder, Jones, Knight,  Lawing, Leonard, Lusk, Marsh, Masters, McDevett, McLaoughlin, Metcalf, Miller, Murray, Nelson, Norris, O'Brien, Pearce, Rice, Riddle, Rowe, Salsby, Sams, Seals, Sheehan, Shell, Shelton, Smith, Sneyd, Street, Taylor, Tinker, Tilson, Tipton, Tittle, Watts, West, Whaley, White, Whitson, Wright.


  1878 Listing       Index of  Surnames:  Baker, Barnes, Barnett, Bean, Blankenship, Blevins Bogart, Bowers, Bowman,  Britt, Brummett, Buchannan, Burchfield, Campbell, Chandler, Cooper, Crosswhite, Crowder, Davis, Erwin, Foster, Garland, Gentry, Gosnell, Gouge, Grindstaff, Guinn, Hensley, Higgins, Johnson, Jones, Lawing, Lile, Lyle, Lyon, Mashburn, Massa, McNabb, Metcalf, Moore, Murray, Norton, Ollis, Pate, Phillips, Ratliff, Ray, Roberts, Rowe, Runion, Shelton, Smith,  Stanley, Starnes, Tilson, Tipton, Tolley, Tucker, Wallen, Whaley, White, Whitson, Willie, Wilson.


  1879 Listing         Index of  Surnames: Aldridge, Ambrose, Bailey, Blankenship, Blevins, Britt, Brummet,  Cable, Campbell, Caraway, Carter, Chandler, Clarks, Crow, David, Davis, Deaver, Duncan, Edwards, Effler, Foster, Garland, Gilbert, Gillis, Glover, Gouge, Hampton, Harris, Hensley, Higgins, Hileman, Hobson, Hughs, Hunter, Ingram, Kite, Lile, Little, Martin,  McDevett, McInturff, Metcalf, Miller, Murry, Nannie, Norris, Norton, Phillips, Ray, Rice, Rodgers,  Sexton, Shehan, Shelton, Smith, Snead, Sneyd, Southerland, Strend, Swinney, Thannan, Thomas, Tipton, Toney, Treadway, Whaley, Wheelock, White, Woodby, Wright.


  1880 Listing         Index of  Surnames: Anderson, Atkins, Bailey, Blankenship, Bratt, Bowman, Brummet, Buck, Campbell, Carter, Chandley, Childress, Clouse, Cole, Crain, Davis, Duncan, Edwards, Elliott, Emmert, Estep, Foster, Garland, Grindstaff, Guinn, Hall, Hampton, Harris, Hensley, Henson, Higgins, Hollifield, Hughs, Huskins, Hyder, Johnson, Ledford, Leonard, Love, Masters, McInturff, McKinney, McLaughlin, Metcalf, Miller, Moore, Norris, Norton, O'Brien, Pain, Parks, Peoples,  Percey, Phillips, Ray, Reed, Rice, Riddle, Sams, Shelton, Tapp, Tilson, Tipton, Vanover, Waldrop, White, Williams, Willis, Woodby, Woodward.


  1881 Listing        Index of  Surnames: Anderson, Bailey, Bean, Bird, Bogart, Bowman, Britt, Brown, Buchanan, Buckner, Burchfield, Carver, Chandler, Cochran, Cody, Cole, Cooper, Davis, Edwards, Effler, Erwin, Foster, Garland, Gillis, Griffith, Guinn, Harris, Hensley, Henson, Higgins, Hill, Hollifield, Hoss, Huskins, Hyder, Jarrett, Lawing, Love, Loveless, Masters, McInturff, McKinney, McClain, Miller, Moore, Mosely, Norris, Owens, Penley, Ray, Runion, Salts, Sams, Scronce, Shelton, Starnes, Stephens, Swanner, Tilson, Tinker, Tolley, Vanover, Varner, Vaughn, Waldrop, White, Willis, Willy, Wilson, Wolfe, Woodward, Wyatt.


  1882 Listing        Index of  Surnames:  Ambrose, Bailey, Banks, Banner, Billings, Blankenship, Bowers, Bowan, Bowman, Britt, Brown, Burchfield, Butler, Campbell, Carroll, Chambers, Chandler, Clark, Clouse, Cochran, Corn, Cutshell, Crain, Davis, Day, Dobson, Edwards, Effler,  Erwin, February, Foster, Fox, Franklin,  Gilbert, Gillis, Gilly,  Gosnell, Guinn, Hall, Harrell, Hensley, Higgins, Holcomb, Hurt, Huskins, Hyder, Johnson, Jones, Justice, Ledford, Lewis,  McInturff, McLaughlin, McNabb,  Moore, Morgan, Nelson, Norris, Norton, Owens, Pack, Pearcy, Proffitt, Reed, Ray, Renfro, Rice, Riddle, Rogers, Robertson, Rowe, Sams, Shelton, Spurgeon, Tapp, Thomas, Tilson, Tittle, Tolley, Tompkins, Watts, Weston, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wilcox,  Whitehead, Whitson, Wolfe, Woodby.


  1883 Listing        Index of  Surnames:  Albertson, Ambrose, Banner, Bailey, Berry, Betts, Bird, Blankenship, Blevins, Bowers, Briggs, Britt, Brown, Brummett, Buckner, Campbell, Carter, Carver, Chanley, Clouse, Cody, Coggins, Crow, David, Davis, Edwards, Erwin, Foster, Garland, Gilbert, Grindstaff, Gosnell, Guinn, Hambrick, Harden, Hare, Harris, Hensley, Huskins, King, Landers, Lovett, March, MacInturff, Mashburn, McNabb, Miller, Moore, Morrow, Murray, Norton, Odom, Parley, Parks, Peebles, Peterson, Phillips, Pruett, Ramsey, Rogers, Runnion, Scott, Shelton, Silvers, Starnes, Tilson, Tompkins, Tucker, Waldrop, White, Willis, Wilson, Woodby. 



  1884 Listing         Index of  Surnames:  Atkins, Baker, Banner, Barry, Benson, Blankenship, Blevins, Bowman, Briggs, Bryant, Brown, Brummett,  Buckner, Byrd, Casey, Castell, Chandler, Clouse, Cochran, Coffee, Cody, Crain, Davenport, Edwards, Elliott, Erwin, Foster, Franklin, Garrison, Gilbert, Grant, Haire, Hensley, Higgins, Hodge, Hull, Hyder, Johnson, Joplin, Landers, Laughrum, Literal, Luttrell, Loveless, Lovett, McInturff, McLaughlin, Miller, Moore, Moss, Nelson, Norton, Orton, Parks, Pate, Peterson, Pippin, Price, Radford, Rogers, Russell, Sams, Sells, Shelton, Slagle, Smith, Starnes, Stephens, Stockton, Taylor, Tilson, Tipton, Tinker, Toffle, Tucker, Waldrop, White, Williams.

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