Petition for Election Ground at Greasy Cove

The following item was found in a large binder in the basement of the Washington County, Tennessee Court House.   The binder consisted of "loose papers" that had been transcribed and preserved as a WPA project in the early 1930's.

1821  Petition for Election Ground at Greasy Cove

To the worshipful County Clerk of Washington County| The petition of the subscribers humbly represents. That owing to the distance from their several residence to the court known of said County and the interposition of mountains and streams very often impassable they are prevented from attending Elections with regularity and very often prevented exercising the rights and privledges of suffrage and in as much as the election of legislative members is a matter of deep interest to every man in this Elective Government we therefore pray agreably to the act passed October the 31th, 1821 Empowering the County Clerk so to do that your worships would establish a precinct Election Ground and for the information of your worships we the subscribers would deem it most expedient and convenient from ourselves that said Election Ground be fixed at the house of Capt. William Brown in the Greasy Cove and your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray.

William Brown		William Moore
David Carder		David Moore
Peley Tilson		Arnold Shelton
Abraham Tinker		David Ambrose(?)
William Clouse		James Tinker
William Tilson		Hardon Norress
Wm S. Erwin		John Nelson
Jessee Tinker		Harlen Ambrose
James Harris		John Ambrose
Richard Deakins		James Ambrose
William Murry		John Rosse
John Tilson		James Job
John Brown		Joseph Sherrel
Thomas Fortune		George M. Hains
Joseph Tilson		Charles Barry
George Moore
John Moore
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