Foster Cemetery #1 of 19W

Foster Cemetery #1 of 19W

Spivey Mountain, Unicoi County, Tennessee

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

updated 04/06/16


Macro view of Foster #1 Cemetery - October 13, 2012 --Julian Fender

NOTE: This project was in partnership with Julian Fender who surveyed the cemetery on October 13, 2012, and took all the photos (unless otherwise noted).  This is an active cemetery.   Feel free to email me your comments, photos and info.

The cemetery is most likely named after Civil War Veteran Thomas Foster, the first born of Kennedy Kan Foster and Rebecca Kersawn.  Most people buried here are their progeny.


DIRECTIONS: From Erwin, take I-26 towards Asheville, NC and exit at Temple Hill Road.  At the end of the ramp, make a left, proceed under the highway and at the stop sign turn right onto US Highway 19-23W.  Continue for about 1.5 miles after which time, the road forks at Ernestville.  Make a left on US 19W [Spivey Mountain Road] heading towards Burnsville, NC.  The winding road cuts through the Spivey mountain pass.  Proceed on 19W for about a mile and then make a left turn on the logging road which is across from the Old Dale Hensley store [on the right].  There is a sign at the entrance, however, in order to gain access the cemetery with a vehicle, one must contact the property owner.


1. FOSTER, Ray

b/d January 23, 1917

[s/o Andy Foster and Zettie L. Chandler]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Record #429 unknown death cause; informant I. T. Chandler [Kittyton, TN]; buried "Foster Cemetery"


2. FOSTER, Oliver, Infant

b. August 1919 - d. February 1910

[s/o Andy Foster and Zettie L. Chandler]


3. BROCKUS, [Malissa] Lissie A. [FOSTER]

b. April 3, 1877 - d. January 21, 1904

[w/o William P. Brockus; d/o Thomas Foster and Naomi Chandler #18/19]

NOTE: married June 21, 1896


4a. SIMMONS, Spencer "Spence"

b. February 15, 1875 - d. February 2, 1956


4b. SIMMONS, Fronia [FOSTER]

b. January 25, 1875 - d. June 21, 1976

[w/o Spencer #4; d/o Thomas Foster and Naoma "Oma" Chandler #18/19;  children: Birdie, Dora, Gracie, Mary #6, Woodrow]


4c. SIMMONS, Mary M.

b. February 8, 1912 - d. July 5, 1955

[d/o Spencer Simmons #4 and Fronia Foster #5]


5.  Unmarked - head/foot fieldstones


6.  Unmarked - head/foot fieldstones


7.  SIMONS, Minnie

b. June 8, 1904 - d. November 10, 1907

"Daughter of Spence and Froney Simons - Gone But Not Forgotten"


8a. FOSTER, Andy Thomas

b. November 18, 1885 - d. March 29, 1974

"Together Forever"


8b. FOSTER, Zettie L. [CHANDLER]

b. November 28, 1895 - d. November 8, 1976

[w/o Andy T. #7; d/o Isaac "Ike" Chandler and Lucinda "Cinda" B. Hensley; children: Ray, William A., Arville H., Raymond]


9a. FOSTER, Arvil H. "Baldy"

b. November 8, 1929 - d. August 10, 1985



9b. FOSTER, Raymond R.

b. January 13, 1921 - d. ?

[sons of Andy Foster and Zettie L. Chandler]


10. FOSTER, Merle L., Infant

b. September 7, 1904 - d. December 24, 1908

"Gone but Not Forgotten"

[d/o John Henry Foster and Amelda Sams]


11a. FOSTER, Mamie

b. February 11, 1901 - d. May 5, 1901

[John Henry Foster and Amelda Sams]


11b. FOSTER, Birdie [Infant]

b. April 6, 1897 - d. April 24, 1897

[John Henry Foster and Amelda Sams]


12. FOSTER, Freddie

b/d December 13, 1895

[d/o John Henry Foster and Amelda Sams]


13. FOSTER, Infant Daughter

b/d December 20, 1894

[John Henry Foster and Amelda Sams]


14. FOSTER, Infant Daughter

b/d December 30, 1915

[John Henry Foster and Amelda Sams]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #541-1915; "stillborn" - infant female; informant father of Kittyton; parents noted in record and buried "Foster Cem."


15. FOSTER, Thomas

Co. H. 10th TENN Cav. Union - Army

b. April 1837 - d. November 16, 1908

[s/o Kennedy "Kan" Powell Foster and 1st wife Rebecca Kersawn [Crissaun] buried Kennedy Kan Cem (abt. 2 miles up the road off 19W- Spivey Mnt. Road)

NOTE: During the 1880 Unicoi Co., Census, Thomas' 85 yr old mother was living with the family; A Winter in the South, Fourth paper, Harpers New Monthly Magazine, Dec. 1857, pgs. 167-183; historical article about Kennedy Kan Foster and the life of Bald Mountain, NC. 


      DEATH RECORD #91074   


PHOTO: Brothers In Arms - (Left) David James Foster b. 1839 - d. 1889; married Jane Chandler (d/o Larkin Chandler and Sarah Metcalf of Madison Co.); (Right) Thomas Foster married Naomi Chandler (sister of Jane). The photo came from the book "Stories from the Nolichucky River Valley" published by South Central Student Preservation Society 2001


16. FOSTER, Naoma Easter [CHANDLER]

no dates on tombstone

[per death certificate b. December 25, 1839 - d.  December 3, 1928]

[d/o Larkin Chandler (b. abt. 1801 in NC) and Sarah Metcalf (b. abt. 1809 in NC);

w/o Thomas Foster #15 married abt. 1859 Washington Co., TN. children:

1)  Silas - md. Axia Cooper

2)  Kennedy

3)  Sarah Alice md. William Tittle buried Martin's Creek #967

4)  Mary J.

5)  Eliza Emma Martin's Creek #825b

6)  Nancy E.

7)  Fronia #5, md Spencer Simmons

8)  John Henry md. Matilda Higgins buried Evergreen Cem. Erwin

9)  Melissa A. #3, md. William P. Brockus

10)  Lucinda

11)  Dora E. #17 md. David M. Brackins

12)  Hester #19

NOTE:  Per the Unicoi Co. Death record #30778-1928; Naoma Chandler's cause of death "not stated"; widow; informant Frannie Simmons of Clear Branch; parents mentioned in record; buried "Foster Cem."


17.  BRACKINS. Dora E. [FOSTER]  unmarked

b. July 17, 1882 - d. September 20, 1918

[d/o  Thomas Foster and Naomi Chandler; w/o David M. Brackins - married Dec. 25, 1895

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #608-1918; caused of death "tuberculosis of lungs"; informant J.H. Foster of Kittyton; buried "Foster Cem."


18.  CLOUSE, Mary Jane [FOSTER]  unmarked

b. September 17, 1865 - d. July 2, 1915

[d/o  Thomas Foster and Naomi Chandler; w/o W. J. Clouse]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #507-1915; caused of death "tuberculosis of lungs"; married; informant W.J. Clouse of Kittyton; buried "Foster Cem."


19. FOSTER, Hester

b. April 10, 1887 - d. November 10, 1946

[d/o Thomas Foster and Naomi Chandler #18/19]

NOTE:  Hester had a child with Dr. Rufus Hensley named Arvie Elmer Foster.  During the 1910 Unicoi Co. Census, District 8, HH, Hester and Arvie were living with her widowed mom, Oma age 75.


20. FOSTER, Mary Gladys

b. April 17, 1934 - d. February 14, 1935

[d/o Roy Foster and Leona]


21. HENSLEY, Lester C.

b. February 23, 1886 - d. February 21, 1959


22. COUSINS, Noah

b. ? - d. 1960


23. COUSINS, Martha

b. 1904 - 1957


24. HENSLEY, Floyd H.

b. March 8, 1912 - d. January 12, 1979


25. HENSLEY, Wayne Oran

b. January 25, 1944 - d. May 20, 1983


26.  FOSTER, William Andrew

b.  1924 - d. June 5, 2009

[sons of Andy Foster and Zettie L. Chandler]

NOTE:  Died at age 84 on Friday, June 5, 2009, at the Unicoi Co. Memorial Hospital following a lengthy illness.  He was born on Spivey Mountain and a lifelong resident of  Unicoi County.  For 28 years he worked at the Moore Furniture Co. in Johnson City and retired in 1987.  He was a World War II  Veteran in the U.S. Army serving in the South Pacific receiving a Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal and A.P. Theater Ribbon. He was a Deacon and Sunday school teacher of Omega Baptist Church.  In addition to his parents, Mr. Foster was preceded in death by three brothers, Arvil, Raymond and William Foster, and four sisters, Rosie Stancil, Mae Hughes, Pauline King and Francis Engle


plus several unmarked graves





PHOTOS:  Left - Rt. 19W and the left entrance to the cemetery; Right - logging road which leads up the steep hill--courtesy J. Fender Oct 2012

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