Will of George Gillespie

George Gillespie
Signed 15-June-1818
Proved Nov-1818

From the book Some Early Settlers of Upper Sumner County, Tennessee: The Hobdy, Cotton, Durham, Gillespie, Perdue, Absher, Mattox, Cochran and Mayes Families
© 1966
Reprinted with permission

Source: Sumner County, Tennessee. Will Book 1, pages 277-280

In the name of God Amen. Calling to mind the mortality of my body, yet enjoying a comfortable portion of health and sound judgment, yet deeming it expedient to arrange my secular concerns to my own satisfaction amongst my heirs do dispose of such worldly property wherewith I am possessed In the following manner.

First I give to my beloved wife Mary all and every particle of property whereof she was possessed of when I married her, viz, her negroes Virgil, Dianh Halbert, Louisa and Patsey, every part of household furniture Beds and Clothing, wheels kitchen furniture, press articles and all such as I have puchased for her since our marriage and also my Dick horse and her own mare and two milch cows and those of her own which was not disposed of. And allow her to live on my lands near Franklin Town, part of that land whereon my son George Gillespie now liveth, whereon I order an house of convenient size to be built with shingle roof, hewed logs, under and upper floors laid brick or stone chimneys on that part of land whereon Mr. Jones Occupied to be for her only use during her life with privilege to clear any part or parcel she may think necessary and dollars and at any time and to whomsoever she may think proper to distribute or divide the same also our plow and double trees two pair drawing chains and her own sheep more or less all this building at the expense of my estate one from the part of my crop now in the fields also my sugar dish.

2nd. I give to my son John Gillespie that tract of land whereon he now liveth and his heirs forever Beginning at a corner on the branch below and running northwardly as already marked following said marks leading to the big nob on my north boundary thence East etc. for contents - one feather bed and clothing.

3rd. I give my son Thomas Gillespie and heirs five hundred and odd acres of land whereon he formerly lived and also my new big coat.

I give my son Jacob Gillespie and his heirs that plantation whereon I live and that place lately______joining John Graham. No. west boundary with every part of the improvements instantly into his possession; allowing reasonable time for my wife Mary Gillespie to remove with her family to her house as ordered above -- also I give him my sellar with its contents reserving what spirits doth belong to my wife whilst she was a widow which is not yet disposed of--also my smoke house and its contents reserving an honorable part thereof to go with my wife and family for their temporary support the remainder of my cattle, and hogs and sheep, wagon and gears, hand saws, my negro man Sam, also my feather bed winter and summer covering, my dresser and kitchen furntiure, loom and tackings.

5th. I give my daughter Molly Byrns with what she has already got one hundred dollars.

6th. I give my daughter Nancy my large case of drawers.

7th. I give my daughter Lydia the nego boy Sanney and to the heirs of her body, but should her heirs not live until that age which will enable them to order his own affairs I order if said negro is then living at her death to be sold and equally divided amongst my surviving heirs, also fifty dollars.

8th. I give to my grandchildren, children of my son Richard G. Gillespie, to Bennery F. Gillespie three hundred dollars--to Lydia and Mary G. Three hundred should any one cease to be in their minority their part to be equally divided with the surviving and should each of them be removed in state of childhood the whole amount and interest to revert to my surviving heirs--the said 600 to be let at interest by my Executors until year 1830.

9th. I give my son George Gillespie that tract of land whereon he now liveth--with the profits of every part thereof only reserving that part whereon my wife Mary is to live her life time. My suit of black clothes.

10th. I give my daughter Jinny Brisson my little boy Dick, and to her son George Peg's youngest colt.

11th. I give my grandson James Gillespie a set of black Smith's tools, bellis, anvill, hand vice, hammers.

I order that the remainder of my apparel be divided by my daughters to John and Jacob and whatever of my clothing or covering may be in my house or drawers and other articles.

12th. I give my niece Nelly Graham one bureau I allow the cash in hand and notes when coverted, my boy Pompy sold, my horses also when my debts are paid to be divided equally between John Gillespie, Thomas Gillespie, Molly Byrns, Jacob Gillespie, Nancy Bledsoe, Jenny Brisen and George Gillespie.

I allow my duplicate now in Nashville to be laid upon land and that be divided between George Gillespie and George Gillespie sons of John and Thomas Gillespie.

Lastly I appoint my sons John and Jacob Gillespie Executors of this which is the last will I have made, and doth_____and revoke all former wills and establish this only. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 16th June 1818. George Gillespie (seal)
Well knowing that there are more bed clothing than will be really necessary for both winter and summer, clothing of three of my beds, I order that the disposal of particular pieces mentioned by my decd. companion be stritctly attended to by my four daughters and give to those whom she mentioned. Sept. 28, 1816. This kept with my Will. George Gillespie.

State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court November Term 1818
The last Will and Testament of George Gillespie decd was produced in court and duly proved by the oaths of William Hall, John Lauderdale and William Hannah and Patrick Barr who made oath that said Will there being no subscribing witnesses was written by said George Gillespie and therupon John Gillespie and Jacob Gillespie executors named in said Will appeared in court, qualified by taking the oath prescribed by law, together with Henry Bledsoe and John Turner their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond to the Governor in the penalty of five thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs. Whereupn said Will is ordered to be rendered.

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