Bible Records of the Isaac Turner Tinsley Family

Bible Records of the Isaac Turner Tinsley Family

Transcribed and Submitted
GayNell Tinsley Wells

Taken from the:

of the
Old and New Testament:
Practical Remarks and Observations:
by Matthew Henry
Edited by
The Rev. George Burder, and the Rev. Joseph Hughes, A.M.
First American Edition:
To Which is Prefixed,
A Preface,
By Archibald Alexander, D.D.
Professor of Theology in the Seminary at Princeton, N.J.
Vol. I.
Philadelphia: Published by Towar & Hogan, No. 255 Market Street, John P. Haven, New-York and Robert Patterson , Pittsburg

The following is hand-written on the next page:
Isaac T. Tinsley, his book 1840
Columbia, Texas


Jack F. Tinsley was born 28 of November 1833

Josephine Tinsley was born September 5th 1835

Walter Tinsley was born July 4th 1837

Caledonia Tinsley was born May 17th 1839

James T. Tinsley was born 27 Feb 1847

Joseph M. Tinsley was born (day?) 29th 1843

Samuel Tinsley was born 8 November 1844

Isaac H. Tinsley was born 27 of January 1847

Ann Elizabeth Tinsley born 18 day of March 1849

Charles A. Tinsley born December 18th 1851

W. E. Tinsley born 25th December 1853

George E. Tinsley was born the 14 of Feb 1856


Family Record. Births. Mary Alice Tinsley was born unto I. H. And Mary L. Tinsley March 15th 1876

Leonidas Henderson Tinsley was born May the 30 1878

Family Record.

Isaac T. Tinsley and Mary A. Turner was married Jun 4th 1832

John T. Brady and Callie A. Tinsley was married 31st of March 1858

Joseph M. Tinsley and Adelia G. Westall was married July 15, 1868

Tom H. Westall and Annie E. Tinsley was married November 15th 1868

Samuel P. Tinsley and Sarah Bringhurst was married Sept 27th 1871

I. H. Tinsley and Mary Louisa Forbes was married 3rd December 1874

William E. (B?) Tinsley and (Mamie?) M. (Krenek?) Was married October the 17th, 1878.

Charles Tinsley and Dell Bobesem(?) was married 1876.

S. P. Tinsley and Mahalia McNeal married December the 7 1881
E. B. Perkins Sadie Tinsley

Family Record. Deaths.

Josephine Tinsley died 20 of July 1836

Walter Tinsley died 20 of July 1843

James T. Tinsley died 16 of Augt 1849

Jack F. Tinsley died May 4th 1850

George Eugene Tinsley died November 8th 1869

I. T. Tinsley died March 17th 1874

Mary Brady Westall died July 24th 1876

Thomas H. Westall died Dec the 26th 1876

Callie T. Brady died January the 23 1879

Sarah B. Tinsley died March the 6 1879

Isaac Henderson Tinsley died March the 8 eight 1882

Mary A. Tinsley died May 1882

Joseph M. Tinsley died Oct the 4 1899.

Note: The following is at the bottom of this page in the parenthesis:
(Henderson Tinsley
Children of Louisa F. Aand I. H. Tinsley
Mary Alice Tinsley McFarland
January 3 1963
Henderson Tinsley children)

Taped to the last page is the following newspaper article which is not dated:
Local Deaths
Mrs. Annie Cross
Mrs. Annie Cross died at a local hospital at 6:30 p.m. Saturday. She is surved by two sons, Ernest and Arthur Westall of Houston. The funeral will be held at the chapel of the C. J. Wright company at 3 p.m. Sunday. Rev. Father Daly will officiate. Buried will be in Holy Cross cemetery.
(Note: Ms. Cross was Ann Elizabeth Tinsley, dau of Isaac T. and Mary Ann Tinsley .)

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