The Thompson Bible

The Thompson Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

This bible was printed in 1879 and belonged to Washington Thompson

Washington Thompson was borned Nov. the 26th, 1817
Nancy Y. Robertson was borned Aug. the 31, 1821
Hettie E. Thompson was borned Nov. 10, 1888
Martha D. Thompson was borned Nov. 12, 1889
Margaret C. Thompson was borned January 22, 1856
Eula Adelia Burge was borned Feb. 19, 1897
Peterson Burge was borned Jan. 17, 1854
Mary Lizzie Bell Burge was borned June 2, 1887
Daniel Lilland Burge was borned Nov. the 11, 1888
Dessie Yokely King Burge was borned Feb. the 11, 1894
William James Burge was borned June the 8th, 1895
Peterson Burge & Maggie C. Thompson were married Sep. the 2nd, 1886
James Allen Summers & Mary Lizzie Belle Burge were married Jan. 15, 1923
Born to this union:
Hazel Summers Oct. 25, 1926
J. A. Summers May 11, 1928
P. D. Summers Feb. 27, 1931
Nancy Y. Thompson Died A. D. July the 28, 1878
Albert L. Crank Died A. D. Dec. the 30, 1877
Maggie Alberter Crank Died A .D. June the 27, 1886
Margarette Elizabeth Crank Died A. D. Nov. 9, 1886
Washington Thompson Died A. D. Oct. 28, 1888
Daniel Lelland Burge Died A. D. July the 21, 1889
Mrs. Maggie C. Burge Died A. D. Feb. the 17, 1906
P. J. Burge Died A. D. Aug. 2, 1932
P. D. Summers Died Nov. 23, 1938

Found in this Bible:
"Memorial Card" "J. L. Crank died July 23, 1901 at 8:15 A. M. age 57 years 10 months 18 days"
J. A. Summers died July 3, 1943 Cleburne, Texas

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