The James Thompson Bible

The James Thompson Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

Holy Bible
Central Publishing House
Cincinnati, Nashville, Atlanta
copyright, 1881

J. N. Thompson of Macon Co., & M. E. Hall of Trousdale Co. Nove 25, 1885
at H. T. Hall's witt. J. O. Hall and M.E. Thompson
Wesley Gregory was married to Jinnie Thompson, Dec. 30, 1903
Charlie Thompson was married to Ritha Claiborne, Dec. 23, 1906
Loyd Thompson was married to Mary Templeton, June 21, 1925
Donnie Thompson was married to Loucile Thompson April 16, 1927
Vista Mae Thompson was married to Elma Templeton, Jan. 22, 1930

James N. Thompson was born May the 16, 1862
Mollie E. Thompson was born April 7th, 1869
Charlie T. Thompson was born Dec. 4th, 1886 Minnie A. T. & Jennie E. L. Thompson was born September 11, 1889
Earnest Loyd Thompson born Nov. 21, 1903
Clarence Edgar Thompson born March 30, 1910
Mollie Agness Gregory born Jan 6, 1911
Vester Mai Thompson born Oct. 9, 1912
Ritha B. Claiborne Thompson was born Aug. 30, 1882
Leon Earl Thompson born Aug. 28, 1926
Herman Eugene Thompson born March 1, 1928
Cloys Wardean Thompson born Aug. 15, 1928
Wm. Douglas Thompson born Apr. 3, 1930
Raymon Vannie Thompson born July 13, 1930
Annie Charlotte Thompson born Aug. 14, 1945
Mitchel Glenn Thompson born April 20, 1933

Minnie Ann Thompson died July 3, 1946
Mollie E. Thompson died Nov. 14, 1947

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