Roger Thompson Bible

The Roger Thompson Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

Roger Thompson and Mary White married Sept. 4, 1781


Roger Thompson born Dec. 5, 1750
Mary Thompson born ___1761
Mary Thompson born Nov. 27, 1782
Nicholas Thompson born March 9, 1784
Elizabeth Thompson born Sept. 19, 1785
Sarah Thompson born Nov. 26, 1786
William Thompson born April 25, 1788
Nathaniel Thompson born Dec. 5, 1789
John Thompson born Sept. 26, 1792
David Thompson born Jan. 3, 1801
Joseph Thompson born May 23, 1804
Susannah Thompson born Dec. 16, 1807


John Thompson died March 21, 1810
Joseph Thompson died Nov. 6, 1812
Roger Thompson died Dec. 30, 1838

Mary m. Richard Franklin - Elizabeth m. John Ballard
Sarah m. Samuel Ward - Susannah m. William Ward
William m. Elizabeth Ward - David m. Polly Crenshaw
Nathaniel m. Temperance Crenshaw - Nicholas m. ____

Compiler's Note:
The above Bible records and "Note" are copied from a paper sent to the compiler by Mrs. Mildred Box. I do not know if Mrs. Box filled in the information under "Note" or if someone else did.

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