The Joseph Thompson Bible

The Joseph Thompson Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger

J. N. Thompson and M. C. Dalton was married December 28th, 1882
J. N. Thompson and Sarah L. Simmons was married Nov. the 8th, 1891

Bailey White and Gertie Lyle was married April 16, 1938

M. C. Thompson was born March the 17th, 1855
J. N. Thompson was born Dec. the 4th, 1854
M. E. Thompson was born June the 17, 1884
J. F. Thompson was born July the 8, 1886
Infant Thompson was born Dec. the 27th, 1887
W. S. Dalton was born Oct. 27, 1872
J. A. Dalton was born Jan. 13th, 1874
Genie H. White was born Aug. 5th, 1908
B. W. White was born Feb. 10, 1884

Infant of J. N. & M. C. Thompson died Dec. the 30th, 1887
Mary C. Thompson died July 13, 1888
J. A. Dalton died Mar. 20, 1926 age 52 yr, 2 mo, 7 dy
Joseph N. Thompson died April 22, 1943
Nellie died Feb. 13, 1961 (wife of J. Frank Thompson)
James Thompson Sept. 28, 1904
Elizabeth Thompson Feb. 23, 1921
John Thompson June, 1939
Mollie Thompson Nov. 14, 1947
Bailey W. White died Feb. 25th, 1953
W. S. Dalton died Jan. 19th, 1954
Lelon Thompson died Nov. 29th, 1953
Arthur Thompson died Jan. 6, 1961

Arthur Dewit Talmage Thompson was born Dec. the 23rd, 1892
Lelon Eugene Thompson was born January 21st, 1896
Joseph Underwood Thompson was born June 20th, 1898
Bailey White was born Feb. 10, 1884
Genie H. White was born Aug. 5, 1908
Larry Gene White born Nov. 7, 1943

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