Thompson/Gaddis Bible

Thompson/Gaddis Bible

Transcribed and Submitted
Dolores and Gordon Miltenberger


Nancy Ellen Crank
Borned July 6th, 1869
Mrs. Susan Thompson Was
Borne day unown Year 1840
George Frankling Thompson
Was Born Aug the 6th, 1869
James Nickolas Thompson
Was Borne Apr 17th 1871
Humphrey Bates Thompson
Was Born Mar 22ond 1880
Nora G. Thompson
Was born Oct. 24, 1890
Thelma May Gaddis
Born June 28, 1902
Susie Thompson Was born Feb


Susan Thompson
Died Aug the 7
1884 age 45

Nicholas Thompson
Died Dec. the 22 1898

Humphrey Bates
Thompson Died
September the 28
1921 age 41 = 6 & 6d
Margaret Elizabeth Gaddis
Died Dec. 1, 1925
Thelma Mae Gaddis
Died Sept 16 1925

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