James and Susan Winchester Family Record of Births
James and Susan Winchester
Family Record of Births

Submitted by Karel Whyte

James and Susan Winchester of Sumner County, Tennessee
Data from a photocopied Bible page found in the Revolutionary War pension file
of General James Winchester, National Archive, Washington, D.C.

Maria Eliza Winchester
born 14 May 1793
Marcus Brutus Winchester
born 28th May 1796
Cynthia Winchester
born 1st May 1799
Selima Winchester
born 14th August 1800
Betsey Ann Winchester
born 1st January 1802
Lucilius Winchester
born 23d October 1803
Almira Winchester
was born 30 March 1805
Napoleon Winchester
born 30th November 1806
Malvina Winchester
born 16th March 1809
Louisa Winchester
born 16th March 1809
Valerius Publicola Winchester
born 24th November 1810
Helen Marr Winchester
born 1st October 1812
James Martin Winchester
born 5th February 1816
Geo. Washington Winchester
born 14th May 11 o'clock P.M. 1822

Note from Karel Whyte: There is a copy of my "Descendants of William Winchester" at the Sumner Co Archives. William Winchester was the father of General James Winchester of Sumner County, and there is a lot of data on the Sumner County Winchesters in this book.

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