Shiloh Church Remembered Members, 1834

Shiloh Presbyterian Church
List of Remembered Persons at the Time of Church Organization (ca 1793)

Compiled by Theda Womack
Reprinted with permission.

The following is an excerpt from the: Minutes of the Proceedings of the Session of the Shiloh Presbyterian Church, 1834.

"In the statement which the session clerk is now about to submit to the Presbytery of Shiloh, he begs leave to state that by some means or other unknown to him, all past records of the history of this church have been as he believes, lost, and that therefore for all that for all he shall state, he is indebted to tradition, or to his own memory."

"The following persons are remembered to have been members of this church at the time of its organization: viz.--"

Numerical Listing in Church RecordAlphabetical Listing
1King, Mrs.______, Margaret Donnell
(daughter of Robert King)
2Reese, ____________, John
3______, Elizabeth Blythe______, Phebe Anderson
4______, Phebe Anderson______, Elizabeth Blythe
5______, Margaret Donnell
(daughter of Robert King)
______, Mrs.
6Motheral, SarahAlexander, Daniel
7Anderson, MaryAlexander, Wm.
8Barr, NancyAlexander, Mrs.
9Hodge, EuphemiaAlexander, Priscilla
10McGready, Wm.Alexander, Josiah
11Anderson, Wm. B.Alexander, Prudence
12Anderson, AnnAlexander, Esther
13Anderson, JohnAlexander, Mrs.
14Anderson, SarahAnderson, Jane
15Anderson, Wm. C.Anderson, Mary
16McGready, MarthaAnderson, Wm. B.
17Anderson, JaneAnderson, John
18Baird, DavidAnderson, Ann
19Baird, Mrs.Anderson, Sarah
20Sloane, FergusAnderson, Wm. C.
21Sloane, PrudenceBaird, Anne
22Foster, WilliamBaird, Isabella
23Foster, Mrs.Baird, Jane
24Johnson, JamesBaird, Saml.
25Johnson, Mrs.Baird, Adam
26Nesbitt, Mr.Baird, Mary
27Nesbitt, Mrs.Baird, Elizabeth
28McMurry, JohnBaird, David, Junior
29McMurry, ElizabethBaird, Mary, Junr.
30Bowman, Mr. J.Baird, Thomas
31Bowman, John, Jr.Baird, Mrs.
32Bowman, Mrs.Baird, David
33Bowman, Mrs.Barr, Nancy
34Wilson, JosephBarr, Elizabeth
35Wilson, Mrs.Barr, Hugh
36Reese, SolomanBarr, Catharine
37Reese, Mrs.Blythe, Samuel K.
38Stewart, JamesBlythe, Anne
39Green, Ann (or Greer)Bowman, Mr. J.
40Motherall, RobertBowman, Mrs.
41Farr, JamesBowman, John, Jr.
42Farr, Mary Bowman, Mrs.
43Stewart, JaneBrowning, Jacob
44______, John Campbell, Mr.
45______, Mrs.Dobbins, Robert
46Baird, Saml.Dobbins, Priscilla
47Baird, David, JuniorDobbins, Sarah
48Baird, JaneDobbins, Alexander
49Baird, AdamDobbins, Mrs.
50Baird, MaryFarr, Jane
51Baird, ElizabethFarr, Mary
52Baird, AnneFarr, James
53Baird, IsabellaFoster, Mrs.
54Baird, Mary, Junr.Foster, William
55Baird, ThomasFoster, Nancy
56Dobbins, RobertFoster, Robert
57Dobbins, PriscillaFoster, Catharine
58Dobbins, SarahFoster, Martha
59Farr, JaneFoster, David
60Rutherford, GriffithGreen, Ann (or Greer)
61Rutherford, Mrs.Hodge, Euphemia
62Barr, HughHodge, John
63Barr, ElizabethHodge, Jane
64Steele, RoebrtJohnson, Frances
65Steele, Mrs.Johnson, Mrs.
66Steele, IsabellaJohnson, James
67King, MarthaKing, Davies
68McCorkle, WilliamKing, Rebecca
69McCorkle, Mrs.King, Wm.
70McCorkle, MontgomeryKing, Rhoda
71McCorkle, BlytheKing, Mrs.
72McCorkle, Asenath King, Martha
73McCorkle, ElizabethMaclin, David
74King, Wm.Maclin, James
75King, DaviesMaclin, Robert
76King, RebeccaMaclin, John
77King, RhodaMaclin, Catharine
78Campbell, Mr.McCorkle, Asenath
79Purviance, JaneMcCorkle, Mrs.
80Blythe, Samuel K.McCorkle, William
81Blythe, AnneMcCorkle, Montgomery
82Reese, GeorgeMcCorkle, Blythe
83Reese, FlaviusMcCorkle, Elizabeth
84Reese, RuthMcGready, Wm.
85Reese, JoelMcGready, Martha
86Reese, SusanMcMurray, Margaret
87Reese, Mr.McMurray, David
88Alexander, Wm.McMurry, Elizabeth
89Alexander, Mrs.McMurry, John
90Alexander, PrudenceMcMurry, Elizabeth
91Alexander, EstherMotheral, Sarah
92Alexander, Priscilla Motherall, Robert
93Alexander, JosiahNesbitt, Mr.
94Alexander, DanielNesbitt, Mrs.
95Alexander, Mrs.Purviance, Jane
96Browning, JacobReese, Mr.
97Dobbins, AlexanderReese, Susan
98Dobbins, Mrs.Reese, Joel
99McMurray, DavidReese, Ruth
100McMurry, ElizabethReese, ______
101McMurray, MargaretReese, Mrs.
102Johnson, FrancesReese, George
103Foster, CatharineReese, Flavius
104Foster, MarthaReese, Solo,pm
105Foster, NancyRutherford, Griffith
106Foster, DavidRutherford, Mrs.
107Foster, RobertSloane, Prudence
108Barr, CatharineSloane, Fergus
109Hodge, JohnSteele, Mrs.
110Hodge, JaneSteele, Isabella
111Maclin, DavidSteele, Roebrt
112Maclin, JamesStewart, Jane
113Maclin, CatharineStewart, James
114Maclin, RobertThomas, Mrs.
115Thomas, JamesThomas, James
116Thomas, Mrs.Wilson, Joseph
117Maclin, JohnWilson, Mrs.

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