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Seminole War, 1836
Muster Rolls

The companies listed below were organized in Sumner County.
From Old Sumner, A History of Sumner County, TN, From 1805-1861
by Walter T. Durham
Reprinted with permission.

Captain Josephus Conn Guild
Muster Roll of Captain Josephus Conn Guild Company of The Second Regiment, First Brigade of Tennessee Mounted Militia, commanded by Brig. Gen. R. Armstrong, ordered into service of the United States from the 25th day of June, 1836, to the 25th day of December, 1836.

Josephus C. Guild, Capt.; David Byrn, 1st Lt.; Wm. H. Hall, 2nd Lt.; G. F. Crocket, Ensign; William Cothran, 1st Sgt.; John W. Moss, 2nd Sgt.; Wm. C. Parsons, 3rd Sgt.; H.L. Murry, 1st Cpl.; Wm. T. Prewitt, 2nd Cpl.; C.E. Turner, 3rd Cpl.; and the following privates:

James S. Allen
Marshall Alexander
Fleming D. Austin
James M. Balie
David Barry
John A. Baskerville
Henry Beard
A.C. Bledsoe
O.F. Bledsoe
R.A. Blythe
Wm. W. Blythe
Henry Bradley
John S. Brown
Robt. Brown
Thos. A. Bruce
James M. Bryson
Jonathan Cardwell
A.W. Caruthers
B.M. Carr
J.R. Caywood
James Claxton
Jonathan Cooper
J.L. Crenshaw
Robt. C. Ellis
John W. Gambling
Elias L. Greustaid
James C. Hamilton
A.L. Hanna
Samuel Henderson
James Howard
James Howell
William Jones
Charles A. Leath
Joseph Litton, Jr.
John McMurray
Wm. McMurry
Henry Mabry
Seth W. Mabry
Wilson L. Murry
Thomas Neal
Marcus Parrish
Robt. H. Peyton
Stanford Pritchard
William Procter
S.T. Read
Brannie Rigg
D. B. Sandford
John Seawell
Juinnah P. Seawell
N.D. Smith
R. C. Smith
S.S. Tomkins
J.W. Townsend
L.A. Tyree
James H. Walton
W. S. Watson
Marcus Watts
I.L. Wells
Wm. D. Williams
F. B. Wilson
James Winchester
Isaac Wood
R.S. Wynne

Captain Joseph G. Meador
Muster Roll of Captain Joseph G. Meador Company of The Second Regiment, First Brigade of Tennessee Mounted Militia, commanded by Col. William Trousdale ordered into service of the United States from the 15th day of June, 1836, to the 14th day of January, 1837.

Joseph G. Meador, Capt.; John H. Henry, 1st Lt.; P.W. Key, 2nd Lt.; Jonathan Davis, Ensign,; Elija Butler, 1st Sgt,; James Butler, 2nd Sgt.; John Morris, 3rd Sgt.; James Gilliam, 1st Cpl.; John M. Davis, 2nd Cpl.; Andrew Richmond, 3rd Cpl.; and the following privates:

Armstard Alderson
Jeremiah Alsup
David Alvis
Thomas Ayrs
Edward Benson
Benjamin Berryman
James Boyle
Granville Brackin
James Brizendine
Robert Brown
Young Butler
David Caldwell
James Carter
Jarret Carter
David J. Clayton
Henry Day
Isaiah W. Davis
John W. Dinkins
James Dinning
John Doss
Ambrose Duffer
Edward Duffer
Zachariah Fagg
Edward Fillips
Noah Fillips
William Fleming
Robert Ford
William Gibson
John Gilliam
William Gilliam
John Grainger
Samuel G. Griggs
James Hawkins
Chrisley Hodges
Daniel T. Hodges
Marcus A. Hodges
Samuel W. Hodges
James M. Hoster
Henry Hyden
John Jackson
William Jones
Alexander Keene
James C. Keene
John Keene
John Kerley
King Kerley
William Key
Henry Lambath
Harvy Lovel
Archibald N. Lowe
Lewis Lowe
David Mandrill
Nathan Mandrill
Moses Meador
Daniel Melton
Thomas Neadhm
John Norvele
Patrick Rany
John Rhoos
John Richmond
John Rider
James Senter
Augustin T. Smith
Andrew Taylor
William Taylor
Isaac E. Warren
Daniel H. West
Josephus West

Captain William Trousdale
Company of the Second Regiment, First Brigade of Volunteer Mounted Militia, commanded by Brig. Gen. R. Armstrong, ordered into service of the United States from the 25th day of June, 1836, to the 25th day of December, 1836.

William Trousdale, Capt.; James L. McKoin, 1st Lt.; Isaiah Franklin, 2nd Lt.; Joseph Robb, Ensign; Thomas Douglass, 1st Sgt.; Joseph Wallace, 2nd Sgt.; Thomas Saunders, 3rd Sgt.; James Franklin, 1st Cpl,; Napoleon B. Willis, 2nd Cpl.; James Frazor, 3rd Cpl.; Richard Foxall. Musician; and the following privates:

Isaac W. Baker
James Baldridge
Joshua Blackard
Elliott Bland
Isaac Bland
Elvis J. Bracken
Jackson Bradley
Marcus Brigance
John Butler
William Butler
Henry Calais
John Carman
Hugh A. Catron
Fisher Clendening
Stephen Cooley
John M. Crocket
Joseph Cuffman
Wm. Daughtry
Wm. T. Dismukes
Alexander Dixon
Robert A. Dorris
Alex A. Douglass
James A. Edward
Henry Elliott John P. Elliott
William Empson
Ashley Evans
Robert Farlis
Thomas Franklin
Thomas Frazor
Geo. K. Garrett
Thomas W. Garrett
John W. Garrison
Joseph Glover
John W. Green
Micajah Griffin
Richard W. Halloway
Stokley O. Hamilton
William Hamilton
John T. Harrison
Wm Hawkins
Lion Hunt
James Jackson
Richard Jones
E.B. Joyner
John W. Kennedy
Andrew King
Wilie B. King
Alex Kirkpatrick
James T. Kirkpatrick
John Kirkpatrick
Marcus D. Latimer
Marcus W. Lawrence
John Lee
Benjamin R. Lewis
Hiram Love
Wm. W. Luton
Moses McCreary
John Mandrell
Samuel Moore
William Moore
Wilie Morris
James Norman
William Overstreet
Joel Rian
William P. Roules
Finis Rutherford
Thomas W. Rutherford
Francis Sanders
Hubbard Sanders
J.W. Searcy
John E. Smith
Orville Smith
Christopher Staley
Elisha Stanley
Thomas Strother
William N. Strother
James Suitor
Jesse Towel
H.W. Vincent
James W. Wallace
Samuel Wallace
John A. Wallthau
Timothy Walton
Hugh H. Weathers
Hugh L. Wilson
L Winham

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