William Anderson Nimmo and Joel Franklin Appling Family Bible

William Anderson Nimmo and Joel Franklin Appling
Family Bible

Submitted by Claude W. Nimmo

Nimmo Bible

The William Anderson Nimmo and Lucy Jane Austin Nimmo Bible
1804 Edition

M. Carey Bible Publisher, 1804, in Philadelphia, PA

Entries on first page

William Nimmo born October 9 1773
Lucy Austin was born (looks like 1769)
There children
Betsey Hudson Nimmo was born January 1 1798
Wilson Cary Nimmo was born April 3, 1801
Patsy Harriet Nimmo was born Feb 9 1803
Hardena Harriet Nimmo was born December 27 1804
William Austin Nimmo was born Nov 23 1806
David Tolliver Nimmo was born April 12 1809
Polly Ann Nimmo born November 15 1812

Joel Franklin Appling was born April 1, 1830
William B Appling was born April 1 1857
Florence I(nez) Appling was born August 6 1858
James H Appling was born December 23 1859

Entries on second page

William Nimmo and Lucy Austin was married January 24 1797
James Anderson and Betsey H Nimmo was married March 1 1815
John Griffen and Harriet Nimmo was married August 11 1822
WCN (my note: Wilson Cary Nimmo) and Serena Steward was married Dec 27 1826

Wm Appling and Polley Ann Nimmo was married December 23 1829
Joel F Appling and Serema T Thornhill was married June 12 1856
Wm B Appling and Beatrice Edna Lanier were married March 9 1887

Entries on the third page

Patience's child Charolot was born March 24 1809 (my note could be a house maid or slave)

William A Nimmo died December 23 1814
David T Nimmo died December 30 1814
Hardina Henriet Nimmo died Augt 17 1815
Wilson Carey Nimmo died July 9 1850
William A Nimmo died Feb 7 1853

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