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Mexican War, 1846
Muster Rolls

The companies listed below were organized in Sumner County.
From Old Sumner, A History of Sumner County, TN, From 1805-1861
by Walter T. Durham
Reprinted with permission.

Captain R.A. Bennett
Muster Roll of Captain R.A. Bennett's Company of the First Regiment of the Brigade of Tennessee Volunteers commanded by Colonel W. B. Campbell ordered into service of the United States from the second day of June, 1846, to the thirty-first day of August, 1846, and known as the Polk Guards.

R.A. Bennett, Capt.; J.M Shaver, 1st Lt.; Patrick Duffy, 2nd Lt.; King Kearly, 2nd Addl. Lt.; James M. Vance, 1st Sgt.; Jas. W. Stubblefield, 2nd Sgt.; D.L. Goodall, 3rd Sgt.; Thomas P. Duffy, 4th Sgt.; Wm. C. Williams, 1st Cpl.; John P. Halliburton, 1st Cpl.; Wm G. Dickerson, 2nd Cpl.; F.P. McMurray, 3rd Cpl.; Josiah Vaughan, 4th Cpl.; John H. Read, Drummer; Albert Tomlinson, Fifer, and the following privates:

Robert Alexander
J. A. Anthony
James Calloway
Durret E. Carmen
George T. Carr
John N. Carr
King Carr
Richard L. Carr
Michael Crance
Booker H. Dalton
Thomas W. Dalton
Hyram Davis
A.G. Donoho
Edmond Estes
M.B. Freeman
George W. Gilbert
Jessie Gumns
A.O. Hall
W.W. Hanly
Thomas E. Harris
Briscoe Hatchett
James Holland
John Ingram
Benjamin Johnson
Abram Jones
Robert Jones
William Jones
William Kearley
Richard Latham
Willis G. Lawson
R.C. Locke
J.M. Madding
Joseph Marshall
G.H. Maxey
Joseph Natcher
William Natcher
Alexander Neely
G.H. Parker
O.H. Powell
Ephraim Pursley
James M. Pursley
John R. Raphile
Cullen Rhoades
Henry Rhoades
Rouben Satterfield
Thomas I. Scrivner
Thomas B. Seawell
Wm. P. Simmons
P.L. Smith
Willie L. Smith
Charles N. Talley
A.M. Tinsley
Thomas Thompson
P. G. Warren
James L. Watson
James Williams
John L. Williams
Joseph Wilson
Solomon Winston
Felix Wordizynski
David Young
Thomas Young
Thomas I. Young

Captain William M. Blackmore
Muster Roll of Captain William M. Blackmore's Company of the First Regiment, First Brigade of Tennessee Volunteers commanded by Gideon I. Pillow ordered into service of the United States from the second day of June, 1846, to the thirty-first day of August, 1846, and known as the Tenth Legion.

William M. Blackmore, Capt.; Nimrod D. Smith, 1st Lt.; P.L. Solomon, 2nd Lt.; Jos. C. Allen, 2nd Lt.; Jno S. Royster, 1st Sgt.; James S. Allen 2nd Sgt.; William Wright 3rd Sgt.; S.H. Hilb, 4th Sgt.; John M. Gardner, 1st Cpl.; Robert D. Reese, 2nd Cpl.; Wm. R. Lane, 3rd Cpl.; Robert B. Wynne, 4th Cpl.; C.L.B Wright, Drummer; Thomas Jone, Fifer, and the following privates:

Stephen Anderson
Richard Ainsworth
A.M. Bradley
William Bradley
John M. Bruce
George S. Bugg
John L. Bugg
Daniel Calgy
Wm. L. Cantrell
James C. Carr
Jas. D. Cartwright
Richard Charlton
Robert A. Cole
Thomas W. Collier
James L. Cotton
Thoms P. Daniel
John H. Darnall
James A. Dodd
Daniel H. Douglass
William Downes
John Drisdale
Mark Elam
Isaac Inman Elliot
Julius C. Elliot
Simon Elliot
J.W. Ellis
J.M. Evans
James W. Evans
James H. Gardner
J.M. Garrett
Micajah Griffin
James Gwin
Wm. S. Hatton
Pleasant M. Hodges
Wm. Hoffman
Wm. P. Hopgood
Joseph J. Jenkins
Isum L. Johnson
Samuel W. Lauderdale
James M. Lindsey
Peter M. Martin
Robert B. Martin
Jno. B. Middlemist
Thos. H. Patterson
F.M. Pitt
David Pollard
G.M. de L. Porter
Edward Pryor
Benjamin E. Rice
Jesse Rogan
Wm. Roundtree
Oliver C. Ryon
Elijah Sarver
Jno. F. Saunderson
Garland W. Shackelford
Jno. M. Sharp
Benjamin Soaper
A.C. Stallcup
L.G. Stewart
Wm. H. Stewart
John H. Stone
T.S. Stone
John H. Thurman
A.E. Tyree
Hiram Vanhook
John R. Wallace
Jno. D. Watson
Alfred White
A.P. Whitesides
Henry W. Williams
James A. Williams
I.N. Wilson
James R. Wilson
John M. Wilson
Moses M. Wilson
Z.D. Wilson
Travis Winham
James W. Wynne

S.R. Anderson, and original member of this company was transferred when he became Lt. Col. of the Third Regiment by election 3rd June, 1846. Jno W. Gambling, also an original member of this company was transferred and promoted to the rank of Sgt. Maj. of the Regiment.

Captain Perrin L. Solomon
Muster Roll of Captain Perrin L. Solomon's Company of the Third Regiment of Tennessee Foot Volunteers, commanded by Benjamin F. Cheatham called into service of the United States from the second day of October, 1847, for the term of during the war with Mexico unless sooner discharged. The company was organized by Capt. Solomon, in Sumner County, September 23, and marched thence to Nashville, where it arrived October 2, a distance of thirty miles, by the nearest practicable road.

Perrin L. Solomon, Capt.; William S. Hatton, 1st Lt.; Simon H. Hill, 2nd Lt.; George Harsh, 2nd Lt.; Thomas Shaw, 1st Sgt.; William P. Hobgood, Sgt.; Henry G. McKey, Sgt.; Jesse Joiner, Sgt.; James W. Rutherford, Cpl.; Joseph Natchez, Cpl.; Daniel Calgy, Cpl.; Sandy Settle, Cpl.; James Frazier, Drum; William C. Allen, Fifer, and the following privates:

Richard C. Ainsworth
Robert S. Alcorn
Daniel Alsup
Napoleon B. Armstrong
John S. Baker
William B. Bate
James H. Bearden
Pleasant V. Bell
Joshua Blair
James F. Brigance
John W. Brigance
Robert B. Cardwell
John J. J. Charlton
Powhatan Childrep
William F. Clendenning
John S. Coleman
William C. Curry
Robert Duff
Thomas L. Dunavan
Nathan N. Edwards
Benjamin F. Elliott
John Frazier
William J. Frazier
William Gambrill
Thomas Gifford
Stephen Goley
Allen B. Gutherie
James J. Gutherie
Jesse Gwin
Jacob S. Harden
Benjamin Harshaw
Joseph Henry
William Henry
William Hill
Pleasant M. Hodges
James H. Hogan
Alexander Hutcheson
William W. Hutcheson
Benjamin T. Johnson
Richard Johnson
John G. Kerby
Albert King
John H. Latimore
Larkin W. Lawrence
Asa Lemons
James T. Letty
James M. Lindsey
Robert K. McKent
Allen H. Marshall
Littlebury Moncreaf
John Moore
Henry W. Perry
Britton Pollard
Joseph Rhoades
James C. Rice
John O. Rice
Eli Robertson
Patrick H. Sanders
Alexander R. Schell
Garlan W. Shakelford
Charles W. Smith
Richard L. Smith
William P. Smith
David Strother
Joseph Taylor
Zachariah W. Taylor
Joseph S. Tension
Joseph Thompson
John B. Turner
William B. Turner
James D. Vaughan
Jacob Wise
Josephus Wise
Zadock Wood
Morley Young
William B. Youree
Josephus M. Zerocer

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