The Diary of Mary Johnson Link Hester (b
The Diary of Mary Johnson Link Hester
(b. 1872 d. 1953)

This diary contains information about families living in Upper Sumner County, TN.
Thanks to Doris Vanatta for permission to reprint her grandmothers diary.
Retyped for the page by Diane Payne
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Mary Johnson Link-Hester kept a diary from 1907 to 1951. Her journal contains valuable information for those researching in Sumner County. She records births, deaths, marriages, etc.

No attempt was made to correct her spelling. For privacy reasons if Mary notes a death was by suicide I did not included that notation.

I hope you enjoy Mary's diary as much as I do!

Information about Mary Johnson Link Hester:
Mary Lou Johnson (daughter of Turner P. Johnson and Annie Wise) was born November 18, 1873 in Sumner Co. TN. Mary was married twice. Her first marriage was to Lee Link on Feb. 23, 1898. Lee died May 1911. She married second to James W. Hester on May 10, 1913. James died September 29, 1926. Mary died on June 12, 1953 in Sumner Co. TN. Mary is buried with her first husband in Link Cemetery, Sumner Co. TN.

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