Allen and Frances K. Meadors Gregory's Bible Records

Allen and Frances K. Meadors Gregory
Bible Records

Submitted by Alma Frances Gregory Cherry


Allen Windfield Gregory was born Dec 9, 1905
Frances Kathrine Meadors Gregory was born Feb 7, 1908
A. G. Gregory was born March 5, 1927
Dorothy Helen Gregory was born July 3, 1928
Allen June Gregory was born May 17, 1933
Alma Frances Gregory was born Nov 9, 1941
Dewey Allen Gregory was born July 7, 1943
Donald Payton Gregory was born Oct 24, 1945


Allen and Frances K. Meadors Gregory was married June 1, 1924
Dorothy Helen Gregory Downs was married Oct 4, 1946
June and Richard Wade was married April 8, 1950
Frances and Wayne Cherry was married Nov 30, 1957
Sonney and Annette Parker Gregory was married April 2, 1961
Donald and Barbara Jackson Gregory was married Feb 22, 1965


A. G. Gregory died March 5, 1927
Allen Windfield Gregory died June 27, 1966

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