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Sumner County, Tennessee
In the Civil War
Chapter Eleven

By Edwin L. Ferguson

Privately Printed by the Author, 1972

Thanks to the Ferguson family, for permission to reprint this book!

2nd Cavalry Battalion, Company F

Organized Sept. 27, 1861, at Bowling Green, Ky. Became Co. B, 6th Tennessee Cavalry. They furnished their own horses and arms. Their horses were given a value to be paid if the horse was lost in service. They were to receive 40 cents per day for use of horse. These sums were seldom, if ever, paid. These men were from Sumner County and their records are almost impossible to find. We here give you the names of these men, the value placed on their horses, and as much as possible their service records. Volume I, "Tennesseans in the Civil War" states that their records were among the worst kept.

James M. Minnis - Capt. Horse value $190. Resigned Nov. 17, 1862. Enlisted in Co. D, 4th or 8th Tennessee Cavalry, see also.

John W. Bracken - 1st Lt. Horse $170. Discharged on disability, June 15, 1862.

Robert S. Brown - 2nd Lt. Horse, $200.

William L. Arnell - 3rd Lt. Horse ?.

John J. Chalton - 1st Sgt. Horse, $175. Made instructor in a camp for conscripted men.

Iridal Foster - 2nd Sgt. Horse, $175.

Squire W. Williams - 3rd Sgt. Horse, $185. In Co B, 6th Cavalry after consolidation. Captured in Sumner County March 9, 1862. Sent to Camp Chase, O. Exchanged at Vicksburg, Miss. Aug. 25, 1862.

James O'Neal - 4th Sgt. Horse ?

Robert S. Duffer - 1st Corp. Horse, $145. Co. B, 6th Cavalry after consolidation.

James F. Lambert - 2nd Corp. Horse, $140. Detailed as Recruiting Officer for 40 days at Spring Hill, Tenn., May 25, 1863. Did not return. Remained hidden from June 3, 1863, to Aug. 8, 1863, then took the Oath. Put in prison for 30 days after taking the oath, then paroled.

Calvin G. Simmons - 3rd Corp. Horse, $170. Bvt. 2nd Lt. in Co. B, 6th Cavalry.

Wm. P. Waggoner - 4th Corp. Horse $175. 2nd Lt. 1st Lt. Detached for duty in Co. A, 1st Tennessee Cavalry Nov. 24, 1864. Paroled at Charlotte, N. C. May 3, 1865.

Stephen Weatherford - Farrier. Horse $160. Discharged on disability Oct. 10, 1861. Horse valued to John W. Bracken.

Anglea, George B. - Horse $170.

Bell, Alfred E. - 2nd Lt. Horse $180. Discharged on disability June 15, 1862. Recruited Co. F, 9th Tennessee Cavalry, see also.

Berryman, James M. - Horse $140. Enlisted in Morton's Light Artillery.

Berryman, John N. - Horse $175.

Black, Alfred G. - Horse $170.

Black, George W. - Horse $170.

Boswell, Wm. S. - Horse $160.

Bracken, Elvis - Horse $135.

Carter, William - Horse $150. Discharged on disability at Corinth, Miss., May 12, 1862. Enlisted in Co. A, 7th Cavalry Battalion.

Cline, Isaac - Horse $155. Service continued in Co. B. Went home to get horse Jan. 20, 1863. Captured at Gallatin, March 8, 1863.

Caldwell, Hardy Sr. - Horse $200. Wounded at Corinth, Miss., May 28,1862. Right arm was shot off by cannon ball. Arm amputated at shoulder. Discharged on disability. Went home. Enlisted in Co. A, 9th Tennessee Cavalry Sept. 1, 1862. Captured at Scottsville, Ky., Aug. 24, 1863. Sent to Louisville, Ky., then to Gallatin where he remained to end of the war. The prison at Gallatin was a building on the north side of the square. Was from Westmorland, then Coat's Town, Sumner County.

Costellow, John W. - Horse $125.

Crawford, James H. - Horse $145. Continued service in Co. B. Went home to get horse June 20, 1863, did not return.

Creasey, Joseph - Horse $160. Discharged with disability at Tupelo, Miss., July 3, 1863, from Measles and Dyspepsia. Enlisted in Co. E, 9th Tennessee Cavalry, see also. From Westmoreland.

Denning, John Will - Horse $175. In battles at Snow Hill, Miss., and Iuka, Miss. Shocked by concussion of shell exploding near his head. Unconscious 18 hours. Captured there. Paroled at Burnsville, Miss. Nov. 20, 1863, on oath.

Eskew, William S. - Horse $160. Sgt. Reduced to private May 25, 1863, at consolidation. Captured on Wheeler's Raid in to Middle Tennessee in Oct. 1863. Exchanged. Paroled at Charlotte, N. C. May 3, 1865.

Fleming, James F. - Horse $140.

Foster, Abner S. - Horse $100.

Gant, William H. - Horse $190. 1st Sgt. last three years of war in Co. B. Paroled May 3, 1865. From Pondville, Sumner County.

Graves, Alfred D. - Paroled at Gallatin on oath Aug. 3, 1863.

Gray, John F. - Horse $170. Wounded at luka, Miss., Sept. 13, 1862. Discharged in Jan. 1863, from Co. B, 6th Cavalry.

Hammock, Wm. H. - Horse $175. Thrown from mule while making a charge on U.S. forces. Right shoulder and collar bone broken, in 1863. Sent home by commanding officer.

Harris, Robert F. - Horse $170.

Hardison, Henry A. - Horse $165. Trans. to Co. F, this Battalion before consolidation.

Hawkins, Philip - Horse $140.

Helburn, Andrew - Horse $180.

Hodges, Marion - Horse $135.

Keen, Alexander M. - Horse $190.

Keen, Jesse - Horse $150. Captured at Epperson Springs, March 10, 1863. Sent to City Point, Va.

Keen, Samuel J. - Horse $160.

Keen, William - Horse $100.

Kent, William - Horse $100.

Lambert, Albert G. - Horse $150. Service continued in Co. B, 6th Cavalry.

Lawrence, John L. - Horse $170. Enlisted in Co. F, 24th Tennessee Infantry.

O'Neal, James - Horse $180.

O'Neal, Wiley - Horse $150. Captured at Lavergne, Tenn., Oct. 7, 1862. Sent behind Union lines and paroled Oct. 9, 1862. Enlisted in Co.A, 9th Tennessee Cavalry, see also.

Percell, Thomas - Horse $150.

Phillips, Wm. H. - Horse $165. Enlisted in Co. B, 7th Tennessee Infantry.

Ramsey, Jeremiah - Horse $165.

Rippy, Edward - Horse $190.

Rippy, Isaac - Horse $120. Wounded and captured at Lee and Gordon's Mill, near Chickamauga, Ga., Sept. 12, 1863. Horse killed. Musket ball through calf of leg. In U.S. hospital at Chattanooga.

Sanders, John R. - Dismounted from June 1, 1864 to Sept. 1, 1864. Paroled at Charlotte, N. C., May 3, 1865.

Simmons, Henry M. - Horse $200. Reduced from Sgt. to Private, May 25, 1863. Went home during Gen. Wheeler's Raid into Middle Tennessee. Several took this opportunity to go home.

Simmons, James M. - Horse $175. Reduced to ranks, May 25, 1863. In battles at Holly Springs, Thompson's Station, Lookout Mountain, Atlanta, Chickamauga, and Bentonville. Paroled at Charlotte, N. C. May 3, 1865.

Simmons, E. W. - Enlisted at Lavergne, Tenn., Sept. 8, 1862. Shown present through Dec. 1863.

Simmons, Cyrus N. - Horse $190. In battles at Iuka, Holly Springs and Corinth in Miss., Spring Hill, Tenn.; and Chickamauga, Ga. Deserted and went home to Sumner County during Gen. Wheeler's made his raid into Middle Tennessee. Was forced to take the oath or be sent to a northern prison by Gen. Payne. His father being sick, he did not want to leave him. From Westmoreland. Became a preacher after the war.

Simmons, Joseph - Enlisted Oct. 8, 1862 at Lavergne. Went home to get horse June 20, 1863. Did not return.

Stinson, Jahugh - Horse $140. Given sick furlough after the Chickamauga. Had Rheumatism, never able to return. From Eulia.

Stinson, James M. - Horse $140.

Stovall, James B. - Horse $155. Had Measles at White Oak Station, Ky. Sent to hospital at Nashville. Returned to regiment. Captured and paroled by U.S. forces. Enlisted in Co. F, 9th Tennessee Cavalry, see also.

Stubblefield, Robt - Horse $170. Discharged Oct. 10, 1861 by order of Capt. Minnis.

Thomas, Joseph - Horse $170. Enlisted in Co. D, 3rd Tennessee Cavalry.

Troutt, William - Horse $150.

Tucker, Byrd L. - Horse $150.

Tucker, Granville - Horse $165. Bugler. Enlisted in Jackson's Cavalry Co.

Turner, William Y. - Horse $165.

Waggoner, Amos H. - Horse $135. Dismounted and sent to Columbia, Tenn., to Camp of Dismounted men, May 1, 1863. Reduced to ranks, May 25, 1863. Detailed as Brigade Teamster for Maj. Stankock Quartermaster in Ashby's 2nd Tennessee Cavalry. Paroled at Charlotte, N. C. May 3, 1865.

Waggoner, Wm. P. - Served in companies B and H. Detached to Co. A, 1st Tennessee Cavalry Nov., 24, 1864. Paroled at Charlotte, N. C. May 3, 1865.

We regret very much that complete records are not to be found on a few of these men.

When the 2nd Battalion was consolidated with the 11th Battalion to form the 6th Tennessee Cavalry recognized by the Confederate Government in Richmond as such, it continued to be known locally as Wheeler's 1st Cavalry Regiment.

After consolidation of Company C from the 11th Battalion with Co. F, of the Second Battalion, all officers of Co. F, were reduced to the ranks and they were officered by officers from Co. C.

These companies were consolidated May 25, 1863, and they were detached as escorts for Gen. Stevenson. This gave them better arms, equipment and clothing.

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