Rahab Brown Culwell's Bible Records

Rahab Brown Culwell's Bible Records

Submitted by Freddy Brown

Taken from Rahab Brown Culwell's bible which was presented to her by the Cumberland County Bible Society.

Births: Rahab Brown was born August the 15th, 1789.
Edith Caldwell daughter of James & Rahab his wife was born May 8th, 1805.
John Caldwell was born November 17th, 1809.
Elizabeth Caldwell was born July 27th, 1812.
James Caldwell was born March 5th, 1814.
Samuel H. Caldwell was born July 8, 1821.

John Caldwell departed this life May the 2nd, 1827.
James Caldwell departed this file Jan. the 15th, 1836.
Rahab Caldwell departed this life the 8th of June, 1850.

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