The Thomas Bradley Bible

The Thomas Bradley Bible

Cindy Dickinson
Transcribed by Diane Payne
Source: Xerox copy of microfilm from the LDS

Note: This bible is smudged in several places and very difficult to read. Each pages appears to have 2 or 3 different styles of handwriting. Diane Payne.

Page 1
Thomas Bradley Bible
April 1818

Page Two
Thomas Bradley was born Dec 21 1762
Elizabeth Bradley was born October (4, 7, or 9) 1765
Thomas Bradley and Elizabeth Taylor was
September the 29 1782

Thomas _ Bradley was born
December the 21 1762
Elizabeth Bradley was born
October (4, 7 or 9) 1765

John T Bradley Was Born
June the 16th 1799 (or 1794)

With my own hand
this the 13th Day of July 1823

Thomas Bradley
was born March 28 1791
Jesse H was born July the 23 1796

Page Three
Henry Bradley was born June 6, 1783
Daniel Bradley was born May _ 1785
Susanna Bradley was born May 12 1788
Thomas Bradley was born March 28 1791
Luke Bradley was born March 16 1794
John Bradley was born June 16 1797
Elis(?) Elizabeth Bradley was born July 12 1800

L_ Bradley was born March (28 or 8) 18__
Bryant Stout Was born May the 31 179(3 or 5)

Thomas J Bradley the son of
henry Bradley was Born
February the 15 1831

Andrew Jackson Bradley _ January 25(28) 1823(or 1833)

Page Four
Written at the bottom of a page
John Bradley Thomas Bradley _unreadable Henry Bradley

Page Five
George Bradley was born
Aprile the 25th 1838
In Dubois County

Page Six
_ _ Henry Bradley born June
1783 and died in _ _ _ the 30 187?

Henry Bradley was born June the sixt 1783
Rebeckah Bradley was born Octobe.

Elias Bradley was born June the 18_ _

Henry Zeth Bradley was born
November the 16 __

Lucy Bradley was born August _
Rebeckah Bradley was born March
the 27th day 1829


Written at the end on the side of the page _ Bradley departed life

O_ one AM Oct 4th 1889

Dear Brother
Your letter at hand I was expecting a letter from Alfred. I was glad to hear from you and will attend to the business the claim refund to was rejected on account of disloyalty The Government send a man in there to see about the matters and from the _ could _ he thought the majority of the children was disloyal they have called for the names and past office address of all the heirs now if they find loyalty enough they will pay the claim I did not want to do any thing further without consulting Alfred but was you _ answered me I will go ahead I may put spoiled again but I hope not. It would take two long to tell you how and all about the proceding of the matters- when I have good news I will _ Tom give my reports to all inquiring friends and I ashure you I am very thankful of the loans you and Alfred has _ me I have quite amt of debt yet I hope to get able to go to see you all but my health is so poor I can not _ out to ride horseback and cannot afford to go by RR I see Mr Howell J Gra(o)ves pass this way going now to see __ter B_zath? about 14 miles from this place
George Bradley

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