Walter Moore and Vera Venice Gregory Beatty

Bible Records of
Walter Moore and Vera Venice Gregory Beatty

Submitted by Woody Beatty


Walter Moore Beatty was born June 26, 1900, Maury County, Tenn.
Vera Venice Gregory Beatty was born July 22,1908, Sumner County, Tenn.
John Lee (Charley) Beaty was born Feb. 26, 1868
Emma Dean Dial Collier Beaty was born June, 1866
George W. Gregory was born Nov. 11, 1864, Sumner County, Tenn.
Margaret Josephine Fuller Gregory was born Sept. 5, 1873, Sumner County, Tenn.
Walter C. Gregory was born Oct. 6, 1889
Lula Hunter was born Dec. 18, 1895
James B. Hatler was born Aug. 1880
Katie Gregory was born April 26, 1893
Eunice Gregory was born July 3, 1895
Joe Cope was born Oct. 14, 1880
Nina Meador was born April 19, 1900
Charles B. Pierce was born Feb. 18, 1902
Robert L. Gregory was born Aug. 9, 1897
Paul W. Hatler was born Aug. 29, 1910
Claude H. Hunter was born July 29, 1911
Maynard V. Gregory was born Sept. 25,1913
Henry Allen Gregory was born Mar. 6, 1916
Pearl Aline Gregory was born May 5, 1919
Earl Hazel Gregory was born April 18, 1920
Marrie Cope Barrett was born Nov. 24, 1920
Hatler Baby was born Sept., 1920
Hall Gregory was born Nov. 30, 1921
John P. Gregory was born Oct. 16, 1922
Nina Bell Gregory was born Jan. 12, 1924
Lois Louise Gregory was born May 18, 1924
Mary Elizabeth Gregory was born Oct. 15, 1925
Eunice Vertrece Beatty was born Jan. 10, 1928
Dora Dean Gregory was born Sept. 17, 1928
Nina Marie Beatty was born Jan. 26, 1930
Dallas Gregory was born June, 1846 (Grandfather)
Mary Ann Eunice Hughes was born Aug., 1844 (Grandmother)
John Taylor Fuller was born Jan. 23, 1854 (Grandfather)
Martha Crenshaw (Grandmother)
George Hughes (Great Grandfather)
Betsy Walker (Great Grandmother)
Jack Crenshaw (Great Grandfather)
Annie Latham Crenshaw (Great Grandmother)
John Gregory (Great Great Grandfather)
Sally Harper )Great Great Grandmother)
John Fuller (Great Great Grandfather)
Anne Gaines (Great Great Grandmother)
Sonya Minchey was born June 17, 1966
Heather Nicole Minchey was born June 15, 1974
Thomas (Tommie) George was born Dec. 28, 1967
Carrie Beth Binkley was born Feb. 23, 1980


Walter Moore Beatty and Vera Venice Gregory married March 18, 1926, Nashville, Tenn.
George W. Gregory and Margaret Josephine Fuller married Sept. 16, 1888, Sumner Co., Tenn.
Walter C. Gregory and Lula Hunter married Jan. 18, 1913
James B. Hatler and Katie Gregory married June, 1909
Eunice Gregory and Joe Cope married 1919
Charles B. Pierce and Nina Meador married Jan. 1954


Walter Moore Beatty died Feb. 24, 1976, buried Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.
John Lee (Charley) Beatty died Aug. 1948
Emma Dean Dial Collier Beatty died Feb. 1908
George W. Gregory died Oct. 20, 1939, buried Family Grave Yard called Smart Cemetery
Margaret Josephine Fuller Gregory died Dec. 26, 1940, buried Smart Cemetery, Portland, Tenn.
Walter C. Gregory died Nov. 10, 1974
Lula Hunter died Jan. 29, 1968
James B. Hatler died Nov. 13, 1950
Katie Gregory died Jan. 29, 1972
Eunice Gregory died July 21, 1960
Nina Meador died Feb. 14, 1975
Robert L. Gregory died April 15, 1972
Dallas Gregory died Mar. 20, 1926
Mary Ann Eunice Hughes Gregory died Aug. 12, 1924
John Taylor Fuller died Jan. 12, 1938
Martha Crenshaw died Sept. 7, 1879

General Information:

Children of Dallas and Mary Gregory:

George W. Gregory
Andrew Jackson Gregory (Uncle Jack)
Benjamin Gregory (Uncle Ben)
James Gregory (Uncle Jim)
Lizzie Gregory Gaines
Ollie Gregory (Uncle Ollie)
Humphry Bates Gregory (Uncle Humphrey)
Winfield Carr Gregory (Uncle Carr)
Haywood Gregory (Uncle Haywood)
Greenfield Gregory (Uncle Greenie)

Page of Notes:

1.William Gregory
2.John GregorySally Harper
3.Dallas GregoryMary Ann Eunice Hughes
4.George W. GregoryMargaret Josephine Fuller
5.Vera Venice Gregory BeattyWalter (Bill) M. Beatty
6.Eunice V. BeattyJesse Mangrum
7.Nina Marie BeattyJames E. Thomas
8.Gwendolyn BeattyFred Lowe
9.Shirley Delores BeattyFred R. Terry
10.Monroe Awood (Woody) BeattyPeggy Collier

Kerry D. Beatty

1.William Hughes
2.George HughesBetsy Walker (her mother was a Lee)
3.Mary Ann Eunice HughesDallas Gregory
4.George W. GregoryMargaret Josephine Fuller
5.Vera Venice GregoryWalter (Bill) Beatty
6.Eunice VertriceJesse C. Mangrum
7.Linda Jean MangrumJerry Wayne Minchey
8.Sonya Minchey

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