Sumner County, TN, Business Listings from 1878 Land Ownership Map
Business Listings from the
1878 Sumner Co. Land Ownership Map


Name Location
Blackmore Jas. W. Office Public Square
Head C.R. & Lee Office Public Square
Turner J.J. Office Public Square
Vertreks John J. Office Public Square
Wilson S.F. Office Public Square


Name Occupation/Location
Tomkins, J.R.A. President/ Bank of Gallatin
Tomkins, J.M. Cashier/ Bank of Gallatin
Alexander, J. President/ Sumner Deposit
Wemyss, J.A. Cashier/ Sumner Deposit

County Officers
Name Occupation
Austin H.M. Judge County Court
Baber W.H. County Trustee
Barry J.R. Clerk and Master Chancery Court
Chipman G.W. Constable
Corkran, W.D. Superintendent Public Schools
Dodd J.K. Sheriff
Ding Thomas H. Circuit Court
McLaren J.H. Constable, office Court House

Dry Goods

Name Occupation/ Location
__re, R. Dealer in dry goods, hats, caps, boots, shoes, and ladies goods generally; also men's and boy's clothing. Public Square.
Streng Levy Dealers in dry goods, clothing, hats, caps, boots, and shoes, millinery. Public Square.

Name Location
Boyers J. & Co. Proprietors Gallatin Examiner
Lewis & Son A.A. Proprietors Gallatin Tennessean

Name Occupation
Lyon, Samuel Agent Gallatin Mills, Dealer in grain and flour.
Walton, J.W. Merchant Miller, Dealer in grain etc.

Tennessee Carriage Factory

Name Occupation
Buchanan & Layton Proprietors, manufacturers of all kinds of Carriages. Repairing. Factory on Water Street.

Agricultural Works

Name Occupation
Nickelson, J. Manufacturer of Agricultural Machines and Implements; Powers, Threshers, Wheat Fans, Dexter Corn Shellers, Separators, Northern or Southern Rotating Harrows, Plows of different kinds; Dealer in Wagons, etc.


Name Occupation
Sindle, R.H. Proprietor Sindle Hotel

Livery Stables

Name Occupation/Location
Whiteside, J.M. Proprietor Livery and Feed Stable
Hampton & Fonville Proprietor of Livery, Feed and Stable, west side of Water Street.


Name Occupation/Location
Cadzow, A.D. Proprietor of Cadzow's Exchange. Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Public Square.
Trousdale, C.W. Resident, corner Smith and Locust Streets.

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(Any errors are my fault; in some places the map is difficult to read.) -- Diane Payne.