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Contributed by Gerald K. Byers

SAMUEL SNODDY was born abt 1720 possibly in Northern Ireland. He died abt Aug, 1806 in Rowan/Iredell Co, NC. Samuel married Elizabeth SLOAN. On a 1759 Rowan County Petition to the King of England we find Samuel SNODDY signature on the list. This dates his living on the land in Rowan County, N.C., which predates previous records of his settling in Rowan.
In 1772 Samuel was on the Tax of Taxables for William and John SNODDY. In October, 1772 in Rowan Co. NC, Samuel was a signee on a marriage bond for his eldest daughter Eleanor SNODDY to James MORRISON. Samuel acquired a formal title to his land in 1778 deeded to William MORRISON and John IRELAND, both of whom were given the Kings' grant to develop and survey the adjoining tracts of land three miles up Elk Shoals Creek from its' mouth on the Catawba River. It is very probable that Samuel and family were early settlers in this region and were there as squatters without formal papers until 1778. As one of Samuel's sons stated that he had been born in 1758, in Rowan County, North Carolina. Also Samuel's brother John SNODDY bought land nearby in Rowan in 1755, which suggests that the SNODDY'S were in the first wave of Scot. Irish settlers into the North Carolina Piedmont area. John Stutesman found a statement in a later land claim had been formerly entered by Samuel SNODDY in Grantville's Office. That office was closed in 1763.
On September 25, 1778, Samuel entered his claim at the State Land Office for formal title to his land. In response, on Christmas Day, 1778, he was issued a "Warrant to survey 600 acres in Rowan County, on the Big Branch of Elk Shoal Creek, including the improvement whereon he now lives." In 1784, the first tax after the war, shows that Samuel owned 478 acres in Rowan County, also 320 acres in Burke County. Samuel was a slave owner (2 slaves) at this time. J. Stutesman suggest that the land in Burke County, which lays to the west, was acquired around 1780. In 1788, Iredell County NC was formed from part of Rowan County. In the 1790 Iredell County, NC census, finds Samuel SNODDY as the head of the household with, two males over 15 years of age, one white female and six slaves. Only the youngest child, Thomas was still living at home at his time. In 1792, Samuel "SNODY" sold his land in Burke County, N.C. On May 9th 1794 Samuel made his will and was clear of thought. He listed his surviving children and listed belonging for his wife. At the time of his will, Samuel held 7 slaves that he willed out to his children. One going to Agness HALL and one to Martha PURVIANCE and then son Thomas retaining the five other slaves, which he named, and also the plantation.
The 1800 census for Iredell County, N.C. states that he was counted and that he held nine slaves. In 1803 the transferred to his son Thomas the title to his 600 acres. The Court Minutes of Iredell County are missing for the years 1806-1807, so that there are no known records of Samuel's Probate.

ELIZABETH SLOAN (wife of Samuel SNODDY) was born abt 1715/1725 in Northern Ireland. She died about 1815 in Rowan Co, North Carolina. The SLOANS (SLOANE) were early pioneers of Rowan Co, N.C.. They came from Pennsylvania and Maryland. It is very possible that Elizabeth was married to Samuel in some Presbyterian Scot.-Irish in one of the states. However it is also possible that they were married as told by their daughter, in Ireland.
Using the "old family given name system" there is strong ties to a possible relationship to the SLOANS of the N.C. Piedmont area in 1750. As Fergus SLOAN on whose land, the site of statesville, was built the first fort in that area. In 1794, Samuel SNODDY list in his will, provisions for his wife being taken care of upon his death. " Item 1 also give and Bequeath unto my wife, Elizabeth SNODDY her Bed and furniture: also her Maintaince on this plantation and a Negro wench named Phebe to attend her during her natural life or widowhood or as long as she pleaseth to live with my son Thomas SNODDY and no longer. When it pleaseth her to leave my son Thomas I bequeath her ten pounds annually during her life" It appears that Elizabeth after Samuel's death lived till 1815 in the care of Sarah and her family, there in Iredell Co, N.C.. As on Dec 16th, 1815 she made out a will, which bequeathed "to my daughter, Sarah MITCHELL all the property that I now possess" It was reported to John Stutesman that there was a possible 14 children born to Elizabeth and presently he could only account for 12. But there seems to be a strong possibility that she could have some died during early childbirth, because of some of the gaps in the childrens age.

WILLIAM SNODDY (son of Samuel SNODDY and Elizabeth SLOAN) was born on 20 April, 1749 in Rowan Co, NC and died abt. May 1812 in Sumner Co., TN. William married 1st to Margaret "Margrite" MCNEELY on the 26 of September 1782. Margaret was born abt. 1785 and died before 1812. William SNODDY signed the bond in Rowan County Court for his marriage to "Margrite" (She was the daughter of Adam MCNEELY of Rowan County, N.C. and was listed in Adam's will of 1766). William married 2nd to Elizabeth ORR on October 1801 in Sumner Co. TN. William SNOODY and Elizabeth ORR divorced June 8, 1803 in Davidson Co. TN. In divorce proceedings in Andrew Jackson's court in Davidson County, TN. Wm SNODDY's wife sworn statement that they were married on this Date and were unable to get along.

Children of William SNODDY and Margaret MCNEELY:

1. Rebecca SNODDY born abt 1785 Sumner Co. TN. Died bef 1828 Sumner Co. TN. Married to Ambrose PORTER on Mar 9, 1805.

2. William , Jr SNODDY born abt. 1785 Sumner Co. TN. Died abt. May 1823 Lincoln Co. TN. Married to Elizabeth ALEXANDER on July 7, 1812. Married to Sarah WITREY on Sept. 27, 1817. Married to Elizabeth Mumford FUQUA on July 27, 1820.

3. David SNODDY born abt. 1786 Sumner Co. TN. Died Nov. 18, 1858 Lincoln Co. TN. Was in the War of1812 Battle of New Orleans. Married to Ann PURVIS on Aug. 18, 1816.

4. Isbell SNODDY married to Henry HOUNDSHELL Oct 9, 1787. Married to John C. HAMILTON on Mar. 13, 1794.

5. Adam SNODDY born abt. 1795. Died 1825 Lauderdale Co. Alabama. Married to Prudence ALEXANDER on April 9, 1817.

6. Margaret Peggy SNODDY born bef 1796. Died abt 1811. Married to Houston COOPER on Sept. 23, 1809.

7. Graham SNODDY born abt. 1800 Sumner Co. TN. Died 1851 Lincoln Co. TN. Married to Frances Moseley LIGON on May 26, 1817. Married to Elizabeth (Sarah) in 1828.

8. Elizabeth SNODDY.

Child of William SNODDY and Elizabeth ORR.

1. Sarah (Sally) SNODDY married James RHODES on 17 Jan 1818.

NOTES for William SNODDY:

The first official record of this man is in a tax record of Rowan County, N.C., in 1768. William was counted as a tithable in his father's household. He was still taxable for his fathers household in 1772 tax list along with his brother John SNODDY.
The next surviving record is his firm signature William "SNODDEY" a spelling he seemed to favor, witnessing the will of his first cousin, John Snoddy in Rowan Co, N.C. on Feb 3rd, 1775 and a few weeks later signing the marriage bond for his sister Margaret to Joseph MCCORKLE.
In November 1778 "Wm. SNODDY" was a chain-bearer on a survey of land in Wilkes County for his brother-in-law Joseph MCCORKLE (the county had been formed in 1777 northwest of Rowan County, reaching into the Blue Ridge). William's younger brother, John SNODDY, later recalled that he had been resident in Wilkes County in 1778. Those men were exploring and settling previously untouched land.
In 1779, August, the North Carolina Land Office issued to William a warrant to survey 300 acres in Wilkes County "on the north side of the Yadkin River from the falls to Buffelow (Buffalo) Creek to the Mouth"(on the river).
In 1780 he used that warrant to survey a tract of 195 acres which, in 1782, he sold to William LENOIR. That land now lies in Caldwell County, NC. near the town of Lenoir which was named for the Revolutionary War Hero.
In July 1782, the Auditors of the North Carolina authorized a payment of seven pounds, two shillings to William SNODDY for Special Militia Service. This suggest that he did more than the usual militia duty of freemen over 15 in North Carolina. He served in the military between 1790 and 1810 in Sumner Co. TN Militia. In 1790 William was a lieutenant in the militia in the county infantry. Sumner Co. had a regiment of infantry and one company or troop of cavalry. In 1796 William was a Captain. In November, 1792, Lieutenant William SNODDY "mustered in service" thirty-two men at Winchester's Mill on Bledsoe Creek. Lt. SNODDY'S purpose was to move up the river to near where Carthage now stands to intercept and destroy any Indians parties that might be in the area. On about the third day the engage a band of Indians lead by Doublehead and a band of 60 to 70 Indians in the party. The battle took place Rock Island, that is in the middle of the river. The plunder that the Indians had taken was recovered and Doublehead was killed in the battle. Details of the battle are located in the Draper Mss, Reminiscences of Snoddy's Fight, by Captain William REID.
In 1783, William "SNODY", received 640 acres (Preemption #223) "on middle fork of Station Camp Creek" in Davidson County TN, later to become Sumner Co, TN.
In April of 1786, William received a Patent giving him formal title to his land. A few months later the County of Sumner was formed. From part of Davidson County, including SNODDY'S land.
William "SNODY" appears on the Sumner Co. TN Tax Lists for the years, 1787, 1792, and 1797. In the 1787 tax list, William is without slaves, living next to Wm MCNEELY, who was probably kin to his wife, Margaret.
1788 Sumner Co. TN County Court Records show a deed acknowledged from William to Joseph MCELWRATH.
Tuesday 3rd July 1792, Sumner County Court Minutes list a Deed from Mussenden MATHEWS to William which was proved by Simon WEST. Also in 1792 William sign a Marriage Bond for Darus WILSON to Joseph STEELE in Sumner CO, TN.
In October, 1796 Sumner County Court Records William released from tax on stud horse, tax paid by Wm BAUL (Bant?).
In October, 1798 William is shown to have purchase two slaves (Jim and Rose) from Roderick JENKINS.
July, 1799 William was a witness for the will of Francis WILLIS.
About 1800 Margaret MCNEELY SNODDY died. The evidence is a sworn statement by William SNODDY'S next wife that they were married in October 1801.
On Tuesday October 5th 1802 in the Sumner Court Records, William Snoddy vr Anthony SYNDOR. Covt July 1802 plaintiff by Thos STUART: defendant by John HAMILTON. This Term plf dismissed his suit: each party pays his won Atty and costs. Also in the court records for Friday March 23 1804 appears William's atty bill being paid in full. As William SNODDY deeds 100 acres to John C. HAMILTON. HAMILTON represented William in his feud with Pleasant CHITWOOD in their second dispute.. that was resolved...HAMILTON represented CHITWOOD in William's suit against CHITWOOD for assaulting his negro slave, Jim. William was rewarded $500 damages and costs.
On the 7th of Feb. 1807 at the town of Kingston, there will be public sale of 675 acres that belong to William. The property was taken at the influence of John YOUNG and William CALLY.
Besides his Militia duties and his plantation, William did manage to spend duty serving jury duty in Sumner County. He also did work on road construction awarded by the court. He even was an overseer for one construction job for the county.
William Snoddy died abt. 1812. In the Sumner County, Tennessee Abstracts of Will Books 1 and 2, Compiled by Edythe Witley pg 17. William SNODDY Senr..- April 13, 1812 Will- Daughter Rebeckah PORTER. Daughter Peggy COOPER. Daughter Elizabeth SNODDY. Son David SNODDY. Son William SNODDY. Son Adam SNODDY. Youngest sons Graham and Adam. Daughter Sarah SNODDY. Youngest sons Samuel BANARD and son David SNODDY executors. Wit. Wm. SNODDY and Thomas WILSON ( Is Samuel BANARD a son in law that I have not proved?) On April 18th 1812, William SNODDY Senior of Sumner County, TN made his will. William is mentioned three times in the Inventories, settlements, etc. they mention that his estate was sold in 1812 and 1813, included are buyers, William SNODDY Jr, David SNODY and Samuel BARR.

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