Slater's Chapel

Slater's Chapel
Register of Marriages

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker
Diane Payne
Copyright, © 2001

Source: Sumner County Archives

Name of Groom Name of Bride By whom Married Date
Robt H. Lassiter Miss. Kate Fisher Rev. D. R. Marshal May 19th, 1886
Jessie T. Bruce Miss. Lucy Fisher Rev. J. W. Hensley Oct 25th, 1894
Jessie J. Payne Miss. Daisy Gourley Rev. J. W. Hensley Dec 23rd, 1894
J. A. Templeton Sabella A. Harrison Rev. R. E. Travis Oct 13th, 1901
Emmit N. Gober Maggie C. Templeton Rev. George Featherson Oct. 29th, 1900
Campbell Coggins Birdie E. Lewis Rev. Cook June 24th, 1903
James Templeton Dora E. King Rev. Jackson Sept. 20th, 1903
Joe Clark Miss. Lizzie B. Jones Rev. Jackson Feb. 14th, 1903?

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